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The Scent of Autumn

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Summary: A hint of a scent can bring back the most vivid of memories, such that an event from years ago seems like it happened only yesterday. Duncan Macleod breathes in the scent of autumn, and an old acquaintance reappears.

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Highlander > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: OtherBelisariusFR1852,070042,6719 Oct 0612 Oct 06Yes

Gallery part two

Allright, allright, I admit it; I'm obsessed with this movie, I truly am.

These are the last pics I'll be adding, I promise. This really is finished this time.

Again, I don't own these pics, I'm merely drooling over them. The question is which do I like more; the girl or the sword? :p

I love the lighting in this one:


"Oh it's on, it's on like donkey kong":


I think I'm in love... wish I could afford every cool sword I see!


The End

You have reached the end of "The Scent of Autumn". This story is complete.

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