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After Cleveland

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Full Circle Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second in the "Full Circle" series. Mathilda the Cleaner meets Dawn the Vampire Slayer.

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Chapter One

AN #1: This is the R version; the NC-17 version is at AdultFanfiction.

AN #2: Dawn did become a Slayer during BtVS S7. Set four years after the season finale (Dawn is over 18).

DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all associated characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, United Paramount Network, and Fox Television. The Professional and all associated characters are property of Columbia Pictures, Gaumont/Les Films du Dauphin, and Luc Besson. This work is not for profit, and no ownership of aforementioned copyrighted material implied, nor any infringement intended.

* * *

Mathilda was walking by an alley when the unmistakable sound of a fight reached her. It didn't sound like simple victimhood; there was a battle going on, hand-to-hand. She drew her pistol smoothly from under her coat and eased down the alley, quickly but cautiously, until she could see the combatants. Three men were fighting a young woman with long, brown hair. Even with the heels on her boots, the men towered above her. She appeared to be holding her own, until one was able to kick her in the stomach. She gasped, and one of the others grasped her in a bear hug from behind. His face changed, and he bent to bite her neck.

"Duck!" Mathilda was thankful the girl understood and obeyed. The--man?--trying to bite her neck was open for the head-shot. Her .45 roared. The guy went down. Free from his embrace, the other woman retrieved a stick from the ground, and jabbed it into the chest of one of the assailants still standing. Who crumbled to dust.

"Thanks." The woman squared off with the last opponent still standing. Kicked him in the groin, then the head. As he stumbled, she stuck him in the back, and he, too, vanished in a cloud of dust.

"What the fuck?"

"Vampires. Never fought one before?"


"They take a bit more to kill than your average human." Mathilda watched the woman walk over to the man-vampire-she had shot. Again the stick, and again the body vanished.

"Why didn't he dust when I shot him?"

"Wasn't dead."

Mathilda's eyebrows rose dramatically. "I shot him through the brain!"

"Yeah, but just with bullets."

"Who are you?"

"Sorry." The woman wiped her dusty hand on her black jeans before extending it. "I'm Dawn, the Vampire Slayer."

* * *

The two women sat in a coffee shop. One had a glass of milk before her, and the other a Mountain Dew-apple pie-strawberry ice cream float. Dawn savored a spoonful of her best invention before speaking. "So you're a hit-man...woman. Person?"

"Cleaner. Yes." Mathilda sipped her milk while she examined the young woman across from her. Early twenties, she guessed, and strong as hell from the way she pounded the vampires in the alley. Matty knew what skill could do, and she also knew exceptional strength when she saw it.

"And you kill-"


"-clean humans?"

"No women, no kids."

"But the people you kill..."

"They're worse than a bunch of animals. You wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it. These guys, their files read like a demon's resume. No pun intended. We're talking about drug dealers, rapists, child killers."


"Nothing else?"

"No, I get it. My sister--the last Slayer--faced humans ever once in a while. She was just never in a situation where she had to kill them." Dawn's face clouded over. "And some of them she should have killed."

Mathilda reached across the table to grip Dawn's hand. It was cold from holding her float. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Old news."

"But you still miss her."

"Yes." The silence was not uncomfortable, but it stretched while each considered the loss of the most important people in their lives.

Matty broke the silence first. "So you fight...vampires?"

Dawn smiled, memories taking her back. She started on The Speech. "I'm the Chosen one, the one girl in all the world..." The Cleaner sat and listened, enraptured.

* * *

"Really, I don't want to impose." Dawn actually managed to sound like she meant it.

"Nonsense. Besides, you'll be safer at my place than going out and trying to find somewhere to stay at this time of the night." Mathilda stopped talking when she realized how absurd that was. She glanced over at the Slayer as they continued down the sidewalk.

Dawn smiled, showing she had followed the other's train of thought. Matty blushed, and sought desperately for something to change the topic. "Here we are! Roosevelt Suites."

They walked through the deserted lobby of Matty's hotel. Mathilda watched Dawn take it in. Not disgusted, just surprised at the shabbiness of it. Up the stairs, past the elevator doors with "Out of Order" hung crookedly, to a room at the end of the hall. Two keys. The second for a surprisingly new-looking deadbolt. Dawn followed the Cleaner into her apartment, and watched as Matty, .45 in hand, quickly swept the rooms to make sure they were alone.

When she was sure Matty was done, Dawn sat down on the couch. "Wow."

"You aren't as careful?" Matty spoke while removing her coat. Saw Dawn's eyebrows rise at the equipment vest that fitted snugly to her petite frame.

"Well, vampires can't get in without an invite, and other demons typically tear off the front of the house on their way in. Not so big on the subtlety."

"Still, there are people." Mathilda bustled about in the kitchen while continuing the conversation

"Yeah, you're right." Dawn watched the other girl through the doorway into the kitchen. "Are you going to cook something?" The responding laughter was music to Dawn's ears.

"No, I've got to clean my guns." Mathilda walked into the bedroom, returned with a red leather suitcase. Dawn whistled at the weapons and supplies inside, and watched in interest as the other woman efficiently went about cleaning the guns she had carried that night.

