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After Cleveland

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Full Circle Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second in the "Full Circle" series. Mathilda the Cleaner meets Dawn the Vampire Slayer.

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Chapter 2

* * *

Mathilda's .357 roared. The vampire's jaw dropped, and he stared at the hole in his chest for the split second before he became dust in the wind. The second vampire stared the Cleaner in shock. "But guns don't kill us."

"I guess that's changed," said a voice from behind the monster. The tip of a stake poked out of the vampire's chest, and he exploded into ashes. Dawn stepped out of the shadows. The little illumination that filtered into the alley reflected off the highlights in her hair. "Guess the wooden bullets work."

Mathilda smiled. "I'll say. Great idea, by the way."

The Slayer stepped closer to the Cleaner, and brushed her fingertips over the side of Mathilda's face. "Well, I was inspired to care for your safety."

"Lucky me. Wanna clean some more vamps?"


"Want to go back to my place?"


* * *

Dawn tossed the empty container of Very Cherry into the trash. "Alright, post slaying need number one met!"

"And what could a Slayer's other post-slaying need be?"

Dawn was nearly giddy with the sugar rush. "Well, it involves gettin' nekkid with a beautiful and dangerous woman."

"Oh. You mean with another beautiful and dangerous woman."


Mathilda pulled Dawn into her arms, and was rewarded with a passionate kiss. The two stumbled into the bedroom, locked together at the lips, hands roaming over each other bodies.

* * *

The women lay next to each other on sheets that were new, red, and oh-so silky ("if you're gonna get sheets for sex, you may as well get silk" Dawn had said, and then blushed). Mathilda relished the feeling as she slid down to get better access to her lover's body. Red lips nibbled on Dawn's breast until gently latching onto the pink nipple with perfect white teeth.

"Fingers, inside, now," the Slayer panted. Mathilda happily complied. "More," Dawn commanded. Matty stroked into Dawn, still teasing Dawn's nipple with her teeth.

"Matty, oh." The Slayer rocked her hips towards the assassin on the bed, moans coming louder and faster. Then Dawn pulled Mathilda's head up, so the nibbling teeth were at the Slayer's neck. "Bite me. Uh. Please."

Mathilda hesitated a moment, still stroking between the Dawn’s legs, before nipping at her neck. Dawn's hips rocked faster against Matty's hand.

"Unnh. Harder. Bite me, please!" Dawn wrapped her fingers in the hair at the base of Matty's skull, and pulled the assassin's face into her neck.

"Okay." Matty sunk her teeth into Dawn's neck, and at the same time slammed her fingers hard into the Slayer's core.

"Aieeeeeeee!" Dawn screamed as she came, thrashing against Mathilda's hand.

There was a pounding on the wall from the next apartment. The neighbor's voice carried through the wall. "Shut the fuck up!"

"Sorry!" The two brunettes shouted at the same time.

Mathilda looked at the teeth marks on her lover speculatively. "What the fuck was that?"

Dawn blushed. "Slayer thing."

"Okay." Matty decided she'd find out more, later. She leaned forward sucked Dawn's lower lip into her mouth. Their tongues tangled, and the assassin moaned.

Dawn broke the kiss and looked into Matty's eyes. "Roll over and I'll rub your back."

"No lovin'?"

"In a sec', beautiful."

"Sweet talker." Mathilda rolled onto her stomach.

"God, you're gorgeous." Dawn kneeled astride the other woman, naked thighs embracing Mathilda's lower back. Dawn worked her hands over Matty's neck, massaging out the tension with strong, slim hands. Worked out to the shoulders, kneading her fingers firmly into Mathilda's flawless skin.

"Oh, damn, that feels good."

Dawn slid lower on Mathilda's body, her slick inner thighs sliding over her lover's ass. The feel of their skin rubbing together caused Dawn to shudder with desire. She massaged Matty's lower back, down to the dimples at the base of the spine. Matty's breathing had noticeably quickened.

Dawn stretched forward, and laid full length on Mathilda's back, erect nipples of her full breasts gently stubbing against the other's skin. Dawn rocker her hips into Mathilda's ass. The other woman pressed back into Dawn and moaned. The Slayer placed her warm lips against Matty's ear. "Do you trust me?"

