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The Scent of Autumn

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Summary: A hint of a scent can bring back the most vivid of memories, such that an event from years ago seems like it happened only yesterday. Duncan Macleod breathes in the scent of autumn, and an old acquaintance reappears.

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Highlander > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: OtherBelisariusFR1852,070042,6729 Oct 0612 Oct 06Yes

The Scent of Autumn

Disclaimer: I do not own and gain no profit from using the trademarked characters in this story.

Special thanks to Kayla Shay for the awesome graphic.

The Scent of Autumn

The Scent of Autumn

He paused as he entered the building. Nothing a normal man could see would explain why the tall and ruggedly handsome individual would stop so suddenly, but he was no normal man.

Duncan Macleod, four-hundred year old immortal, could sense the presence of another in his dojo. He wracked his mind, trying to think who it could be, but could find no answer for his efforts. It was as likely to be a headhunter as it was an old friend like Methos or Amanda. He would definitely never find out by hiding in the dark shadows of the empty building like a frightened child, however!

Besides, he would rather deal with a potential enemy quickly, rather than give them another chance to catch him unawares. He certainly hoped that the intruder thought he had accomplished just that, and slid his sword from underneath his coat, then drew the katana from its sheath as silently as he could manage.

The pale moonlight filtering in from the high windows allowed his now dark adjusted eyes to see that there was no one laying in wait for him in the dojo proper, which meant that whoever it was, had decided to confront him in his apartment. He moved softly, silently, gliding like a ghost across the hard dojo floor, making not a sound with his modern sneakers.

He stopped suddenly, halfway to the hidden stairwell that would take him quietly to the apartment, bypassing the need for the incredibly noisy elevator. He sniffed the air, a hint of something hanging in the seemingly empty space. Slowly, a look of confusion crept over his face; the smell was familiar and yet he couldn’t quite remember…

And then, he remembered, and smiled. He sheathed his sword, and hung it from the hidden belt inside his coat. He continued his walk, this time heading for the elevator and making as much noise as he liked. He knew now who waited for him…

The scent of autumn was in the air.
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