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That Old Crack Magic

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Summary: Once again the world has not ended. People are getting their party on... in more ways than one.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > HumorechoFR1512,532063,1198 Oct 068 Oct 06Yes
words: 2357
disclaimer: Not mine. Rowling's and Whedon's.
Prompt words: magic, prophecy, bat-boogey hex, "Get off my sister!" and Amorentia.
shout: for gin_girl.

Harry followed Ron into the party. He turned and cast a concerned look at Hermione. Muggle music was pulsing in the air, and not the fun poppy stuff. This was that heavy stuff. Harry thought the band was called Korn. He seemed to recall some talk of them. People were celebrating tonight. Hard-core. The world had not ended. Voldemort was a stain. Harry'd gotten to meet a vampire slayer AND vampires. They'd helped him even. They'd helped him save the world. He knew more werewolves than Remus Lupin now. Those guys were cool too.

Harry had no idea.

He noticed Dawn Summers, the slayer's little sister and watcher extrordinaire, trying to keep Angel's son with the beat. Connor didn't look like he minded her all up on his backside and tapping his hips with her hands to keep him in a rhythm. The baseline on the music was so heavy, Connor should not have needed the help though. He might be getting assistance for another reason.

Harry sighed. There were fellow students, watchers, and vampire slayers everywhere. The good guys, the ones who'd been on their side. Ron was looking for Ginny though. Especially after Greg Goyle had accidentally let it slip that Ginny had taken off with Draco Malfoy. Accident Harry's ass though. Greg wasn't dumb. Harry had noticed the sly look in that Slytherin gorilla's eyes when Ron had gone all red and splotchy.

"Harry Potter! Woo hoo!"

Harry jumped like someone had electrocuted him. Dawn was waving enthusiastically. Connor waved too. Harry waved back wondering if Dawn was drunk. There seemed to be a liberal sprinkling of alcohol around here. Especially if watcher Carlos Trejo and his slayer Vi were doing shots together. Harry's eyebrows raised. He didn't think Mr. Giles would approve of that at all. He further didn't think Buffy would approve of how, to quote watcher Willow Rosenberg, snuggly-wuggly her sister was being with Angel's son.

But that wasn't his problem.

Right now his problem was finding Ginny before Ron did.

That's when a mighty yell carried over the whole party. Someone turned down the music.

"Get off my sister!"

Harry groaned loudly. He guessed Ron had located Ginny.

"Trouble, sweetheart?"

Harry started as Faith nudged him with her shoulder quite hard. He nearly toppled over.

"I think Ron's about to finish what Lucius Malfoy started."

Faith bristled a bit. She had been the one to save Draco from his torture and death at the hands of his own father. Harry could have kicked himself for reminding her of that.

She recovered herself quickly though. "Ah, so he found out about Gin-gin and my boy Malfoy."

"So it would seem." Harry paused. "Wait... you knew?"

"I saw that coming a mile away, sugar tits."

Harry shifted uncomfortably at her latest pet name for him. She was forever with the nicknames and pet names for people. Just like Spike. Except Faith's were usually of a more sexual nature while Spike tended to lean towards plain insulting and degrading as far as Harry was concerned.

Ron was yelling something.

Faith gave Harry's chest a pat. "Stay right here, corruptible youth. I'll diffuse this." She then headed for Ron.

"Hi, Harry."

Harry looked around to see Luna Lovegood standing next to him. "Hello, Luna. Where's Blaise?"

"I'm playing that game where he tells me to stay RIGHT HERE, but I move. Honestly, you'd think I was nearly killed by Bellatrix Lestrange or something."

Harry chuckled. Even though it was in no way funny. Luna had nearly died at Lestrange's hands, and Blaise had been the one to save her. He practically had not let her out of his sight since then. Funny that... Luna Lovegood and Blaise Zabini. Who would have thought? But they actually worked really well together. Ron had issues about it, but Harry felt easy. He saw them when no one else was looking. He saw the way Blaise Zabini was with Luna. He was almost jealous of it, but his happiness about the girl most had called Loony actually being contented and with someone who seemed to adore her utterly overrode that.

"So I guess Ron found out about Gin, huh?"

"Did everybody know about them save myself, Ron, and Hermione?"

"Pretty much. Yeah." Luna spotted something. "There's Blaise. Gotta move. You didn't see me if he asks. Gotta keep the game going. Talk to you later, Harry."

"Bye, Luna."


It wasn't every day that someone interrupted your making out with a sound that put one to mind of a wounded duck.

"Get off my sister!"