"You know I do."

Dawn slid down her lover's body, and placed her hands on the full swell of Matty's hips. "Up." Dawn pulled Matty's hips up and back. Mathilda slid back, hips rising off the bed, until she was on her hands and knees. Dawn reached down into her bag next to the bed and pulled out a medium-sized pink dildo. Dawn traced the tip along Mathilda's inner thigh. The Cleaner squirmed.


"Relax, baby." Dawn gently inserted the silicone into Mathilda. The Cleaner groaned and pushed back. Matty rocked back and forth as the Slayer manipulated the toy.

"More," Mathilda whispered. Dawn pulled it out. "Please, don't stop," the kneeling woman begged.

Dawn kept working into Matty with her right hand, and used her left to caress the other woman's left flank. The Cleaner put her face down on the mattress, eyes closed as she moaned and rocked. Dawn could tell Matty was getting close by the pace of her breathing and the pitch of the moaning. With her left hand, the Slayer reached around the front of Matty's thigh, between her legs.

"Oh. Oh! Oh fuck! Fuck meeeee! OH!" Mathilda's body spasmed uncontrollably as she orgasmed under the dual stimulation. "DAWNEEE!" The name was a scream as Matty shook uncontrollably.

There was pounding on the wall again. "Shut up, you damned dykes!"

Dawn scowled and shouted back, "Fuck off, bigot!" She pulled the dildo out of her lover, then gathered Mathilda into her arms as the other woman flopped bonelessly onto her side. "Oh, Dawn. That was great." Dawn could barely hear the murmured words.

Dawn smiled "I'm glad you enjoyed it," she said quietly. Dawn held the other woman in her arms as they both lay quietly in the dimly lit room.

* * *

Matty was awake, gun in hand before she knew what was wrong. Dawn whimpered and thrashed again. Matty set the gun down and spooned against her lover. "Shhh, Dawnie, it'll be okay." The Slayer thrashed again, violently.

"Spike!" Dawn woke herself with the cry. She immediately relaxed into the naked warm body that embraced her from behind.


"Old memory."


"What? No! He was my sister's ex...something. He died saving the world."

"God, I'm so sorry."

Dawn rolled in her lover's grasp to face her. Large brown eyes under dark lashes stared into hers. "He sacrificed himself to save us."


"Well, it was the bravest thing he ever did. He was a vampire-"

Your sister's boyfriend got turned into a vampire?"

"Not exactly."

Mathilda's eyes widened comically. "Your sister dated a vampire?"

Dawn looked away. "Well, there was another one before-"

"Oh my God! Did she have a-a thing for them?"

"Eew, gross! No. They were good; they both had souls. Well, Spike did at the end. But he loved her even before he had a soul."

"So vampires can be good?"

"No. Yes. Sometimes. It was special circumstances: spells, government chips, wishes and stuff. Most of 'em are soulless monsters."

"So I don't have to do a background check?" Mathilda was grinning.

Dawn smiled back. "No, funny girl. But I typically don't kill demons unless I see them doing the death and destruction thing. Most of 'em are evil, but some of are nice."

"Like people."

"Yeah, like people."

Mathilda stared into Dawn's eyes. "So did you love him?"



Dawn paused before answering. "Yeah, but not like you think. I had a crush on him when I was a kid, but he was always into my sister. Then he became like a big brother. He took care of me after my sister died the second time."

"So what was that biting thing?"

Dawn flushed red all the way down to her breasts. "Oh, God." She buried her face in the crook of Matty's arm.

Mathilda waited for Dawn to look at her before continuing. "Was it a death wish thing?"

"No. It's tied in with the whole Slayer thing. It was just, you know, a fantasy. Kind of."

"Of Spike?"

"Not really. Just a vampire and Slayer thingy. "

"Oh. Okay. It would be alright if it was."

"About Spike?"

"Yeah. I think about Leon sometimes. I've said his name every time I've been with a guy." Dawn's jaw dropped, and both women giggled. "Is that wrong?"

Dawn answered softly. "I think it's normal."

"Yeah, because that's us: normal."

"Normal? We don't need no stinkin' normal." Loud, joyous laughter filled the room. And the neighbor started pounding on the wall again.

* * *

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