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Summary: Finding out that she was adopted was only the beginning for Jean Grey.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-CenteredsmolderFR1876,00526829,9537 Oct 0614 Nov 10No

Chapter 6: Essential Hysteria

Title: Sisters - Chapter 6: Essential Hysteria
Author: smolder
Rated: FR18
Spoilers: In Buffyverse up to when Buffy runs away after sending Angel to hell. X-Men is sometime after the first movie. I will however have other characters from later movies, the comic, and the cartoon.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marvel and others own X-Men. I repeat, I own nothing.

Chapter 6: Essential Hysteria

Xander would like to say that he noticed the changes right away, but honestly with everything going on: Acathala, Angelus, Kendra dying, Giles getting kidnapped and tortured, Willow being in a coma, and the whole fallout of the world not becoming hell on Earth. You could say he had had a lot on his mind.

(He still had to tell Willow that he lied to Buffy about her message. But with Buffy gone, Giles looking for her, and Willow………well he rather deal with Willow being angry with him later. Especially since he still didn’t feel guilty about telling Buffy to kill Angelus and he knew Willow would be able to tell.)

So, when they all started patrolling again without a slayer and Willow started taking out vamps and demons easily with her newfound witch-fu powers he really didn’t think too much of it beyond, “cool, shiny” or “wow, I didn’t know the inside of a Wushka demon was bright orange”. With Buffy he had become kinda used to being the sidekick to a kick ass girl.

It wasn’t until they were walking home from a research party late one night, laughing and joking around, and a vampire jumped out at them. Willow made it explode without even a pause in her babble. When he laid down in bed that night and actually really thought about it, less than two months ago Willow hadn’t even been able to levitate a pencil and now she could turn a vampire to dust with a thought. Less than a thought.

He was pretty sure that wasn’t normal.

And it worried him. He loved Willow. She was his best friend, his family, his safe haven, his most essential person. Xander really had no idea how he would have gotten through his childhood without her and couldn’t even wrap his mind around a future that didn’t have her in it. So if something freaky and hellmouth-y was going on with his Willow-y shaped friend they needed to figure it out.

When he got a call a week later a little after 10:30PM from Oz asking him to come over to Willow’s house because something had happened, he really wasn’t surprised.

He was surprised though by the house he knew better than his own looking like a tornado had gone through it. Twice.

Xander stopped inside the open doorway indecisively. It was busted in and the whole place was looking more and more wiggy; spidey senses definitely tingling.

Normally, he would have no problem simply wandering around Willow’s house, since for as long as he could remember it had been his home away from home or more accurately perhaps; his safe house away from home. But it had always been neat and perfect and in its destruction he felt uncertain on how to proceed.

He stood there for a second more before shrugging it off and yelling as normally as possible, “The Xand-Man is here!”

“Upstairs.” Oz, responded and Xander made his way up to Willow’s room taking in the damage as he went. He found the couple lying on the bed, Willow with her head on Oz’s shoulder staring blankly at the wall with wide eyes.

Xander simply stared at the room for a minute. It seemed to have gotten hit harder than the rest of the house by whatever had happened. The place was absolutely trashed. All of Willow’s lucky pens were now about an inch in the wall by the door. Her books were scattered throughout the room lying open with pages ripped. He winced when he saw that her beloved computer was on the floor, the screen cracked.

He looked back to the two on the bed. “Were you attacked?”

Oz shook his head. Willow blinked and turned to him, “It was me.” was all she said.

And really, he wasn’t surprised.

When Willow bit her lip and turned back to the wall. Oz scooted over pulling Willow with him. He nodded to Willow’s other side, his intention clear.

As he climbed onto the bed and cuddled his Willow-shaped friend he only thought about it for about a second. Really. And hey, he was a teenage guy in bed with two other people and his girlfriend was away on vacation and it wasn’t like he was seriously considering it or anything….

“Xander, stop thinking about threesomes.” Willow said plainly without even turning to look at him.

Oz let out a startled bark of laughter that seemed to surprise even himself, and after a pause they all started to giggle and then laugh, the vibrations shaking everyone’s bodies.

And he was sure there was only a little bit of a hysterical edge to it.

They would get through this; they were all still sane. By Hellmouth standards anyway.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sisters" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Nov 10.

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