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Holodeck 'Research'

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Seven X". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Upon finding old television shows from Earth, Seven has been doing research in the Holodeck to observe human interaction. Now, though, the ‘interaction’ is getting personal…

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Holodeck ‘Research’

Series Title: Seven X

Author: Anime Ronin

Idea Creator: Cyclone_Knight

Rating: Adult

Summary: Upon finding old television shows from Earth, Seven has been doing research in the Holodeck to observe human interaction. Now, though, the ‘interaction’ is getting personal…

Disclaimer: I own nothing. *pokes Cyc* He owns nothing either.

AN: Cyc came up with the idea but, as he has so much on his plate, I’m writing it.

AN2: (for Cyclone_Knight) Inspiration for this fic came from The Unity Saga and Siege’s ‘Prometheus-verse’. Have to give credit where credit is due…

(USS Voyager – Delta Quadrant)

Seven of Nine keyed in her access code to the holodeck and the doors parted, just as they always did, but once inside of the room she turned and spoke to the computer, “Computer, lock the doors. Privacy Level 9.”

The doors sealed and an energy barrier sealed them as the computer spoke, “Holodeck doors sealed. Privacy level 9 engaged. Only under Red Alert conditions or by order of Commanding Officer will Holodeck be breeched.”

Seven nodded and smiled a little smile – good, she wouldn’t be interrupted. She would have a great deal of explaining to do if anyone were to walk in on her… ‘research’ and, quite frankly, she wasn’t sure if she could adequately explain herself should that happen, hence the safety protocols. “Computer, load program Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season seven, and engage at last marker.”

The computer paused for a moment and, after a second, the grid-laden room changed into a comfortable, if occasionally cluttered, apartment. It had been the basis of her research for some time now, ever since she had found the television series in the computer archives of Voyager and had watched the first four episodes in rapid succession. It had been geared towards the younger fan base, yes, but upon watching it she began to notice different levels of interaction and, given that she wished to learn these subtle nuances of humanity, she had gone to the holodeck and interacted with the situation. This had, of course, not gone well at first as she did not look like anyone that should be present in a ‘high school’, so she had taken it upon herself to put herself into a role as a character who was seen but did not often interact with the main cast.

The ‘Scooby Gang’ as it had been called in the series, had shown her several levels of interaction, ranging from friendship in all of it’s forms to lust, from love to betrayal, and even the destruction of friendships along the way. This had proven an invaluable source of information, if slightly skewed to the audience, and upon finding that things were not suitably explained upon the way as to how certain actions and sequences came about, Seven found herself not only interacting with the program, but having the computer put forth what happened ‘between the scenes’. It was here that Seven saw how the interactions of the group of friends in the series was more concrete, more… real, and it was also here that Seven found herself focusing on one individual in particular and their interaction with the rest of the cast.

Alexander LaVelle Harris was one of the main characters of the series but by no means was he the central character. He was scripted as an ordinary human male in his middle or late teens and he often acted that way, but Seven had also noticed that he was capable of levels of maturity that, at first, surprised her and later intrigued her. He was the normal person of the group, as the series progressed this was emphasized more and more, but at integral parts of the series it was a simple act of kindness, a series of actions, a kind word or a threat that would motivate the protagonist to do something that was just as pivotal to the series. Seven was not sure why he intrigued her as much as he did at first, but as her interaction with the program went on, she found that it was his view of things that spoke to her.

Seven smiled a little as she heard the shower shut off in the bathroom, knowing that Xander, as he preferred to be called, would walk out of the door in a moment. It didn’t hurt that he was what human females would call ‘cute’, either, she mused mentally. He was indeed esthetically pleasing, and in her interactions with the program, where she was allowed free reign, he had told her that she was as well. This was not new, she had been told that before by many of the male crewmembers, even a few of the female ones, but Xander had said it in a way that caused her pulse to quicken slightly, something that confused her for a long time. The compliment had an… honest note to it that seemed to ring true in her mind, a feeling that told her he wasn’t trying to get into her uniform but was paying her a compliment because he felt it was needed.

This had, of course, caused her more than a little confusion at first but, with time and experience, she overcame the confusion and began to interact with the holographic representation of Xander more freely, more openly, and over the course of three ‘years’ of the series, she found that with him she could act upon impulses that she would normally never do, and, regardless of what was happening in the scripted program, he would react in a way that was in keeping with his character. She had raged in front of him when irritated, she had broken down and cried when her suppressed emotions somehow managed to overwhelm her, she had found humor in his inane jokes and had felt no small amount of joy when he asked her how her day was and honestly wanted to know. In this holo-program, Seven of Nine had found a friend… and she had found more, as time moved on.

