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The Obligatory Drabble Series

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Summary: A series of drabbles for plot bunnies and to look at some of the more common themes that show up here

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The Obligatory Twilight Cross pt.2

The Obligatory Twilight Cross pt.2

“Ah, you're here,” Giles said as the last member of the group entered the room. “How is Miss Swan dealing with the situation?”

“Not well, Giles,” Buffy answered. “I don't get it,” She continued noting the others that had gathered “It's not like 'Granite Face' was really all that hansom. I bet you could cut glass with his cheekbones.”

She turned angrily to the sound of choked off laughter.

“Shut up, Xander!”

The man in question raised his hands in innocence.

Then she spotted a pale skinned, dark dressed figure, half-turned to the wall and painfully trying to hold in his laughter.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking