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Brand New Duds

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Summary: Amy tries to get Claire Kent to dress up for Halloween. Written for Jinni's '06 Halloween Fic Spree

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Smallville > Amy-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181755082,5727 Oct 067 Oct 06Yes
Title: Brand New Duds
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairing: Amy Madison/Claire Kent
Disclaimer: You know, I don’t know who owns Superman or Supergirl. WB/DC/someone in that big mess of a company? Not mine!
Summary: Amy tries to get Claire to dress up for Halloween.
Dedications: Jinni, for bugging me to write FFAs in the first place.
Joe's Note: Randomness! Set as sorta an AU to my existing AU… meaning Claire Kent from “And Then There Were Two” exists, but unlike that story, Amy Madison is there. And this is about two years in the future compared to that story.

     Amy Madison grinned as she bounced up and down on the couch in the loft of the Kents’ barn. When her father had pulled her out of Sunnydale after her sophomore year and moved her halfway across the country to Kansas, she was prepared to be bitter, angry, and antisocial. She’d never expected to enter a town as weird as Sunnydale, make such great friends, or find herself a girlfriend. Who was staring at her like she’d grown a second head. “Aww c’mon, it’s a great costume!”

     Crossing her arms under her breasts, Claire Kent glared at her. “It’s too tight, too revealing, and… how did you do this again? And what am I supposed to be?”

     “Glamour spell,” Amy replied, watching the way the outfit fuzzed a bit as Claire moved. This was part of why they got along so well: neither of them was normal. Amy was a witch, and Claire was a superpowered alien. The superpowered bit being what Amy had capitalized on for her girlfriend’s Halloween costume. Claire and her brother Clark were veritable superheroes around Smallville… now she finally looked the part. “You… are Power Girl.”

     Claire snorted and looked down at herself. The outfit was a white leotard with a large circle cut out to reveal a mile of cleavage, blue gloves and boots, and a red cape. “You… are on drugs,” she shot back. “What kind of person would wear something like this, much less a superhero? It’s horribly impractical. And slutty. It’s very slutty.”

     Rising from the couch, Amy waved her hand and dispelled the glamour. The red, white, and blue outfit faded away to reveal a red t-shirt and her blue jeans. “But Halloween is supposed to be about coming as you AREN’T,” Amy argued. “Seriously, Claire, your wardrobe? You wouldn’t know sexy clothes if they came in a box that actually said ‘SEXY CLOTHES’ on it. Let me dress you up for Halloween? Your mother already said she’d sew it for you.”

     “You asked my mom before you asked me?” Claire huffed, and then she blushed. “Wait, my mom’s seen that getup? And she’s okay with it?”

     Amy laughed and nodded. “Well yeah, it’s not like either of us can afford a tailor to make the outfit,” she said. “Chloe’s dressing Clark for Halloween and your mom’s making it, so I figured I had nothing to lose by asking her.” Pouting, she wrapped her arms around Claire’s waist and leaned up to kiss the brunette’s jaw. “Pleeeeease?”

     Sighing, Claire tilted her head down and pressed a kiss to Amy’s lips. “Fine,” she relented. “But I’m never wearing an outfit like this again. Ever.”

     “Yes!” Amy exclaimed, squeezing Claire tight. “You are the best girlfriend ever! Alright, I’m going to go talk to your mom. I’ve got the fabric in my car and a pattern I picked up in Granville. I’ll come get you in a bit.”

     “You are so whipped,” Clark commented as he thundered up the wooden stairs into the loft.

     Claire shrugged and looked up over the top of her book at him. “Pot, this is the kettle speaking,” she snarked. “You’re black. At least the outfit my girlfriend designed keeps my underwear on the inside where it belongs.”

     A bright red flush spread over Clark’s features as he looked down at the costume their mother had just finished for him. He was in blue tights, with a red cape and boots… and what appeared to be a pair of red briefs pulled up outside the tights. A large red and yellow S emblem was on his chest. “I saw that weird little magical hologram Amy brought for Mom,” he replied. “Can you even wear underwear with that?”

     Claire pondered that one for a second. “Not sure,” she finally answered. “Probably not.” Then something occurred to her and she grinned wickedly. “Then again, the way Amy drools over me in that getup? I might be better off that way.”

     “Too much information,” Clark moaned, looking greener than when he was exposed to Kryptonite. “Waaaay too much information.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Brand New Duds". This story is complete.

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