Alexander Harris had been her first kiss. When it happened, she had been crying on his shoulder and he had been hugging her, stroking her loose hair while telling her it would be alright, and she, on an impulse of an unknown origin, had raised her head up and kissed him. The kiss lasted for only four point seven seconds, but when she pulled back Seven had felt she had made an error in that Xander’s face was frozen in a look of shock, something that had disheartened her because she believed she had done something inappropriate. That was not the case, however, when Xander said, or rather babbled, that there was nothing wrong with the kiss, far from it in fact – he had just been shocked that she had done it, that was all and she was more than welcome to do it again for as long as she wanted.

At the memory of Xander’s words and the rather fetching shade of red he turned after it, Seven smiled. The kiss had been distinctly one-sided, yes, but it had been a stepping block for the both of them – in the program, Xander was being more forthright with her, more… openly affectionate… and she was starting to explore the depths of physical contact with humans. By no means was it easy for either of them, as they did not have much experience in emotional and physical expression on this level, but slowly, over the course of many hours on the holodeck, they both learned. After all, practice DID make perfect, as the human saying went… and practice they did.

The bathroom door opened and Xander walked out, still dripping, clad only in a towel, and Seven smiled slightly as he looked up and stopped. She stopped smiling, though, as she noticed that there was no recognition in his eyes, which he rubbed a few times as if to clear his vision. This… this caused an unexpected emotion to well up within her, one that she could only classify as ‘hurt’, something that was only amplified as she heard him mutter, “Alright, I like this dream.”

“I am not a dream, Xander. I am here for more of my research into human interaction,” she said, pushing aside the hurt feelings.

He blinked and looked around, “Alright, where’s the cameras? Is this a joke?”

The hurt came back as Seven frowned, “Xander, are you alright?”

“Of course I’m alright,” he replied somewhat snappishly. “Except for the fact that Jeri Ryan is standing in my bedroom dressed as Seven of Nine and I have no clue who is behind this sick joke, I’m absolutely peachy.”

Seven felt her chest constrict slightly for a second before she stopped and thought about it – this wasn’t right, there had to be a malfunction, but she made a mental note to look up this ‘Jeri Ryan’, later, “Computer, reset the current program to the beginning parameters and adapt for the memory glitch.” The room was silent for several seconds as she waited for the computer to respond.

There was no response.

Seven blinked in confusion, “Computer, respond.” No response. She reached up and tapped her combadge, “Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway.” Again, no response. She repressed a growl as she tapped her combadge, “Seven of Nine to anyone who can hear me, respond.”

“I can hear you just fine,” Xander said with a growl, his left hand holding his towel while he held an axe in his right, his stance one of aggression. “I also want some answers – who are you and what are you doing here?”

Seven looked at him, “My name is Seven of Nine… Anika Hensen, Xander, and we are in the holodeck of the Federation Starship Voyager. You are a holographic program that I have been working with to improve my human interaction but the memory has somehow been corrupted, which is why you do not remember me.”

Xander blinked at her a few times before he asked, “How do I know this is real?”

She walked forwards, slowly, her hands raised slightly, “I promise you, Xander, this is real. I have been interacting with this program for some time now and I have known you since you were 15.”

“I’d think I’d remember someone as gorgeous as you,” he said, his eyes angry but also inquisitive. “So… if you really know me, tell me something about myself that nobody else would know.”

Seven thought back quickly, thinking of any and all of the bits of trivia that she had learned of him over the past months and she nodded, “Very well. The scars on the inside of your left wrist, they are from when your father broke a bottle of whiskey and cut you when you were thirteen.”

The hologram raised his left wrist, his hand still holding his towel, and indeed the scars were there, faint though they might be. He had told her that he’d never told anyone about them, not Willow, not Buffy, not even Jesse, so it was not surprising when he dropped the axe, “I… I really told you about that?”

She nodded, “You did. I noticed them when you were talking about how scars could tell the story of someone’s life.”

Xander sighed, nodding slightly, “Alright, I’m convinced.” He then looked up and frowned, “So, what are you doing here?”

Seven looked at him and blushed, “I am here to do more… ‘research’.”

He arched an eyebrow at her, “I can hear the stress on the word, so I take it this… ‘research’ isn’t of the book variety?”

Again, Seven blushed, “Well, a book was used.” She looked over at his dresser and saw the book in question, “We used it quite extensively.”

“The Kama Sutra?” He whistled lowly, “So, I take it our… relationship… wasn’t of the platonic variety?”