Eventually, the two ended up sitting on the couch facing each other, talking shop. After the Cleaner told a story about a mark mistaking her for a model, Dawn felt she had to say something. "Actually you remind me of someone famous."

"Let me guess, the chick from the Star Wars movies."

"Yeah! Except, well..."


"You're hotter." Dawn blushed as soon as she said it, and looked down at the floor.

Mathilda grew the tiniest bit uncomfortable. "Dawn, I'm not..."

The Slayer looked up at her. "It doesn't matter. All it takes is someone that cares."

"Maybe." They sat still for many moments, Mathilda looking for something in Dawn's eyes. She saw desire, honesty. And caring. She barely recognized the last one anymore. Mathilda leaned forward to brush her lips against Dawn's.

They kissed for long minutes. The two deadliest women on the face of the planet lost track time, concerned only with the feelings transmitted through a tiny portion of their skin. Mathilda pulled back slowly, eyes shining and cheeks flushed. "Uh, Dawn?"

"Yes." The question did not even need to be spoken; the Slayer could read it in the other's eyes. Matty grasped Dawn's hand and rose. They slowly walked to the bedroom.

Dawn took in the bedroom while the assassin put her pistol on the nightstand. The dresser was missing all drawers but one. The mattress was bare. A few clothes were neatly folded on the shelf in the closet. A solitary suitcase was on the floor. "Umm. Spartan."


All thoughts were banished in a fumbling haste to get undressed. It ended with both brunettes naked on the bed. Dawn's heart raced as she felt Matty's warm, strong arms around her. She enjoyed the feel of their mouths moving, trying to devour each other. Dawn finally pulled back.

Mathilda gazed at her in concern. "What-"

"Shhh." Dawn traced her lips down the delicate neck, the perfect skin of the breast to Matty's pink nipple. Teased it with the tip of her tongue and listened to the other woman moan in pleasure. Dawn rolled the other nipple between her fingertips while gently sucking on the first. Her leg slipped between Mathilda's thighs.

"Ohh. Dawn." Mathilda bucked, grinding into Dawn's hand, trying to increase the contact.

Dawn pulled back from the nipple, leaving a tiny string of saliva. "Aren't we anxious?"

"God, please, Dawn. Do it."

"Do what?"

"Make love to me. Please. Make me feel good." Dawn's fingers traced down Matty's firm stomach, across to the thigh, down between her legs. "Ohh, Dawn. Yes. Go inside."

"Not just yet." Dawn began to rub Matty harder and faster, setting up a rhythm that drove the assassin crazy. "Oh. Harder. Harder! Oh!"

Dawn felt herself getting wetter. "Come on Matty. Are you close? Do you want to come for your Dawny?"

"God, yes, I'm close. Oh, more! Harder!"

Dawn moved her face down between the Cleaner’s legs.

Mathilda arched her back and thrashed as she came. "OH! FUCK! Oh fuck! Oh. Yeah." She sighed loudly and flopped back on the mattress. She gazed down at her lover. "Oh, Dawny. That was good."

"Only good?"

"Unnh." Matty spasmed in a second, smaller orgasm. "Wow. That was great." She turned on her side to face the Slayer. "Let me do that for you. Please. You were so good to me."

"Alright." Dawn rolled onto her back, long brown hair cascading back onto the bed.

Mathilda knelt over Dawn, and gazed down at the flawless body beneath her.

The Slayer wriggled. "Want you now."

"Okay." Mathilda considered her position, then slid down so her face was between the other’s thighs.

"Oh." Dawn tried to arch up into Mattie but was held firm by the killer. She looked down her body, saw Matty looking back at her with a smile.

"I want to do this for you Dawn. Just let me."

The Cleaner lay between the Slayer’s legs for long minutes, loving her almost frantically. "Matty, Matty." Her name was Dawn's chant.

The Slayer screamed as she finally came. Matty had to hold Dawn's thighs as hard as she could, fearing the Slayer would crack her skull like a walnut. Dawn's thighs relaxed, and Mathilda was able to lift her head. Her jaw popped before she spoke. "Holy shit, girl."

Dawn smile sheepishly. "Sorry. That was kind of intense."

"Was that...Umm. Was I...?" Matty felt suddenly self-conscious.

"Oh, sweety, you were terrific. I haven't come that hard in forever."

Mathilda smiled, then kissed the inside of Dawn's thigh before pulling herself into a sitting position. "Do you...Is it..."

Dawn chuckled. "Oh Goddess! You've gotta learn to finish your sentences."

Mathilda turned red and looked at the mattress. "It's just, I've never, with a woman."

"I have." Dawn cupped Matty's chin and guided her face up until they made eye contact. "You have nothing to worry about. That was fantastic. YOU were fantastic."

"Okay." Mathilda felt huge grin coming on.

Dawn took her hand, and pulled her into a spooning position. "Now I want some snuggles."

* * *

The Cleaner shot upright in bed, pistol already in hand and pointed at the doorway. The Slayer, reclining in bed next to her, giggled. "Wow. Remind me not to wake you up suddenly."

"Wasn't sleeping," Matty insisted. Then burst into giggles as the deja vu rolled over her. She thumbed the safety back 'on' and set the gun down. Then Matty rolled over to embrace the other brown-eyed goddess in the bed. "What should we do for breakfast?"

* * *

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