Draco went to move, but Ginny grabbed him. "Don't you DARE." She hissed through her teeth.

She kind of didn't want Ron and Hermione gaping at her in her bra and skirt. Ginny buttoned her shirt back up, then Draco lazily rolled off of her and propped himself up on his elbows. He was shirtless, his shirt having been yanked off and tossed across the room. There was that smirk on his face that Ginny had come to adore so much that she knew gave her brother an eye twitch. Then again the fact that Draco had Ginny's name tattooed on the left side of his chest right above his nipple might have something to do with Ron's current look of apoplexy.

"Now, Ron-" She started.

"What the shit is this shit!" He screeched, looking a bit maddened. All he needed was some foam at his mouth.

He started forward, and Draco rolled off the bed he and Ginny were on, ready to face her brother, but something stopped Ron. Ginny blinked when Faith stepped around him.

"Now, Ron, I can't let you harm D-boy."

"Stay out of this, Faith."

"No can do."

"That's my sister he was... was..."

"Making out with?"

Ron's eye twitched. "His... his... chest..."

"It's real pale. Yeah. I've mentioned the sun to him before, but my boy Malfoy don't like the idea."

"Her name... he..." Ron sputtered.

"And also this is the kid I consider my baby bro-"

"What the hell?" Draco interrupted. "Kid? Baby? I'll have you know I am fully grown-"

"Drake!" Faith barked, making him jump. "Stop talking about your dick! That's not helping."

Ron made a strangled sound because for the first time everyone sort of noticed Draco was still a bit affected by having been crawling all over Ginny with her shirt off.

"Ronald-" Hermione started.

"Ginny?" Faith interrupted, whipping around to face the girl.

Ginny sat up higher on the bed. "Yes?"

"Did Draco Malfoy bring you here against your will? Did he force you?"

"Hey!" Draco snapped. "I've never had to force-"

"Shut up!" Faith barked at him before looking back to Ginny. "Gin-gin?"


"Are you under some black magic hoo doo?"


"Imperius curse?"

"Not that I'm aware of." Ginny replied, trying not to giggle.

"Are you drunk? He wasn't plying you with the tequila shots, was he?"

"Perfectly sober."

"Are you on crack?"


"He didn't slip you any Amorentia, did he?" Faith looked at Draco. "Big trouble if you did, boyo. Land girls on your own charms. Magicked relationships never last, and those are the kind that can turn on their owners."

"No Amorentia." Ginny said. "However..."


"Dawn did find a prophecy."

"A shagging prophecy?" Faith prompted.

Ginny nodded, getting into the game. "A shagging prophecy."

By now both Draco and even the normally serious Hermione were having difficult times keeping straight faces. A shagging prophecy? Honestly.

"Anytime a redheaded witch Bat Bogey Hexes a blonde wizard, they got to get making with the love. I hexed him at fourteen. Time was running out for us. I had to make my move."

"So, in fact, you seduced him?"

"I did. He has fallen victim to MY hoo doo." She stroked her chin thoughtfully. "Or would that be hoo ha?"

Hermione giggled. Ron turned and glared at her, so she quickly, but rather unsuccessfully, covered it with a cough. Draco chuckled. That caused Ron to whip back around to face him. Faith stepped closer to Ron, putting her hands on his chest to enforce the idea that she would stop him.

"I can't let you, Ron. You know I can't." Faith paused a moment. "Drake's my boy. He wouldn't hurt your little sis any more than you would... because, despite what you think, he's not that sort. Also because he knows if he did, I'll break both his legs."

Ron's eyes went wide.

"She wants to be here, yo. You don't gotta kiss that pasty face, so I don't get why you care."

"He's e-"

"He ain't evil. Don't even try to play that card with me. I know you've read my history. Hell, Super-goth made sure everybody knew who Red and I used to be, but that ain't who I am now. That ain't who Drake is now. Show a little trust. If he fucks it up, I swear I'll let you beat him."

"Oh thanks loads, Faith." Draco snapped.

Faith looked at him. "You're getting the girl here, D. Not everybody can say that. Shut the fuck up and enjoy my venture into big sisterhood."

"I just can't-" Ron started.

Faith reached up and placed a hand over his mouth. "Can and will, Weas. There's a party out there, yo. Let's get our dance on. I'll dance with you. I'll dance with your girl. I'll dance with Harry. You can dance with Harry. We can all dance. We won. We lived. Don't worry about who little sis is making time with... because I swear on my once wicked heart, he's worth her time."