She shook her head, “Not as such. At first, you were my friend but over time that… changed.” She looked down and she figured her thermal output was enough to light the room in a soft red glow, “We are… lovers, to be precise.”

He blinked, “And I’m a hologram? Isn’t that a little… strange?”

She looked at him, arching an eyebrow, “As opposed to asking one of my crewmembers to help me learn how to interact with other humans? No. I… I could not risk that.”

He nodded, “Alright, gotcha.” He then paused and frowned, “But… well, I’m not sure how to say this delicately, but what about Chakotay?”

She looked at him, “You know of him?” Good, then the memory wasn’t COMPLETELY gone… but she shook her head, “The Commander and I are… difficult to explain.” She walked over to the bed and sat down next to Xander, “He is most interested in a relationship but… I…”

Xander put an arm around her somewhat awkwardly but then pulled back and patted her on the back, “That’s alright, Seven. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

Seven looked over at him and smiled, “Thank you, my friend.” She then looked down at his towel and grinned, “Enjoy your shower?”

He looked a little bit abashed and nodded, “Yeah, I did. A hard day at work tends and a nice hot shower after it to do that.”

She smiled and rested her hand on his leg, “I do hope you’re not that tired, my friend. I have much in mind tonight that we need to… research.”

Xander gulped slightly but, as she moved her hand up his leg and under his towel, she felt that his apprehension only went so far, “I’m… I’m sorry, Seven, it’s just-“

She shook her head, silencing him, “It is alright, my friend. Without the proper memory codex in place, you cannot remember the times before, so you are apprehensive. This is how you were when we first did this.”

Xander blinked at her, squeaking, “I was?”

She nodded, smiling as she remembered that time, “Yes you were.” Indeed, he had been – one of their ‘make out’ sessions, as he called it, had gotten to the point that their mutual sexual frustration had started to overflow and they had both started moving in unison. At first it had been restricted to fondling and heavy petting on both parts, bringing them both to release, but over the next sessions it moved further, to the point of actual sexual intercourse. While it had been satisfying, it was new and they were both scared to the point that was forced, not particularly fluid, a fact that they both agreed they didn’t like, so the next time they were more fluid, more… intimate.

He nodded, sighing, “Wow. I’ve been having sex with Seven of Nine for years now and I don’t remember it.” He smirked somewhat self-deprecatingly, “And here most women say men choose to forget them when I have apparently had those memories removed. Typical of my luck.” He lost his smirk and asked, “How far have we gone?”

She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, “I believe the term is ‘all the way and back again’, Xander.”

He gulped and nodded, “Alright, so… where do we generally start?”

Seven stood and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Here.” With that, she kissed him and, gently, he kissed her back as his arms wrapped around her, the towel falling to the ground.

They kissed for several minutes, something that Seven enjoyed greatly as she felt his hands move up and down her back in a pattern that she liked, pausing only long on her posterior to give her a gentle squeeze. He had a pattern, she knew, and this was only the start of it, so she decided to move things along as she broke the kiss and smiled at him, “Are you ready?” He nodded and she turned around, “Then proceed.”

She felt his hands go to the top of her suit and, after a moment of apprehension, she pulled the seam apart and felt the cool rush of the air in the room on her back, which she sighed at as he continued to open the seam. His hands were soon against her skin and pushing the material to her shoulders and then down her arms, at which point she turned back around and looked at him in the eye, “I require that you lie down upon the bed, Xander.” He nodded and crawled up onto his bed as she quickly removed the rest of her uniform and then the Starfleet-issue undergarments she wore with it, as it left no ‘panty line’. Once they were off she reached up and let her hair down, shaking it out slightly as she did, and crawled onto the bed next to Xander, “Does it bother you what we are about to do?”

He shook his head and pulled her into a hug, kissing the top of her head as he did, “From what you tell me, this is not the first time this has happened, so while I’m feeling a little strange about sleeping with a woman I don’t technically remember, you’re okay with it, so I’m okay with it.”

Seven smiled and kissed his chest, her hand sliding down until it rested upon his erect penis, “I assure you, Xander, that there will be very little ‘sleeping’ involved in what we are about to do.”

Xander smiled at her as his hand slid down her side and came to rest on her hip, “Is that so?”

She nodded and began to move her hand up and down his erect shaft, “Indeed.”

Xander closed his eyes and hissed slightly but, when he opened them again, she could see the arousal there, “Then you’re going to have to tell me what you like.” His hand slid down from her waist to the apex of her thighs and then further down, “I’m new at this again, if you’ll recall.”

