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The Obligatory Drabble Series

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Summary: A series of drabbles for plot bunnies and to look at some of the more common themes that show up here

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Disclaimer: I own nothing and claim nothing just the odd story idea here and there.





With a gasp Jenny Calendar sat upright as the life returned to her body.


It took her a moment, as it always did, to reorient herself, for her five senses to readjust to the land of the living.


She was no longer in the high school, she was…in Rupert’s apartment. In his bed.


A thought that was confirmed when Jenny heard the librarian’s voice from the ground floor. His words were indistinct, but the sound of his grief was crystal clear.


He had found her dead.


Dammit, of all the idiotic times and places to forget her sword.


As silently as she could she crept from the bed to the window and let herself out. Giles and the scoobies would just assume that Angelus had stolen her body to further play mind games, but they were going to need help. Help that she could no longer give them.


The answer came in the form of a payphone. The Boy Scout wouldn’t be able to resist helping.


“Hello Mac.”


“No,” She sighed. “It’s Jade now. I need a favor.”


At least The Highlander and Xander should get along.

A/N: As mentioned before this the beginning of a series of drabbles meant to explore common crossover themes and to give vent to the occasional plot bunny. Suggestions for future chapters are welcome and hoped for.

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