Ron's jaw was clenched, and he blinked a few times. You could see her argument swaying him. And also the fact that Ron knew she could and would mop the floor with him if he attempted to harm Draco helped with the sway.

Faith grabbed his arm and steered him out of the room. "Let's get a few shots of tequila in you. Get your dance on. It's fine. Really."

"Faith." Draco called before she could pull the door closed.

She stuck her head in.

He stared at her for a long time before he spoke. "Thanks."

"Damn, that had to hurt, you arrogant little bitch."

He glared at her.

"And you're welcome, lil bro." She winked before pulling the door closed.

Draco had just sat on the edge of the bed when the door opened again and Faith stuck her head in.

"And I meant it about breaking your legs. Tread lightly. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Will you just leave?"

She blew a kiss at him before pulling the door closed.

Draco flopped back on the bed. Ginny flopped next to him. The turned their heads to look at one another. They stared for a moment before they both started laughing.

"What a start to the publicly-known us. Will it always be like this?"

He rolled onto his side and grabbed a bit of her red hair. "Merlin, I hope so. You have five other brothers, you think any of them will manage to mangle me for touching you?"

"Not as long as you have Faith."

Draco grinned. It was a smile utterly without malice. It was the thing that had first drawn her in. He looked different when he just smiled. Draco was by no means a nice guy, but she liked that about him. He could be wicked. He chose not to be.

"You're staring at me." He murmured, still playing with that lock of her hair.

"Well, you're so pretty."

"I know."

Ginny slapped at his chest playfully.

"Oh yes. I love it when you hit me."

Ginny glared.

"That sort of stung, luv. Kiss it better?"

Ginny folded her arms across her chest.

"Don't make me beg." He murmured with half-lidded eyes. Draco kissed the corner of her mouth lightly.

"I thought Malfoys did not beg."

"All of my stupid Malfoy rules scatter like ash in the breeze when you're near me."

Ginny reached up and smoothed his blonde bangs from his forehead. "Sometimes when you talk, my panties want to melt."

One eyebrow shot up. "Interesting."

"Can we get back to where we were before we were so rudely interrupted?" She said, unbuttoning her shirt.

"I'm completely agreeable to that." He said with a husky chuckle before he leaned in to kiss her.

Ginny planted a hand on his chest to stop him. "Agreeable? You? Who are you and what have you done with Draco Malfoy?"

"I've told you, m'dear, the rules do not apply to you."


"Because you are so lovely."

"You don't have to be all charming and make with the flattery. You've won. These knickers and all within them are yours."

Draco smirked. "Yes, but I like talking to you this way. Did you know you tend to glow when I say just the right thing? It makes me feel something powerful. It makes me feel like I'm worth a damn."

"Oh Draco, you're worth a lot of damns."

His smirk widened.

"Now will you quit smirking at me and fulfill your prophecy?"

"Is that what the kids are calling it these days?"

Ginny swatted his chest playfully. "Kisses. Now."

"I do love the forceful way you have about you at times." He muttered before kissing her.

Ginny tugged at his bottom lip with her teeth as he pulled away.

"Oww. I like that. Do it again."

She dug her fingernails into his shoulder. "Stop teasing."

"I like it when you get rough, Gin. Yes, something is definitely getting filled here tonight."


"And you love it."

"Definitely." Ginny made a face at him. "Now stop teasing."

"But it's such fun."

She reached around and swatted him on the butt.

"Oh hell yes."

"Stop teasing."

"Why would I do that when it gets such wonderful results?"


"All right. I do suppose I want to see those previously-mentioned knickers before they melt. Though I am more interested in what's actually in them."

"This is crazy, you know."

"In every way."

"I suspect we'll both be asked if we're under spells or on crack again. Many more times."

"Definitely the sort of thing that should be induced by crack-smoking, but it's too bloody beautiful. We have to go with it." He paused to smirk wickedly. "Now let's see those underpants."

Ginny giggled and hefted her skirt up.

Draco bit his bottom lip and made a pleasured noise. "Emerald green lace? You certainly know how to seduce the Slytherin in me."

"I hope you aren't wearing red underpants. I don't think red is your color." She offered.

"I'm not wearing any underpants."

One of her brows went up. "Really? Well, that's intriguing. Let's get those pants off then."

Draco lunged forward to capture her lips with his own once again. Ginny's hand fumbled with the fastenings of his black trousers.

"Crack is addicting, right?"

"Mmm-hmm." Ginny murmured against his lips.

"Definitely that old crack magic at work here."



The End

You have reached the end of "That Old Crack Magic". This story is complete.

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