Seven closed her eyes and sighed as she felt pleasure began to wash through her system, which was what she wanted, “I… I enjoy it when you surprise me, Xander.” She opened her eyes and saw him smiling, “I enjoy it a great deal.”

He kissed her on he end of the nose and rolled her onto her back, “Are you ready?” She nodded and he parted her thighs, exposing her to him, and he smiled, “Good, because I’m suddenly famished.”

As Xander suddenly started to use his tongue and lips in very pleasurable ways, Seven found herself in a very peculiar position and was unable to put more than three coherent thoughts together, but this was normal, she would later remember. Xander was VERY good with his tongue and she loved him for it, but it was also only the ‘warm-up’ as, after a few long moments, he began to kiss his way up her body until he was looking her directly in the eyes and the helmet of his member was pressed against her well-lubed labia. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her as he slid into her womanhood, gasping as he moaned her name, and both stayed perfectly still for a moment while she adjusted to him, but that moment soon passed as he pulled back, only to push back in, setting up a rhythm that filled her with pleasure and the room with the cries of passion.

For some odd reason Seven found herself thinking back to some of the other times that she and Xander had been in sexual concert with one another, but these were times when she had decided to see how he would react with someone that wasn’t her. Anya Jenkins, his one-time fiancé and a former, now-returned, Vengeance Demon, was insatiable in bed had proclaimed Xander to be a ‘Viking in the sack’, so to test this theory Seven had, several times, paused a moment of passion between the two and had placed herself in the scene, a holographic image of Anya surrounding her to where Xander would be none the wiser. Yes, she had questioned the morality of the act, having him make love to her while thinking she was someone else, but in her mind, she had justified it as research once again… even though she knew that it encompassed something else entirely.

Naomi, while she had observed one of the episodes from the early series, had called her ‘possessive’ of Xander when the child observed that she had growled at Cordelia Chase, who had been kissing Xander at the time. Seven had denied it, of course, but on some level she knew that she was indeed somewhat possessive of him… even if for reasons that were not pure. The thought of some woman that was not her being with him caused stirrings of anger in her mind, even though he was only a holographic program.

These thoughts ceased as Xander’s thrusts sped up, her name passing his lips with every thrust, causing her to grab him and hold him closely as their mutual orgasms approached. She cried out his name, or tried to, every few thrusts but she found herself unable to think that clearly as she instead clutched him closer, tighter, as her mind began to fog over and her orgasm overtook her. This was why she’d come to the holodeck ever other night, THIS was why she allowed herself to freely accept anything and everything that would happen within the confines of the program… it made her feel more… human…


Human… she felt human… she felt the human urge to reach over, pick up the telephone and STRANGLE whoever was calling them…

Xander panted as he slid out of her and laid at her side, “Ignore it, Seven… just ignore it…”

Seven nodded and ignored it, but instead turned her attention to Xander and straddled him, “Now, I do believe it is… my turn.”

Xander grinned up at her, his hands sliding up her thighs to her hips, then up to her breasts, where he tweaked the hard pink pieces of flesh enough to cause her to moan slightly, “Do your worst, baby.”

She smiled and leaned down, her hair falling around his head, and kissed him before whispering, “I intend to do my VERY best…”

And that she did, again and again...


Seven collapsed on top of Xander, her body quivering as she felt him release inside of her, holding her hips in his hands while he continued to thrust up – emotions were warring within her, exhaustion and ecstasy, pain and pleasure, these emotions had been going back and forth inside of her mind and body for the hour that she and Xander had been rutting. Her sweat-soaked hair was plastered to her face and neck, the air was thick with the smell of their coupling and they were both gasping as their mutual orgasms rocked them… and Seven knew that this could not continue. As much as she wanted the feelings, the companionship, the… the love, she knew that Xander was a holographic program and she and he could not have any kind of a true relationship. This pained her more than she cared to admit, so she pushed it out of her mind as she pressed her cheek to his and kissed his ear, “Thank you, my love.”

She felt Xander kiss her back and slide his hands up her sweaty back, “If this is how it always is, I think I can get used to it, Seven.”

Seven felt her heart clench slightly as she opened her mouth, but an explosion from the front room and the sound of breaking glass stopped her cold. She looked over her shoulder and saw the smoke from the front room as she and Xander both moved off of the bed. She felt like cursing as she looked around for something to use as a weapon and, surprisingly, found nothing, but Xander didn’t have that problem as he slid out of the bed, to the floor and grabbed the very same axe he had threatened her with earlier, moving as if they had not spent the past hours making love.

From the front room a rather distraught voice called, “Xander! Are you okay?”

