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Summary: Finding out that she was adopted was only the beginning for Jean Grey.

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Title: Sisters (Title subject to change)
Author: smolder
Rated: FR18 (Mostly to give me room)
Spoilers: Not yet sure where I'm starting in the Buffyverse but X-Men is sometime after the first movie. I will however have other characters from later movies, the comic, and the cartoon.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marvel and others own X-Men. I repeat, I own nothing.


Jean looked down at the paper in her hands feeling like somebody had punched her in the stomach. She had not been expecting this, she had definitely not been expecting this.
When Hank had asked her along with the rest of the X-Men for permission to research their ancestry to see if he could find any known mutants in their family trees she had agreed without a second thought.

There wasn't any harm in it, she had nothing to hide and it would be interesting to see if her powers had been passed down in her genetic code from a great great grandmother or something. She hadn't had even the slightest idea that Dr. McCoys search would bring these results.

The red head let out a breath she hadn't even realized she had been holding.

She was adopted.

The people she had always thought were here parents weren't even the slightest bit related to her. Not that that was particularly bad since her parents weren't exactly supportive. They saw her mutation as a disease, thought she was "sick". Her being adopted wasn't really the thing that had her so out of sorts. What was simply mind blowing was that she had......she had.........

"Jean?", Scott asked and she could tell just by his tone without using any of her powers that he was really really worried about her. She looked up and realized that everyone was simply staring at her with the same concern in their eyes.

The telepath stared back for a moment before finally speaking for the first time since Hank had nervously handed her the paper.

"I have a sister."

Authors Note: This is my very first attempt at fanfiction so any comments are greatly appreciated. This is all I have written so far and I will post more as I write it. At this time I don't have a beta reader, anyone who would like to do that for me has my gratitude and..............a crumpet. A butterscotch crumpet!
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