Xander appeared to tense for a moment but he then sighed and threw the axe onto the bed, shouting back, “Not with you blowing up my god damned DOOR, Willow!” He stalked out of the room and, as Seven made to follow him, she heard him continue, “What the hell is your problem?”

Whoever was in the front room squeaked slightly and spoke quickly, hurriedly… no, Seven frowned, they babbled, “Ohmygodyou’renaked.Whyareyounaked?”

Xander sounded exasperated when he spoke, “Wills, my face is up here.”

As Seven walked into the front room, she saw a Willow Rosenberg standing at the hole that used to be Xander’s front door, blushing a shade of red that, quite honestly, Seven wasn’t sure was humanly possible for long as her eyes were locked on Xander’s body… or at least a part of Xander’s body, “Xander? Is everything well?”

He looked back over his shoulder and nodded, “I think so, Seven.”

Willow’s face lost it’s blush as she suddenly snapped up, she looked first at Xander, then at herself, and then finally at Xander again, “Xander,whoisthat?Whyisshenaked?WhydoesshelooklikeJeriRyan?”

Seven mentally growled as she registered the name ‘Jeri Ryan’ for the second time in this visit, but she shook that off as she walked up behind Xander and wrapped her arms around him, “Did you understand her, Xander?”

Xander nodded as she watched Willow’s eyes bug out, “Yeah, I did. As for who this is, this is Seven of Nine, Willow, why she’s naked you should be able to figure it out, as I’m also naked, and as for why she looks like Ms. Ryan… apparently we don’t exist.”

Seven winced as Willow’s eyes went flat, “What do you mean, mister?!?”

Xander turned and looked at her, “Do you want to explain or should I?”

Seven hid herself behind Xander’s body even more, “You tell her, love.”

Xander nodded and looked back at Willow, “Long story short, we don’t exist because this is a holo-program, like on the sci-fic shows we used to watch. Seven, here, has been watching an old television show based on Buffy and us for a while now and has given it some free reign for what goes on between the scenes.”

Willow’s face darkened, literally, as black veins started to fill her face as her eyes went black, “WHAT!?!?”

This worried Seven a great deal, it scared her in fact, but not as much as Xander did when he spoke, “Back down, black-eyed girl. You survived the last time, don’t make me regret that.” He unlocked her arms from around his waist and stepped forwards, meeting Willow face to face, and, for a second, Seven stopped breathing, “You want to dance, or are you going to calm the hell down and listen, Willow?”

The black veins and the black eyes on Willow vanished quickly and Seven could see the fear in the young woman’s eyes as she managed an, “I’m sorry, Xander.” Seven remembered the entire debacle with ‘Darth Willow’ and she knew that the darkness was an easy lure to the magic-user, “I… Xander…”

Xander closed the distance between them and he hugged his long-time friend in a way that Seven could only call gentle, and she heard him whisper to Willow, “Now, tell me what you’re doing here.”

“Icalledyoutwicetoseeifyouwantedtogotothemovieswithusbutyoudidn’tanswerandwegotworriedwhenyoudidn’tanswer,” came the babbled response as Willow hugged him tightly. The red-haired woman then pulled away and looked first Xander and then herself up and down, taking FAR too much time on herself, in Seven opinion, before smacking Xander on the chest, “How is she here, Xander? And don’t give me that bit about the holo-program. This isn’t television, this is real life!”

Seven walked herself over to Xander and used him as a visual shield, feeling more than a bit awkward with Willow’s somewhat predatory gaze on her body, “It is the truth, Willow. Alexander, you, your entire reality are, in essence, a very large program that was derived from a television show in my universe.”

Willow shook her head stubbornly, “No, YOU are the television show from our world, not the other way around. I mean, come on, how can you POSSIBLY know this is true, Xander?” As if on cue, the entire room rocked, an explosion was heard, the lights dimmed to a red color, actions that caused Willow and Xander to fall to the ground but Seven kept her feet, “What was that?”

Seven didn’t answer as she went back to the bedroom and quickly dressed, pausing only a moment to pull her hair back into something resembling order, before coming back out, “Computer! End program!”

Willow looked at her, “Oh, as if that’s going to-“, and ceased to exist as the apartment vanished, she vanished, and the room was replaced by a grid pattern.

Seven smirked slightly as she turned for the door, but an unexpected voice stopped her, “Um, Seven?” She turned and saw a still-naked Alexander Harris standing in the middle of the room, looking rather bewildered and more than a little scared, “Aren’t I supposed to be, you know, gone now?”

AN: Alright, first story is in the can. Reviews, please.

The End

You have reached the end of "Holodeck 'Research'". This story is complete.

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