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Star Wars- Episode IV: Hope Reborn

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Summary: Where it all begins- again. 4 years on Earth equals 20 in the Galaxy far, far away. Luke Skywalker and Leia Nabberie are grown. As the Rebellion enters its most desperate hour, they and the exiled Jedi will be their only hope.

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Episode 4 Epilogue


“Skywalker, you say?”

“Yes, my Master. It was undoubtedly him. And the girl.”

Darth Vader kneeled in the throne room of the Emperor’s palace on Imperial City, the planet formerly known as Coruscant. Much had changed since the Jedi had been forced into exile on this planet - the Temple was ruined and deserted (Palpatine’s plans to turn it into a Sith museum thwarted with the theft of all of the artifacts a year ago); the Senate dome now stood abandoned while 500 Republica, once the main residence of all of the senators on the city planet, had been torn down to make way for the Emperor’s new palace. It was here that the Emperor now spent most of his time overseeing his galaxy and it was here that his trusted agents reported to him.

“Lord Halcyon had already reported to me that the thrice-accursed sister still lived. Are you sure you felt the brother as well?”

“Yes, my Master,” Vader replied. “I remember him from my days at the Temple; his Force signature was unique. I have no doubt that he still lives.”

“If he still lives,” the Emperor surmised, “then perhaps his wife did as well. And if she was alive, their children would be alive. But why haven’t I sensed them? Any of them?”

“Before I slew Jinn, I struck down Kenobi,” Vader replied. “As he lay there, Jinn activated some device on his belt hat whisked him away through some kind of energy vortex.”

“Yes….there were reports of something similar when the Jedi that robbed my Temple escaped from Mara Jade,” Palpatine replied.

“I believe they hide somewhere beyond our sight,” Vader concluded. “The only way to reach them would be to capture one of them and turn them.”

“Do you believe it could be done?” Palpatine queried. Vader smiled nastily.

“Oh, yes… it can be done. Anakin would not stand a chance against me in combat and together we could turn him. But if Buffy comes - her hate for me will be her undoing. And we have the perfect bait.”

“Oh?” Palpatine asked curiously. “And what might that be?”

“Her children,” Vader replied simply. “I have already set event in motion that will bring them to me.”

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“What the hell are we listening to?” Buffy complained as they sat at their table in the dimly-lit club. Faith had made it a point to take the girls out at least once a month to The Tower, the local nightclub, for some well-deserved R & R. Tonight was the first time since Buffy had returned that the senior Slayer had decided to finally accept Faith’s invitation to join them, as the Jedi didn’t much care for nightclubs.

Accept for Obi-Wan and Anakin and more recently Aayla, something that Xander was eternally grateful for. The Jedi Master was now on the dance floor herself with Xander, her true nature hidden under one of Tara’s glamours, moving like the sexual predator Twi’leks were known to be.

“It’s called music, Buffy,” Willow responded, taking a sip of her drink. The Jedi Master scoffed.

“Please, this isn’t music. We never listened to this kind of crap back when we were clubbing. And what the hell is Dawn doing out there - giving Zett a lap dance?”

“I think he’d need to be sitting down for that, Buffy,” Willow smirked. “And I really don’t think anything is down for him, right now.”

“That’s what I mean! She’s practically having sex with him on the dance floor!”

Willow couldn’t hold it in anymore, she burst out laughing. Buffy frowned at her friend.

“What’s so funny?”

“You!” Willow exclaimed. “You sound like my mother! Gods, Buffy… we used to listen to this exact same music! And as for Dawn’s dancing,” she looked out to the floor and watched Dawn gyrate around a very happy Zett, “please. You did worse when you came back to Sunnydale before your junior year. I’m sure Xander and Angel would agree…”

“That’s not the point!” Buffy pouted. “She’s…a Jedi! Yeah, she’s a Jedi, and a Jedi should be better behaved!”

“Aayla Secura says hello.”

“You two having fun?” a new voice asked and the two looked up to see Anakin escorting Padmé over to their table.

“I was just commenting on how stuffy and old Buffy’s gotten,” Willow stated. Anakin chuckled. “As well as her taste in dancing.”

“I’ve been saying that for years. And I don’t see what problems she would have with the dancing- she used to sneak out of the Temple every Friday night to hit the clubs on Coruscant.” he said glibly, seemingly oblivious to Buffy’s death glare.

Willow smiled uncertainly; she and Anakin had a new understanding, but she and Padmé did not.

“Willow, might I speak with you privately?” Padmé asked.


“O-of course,” she stammered. The witch rose and followed the Watcher out of the club. As she left, Obi-Wan came and took her now-deserted seat. He looked out at the dance floor, then back to Buffy.

“Would you care to dance, Buffy?”

Anakin choked back his laughter as Buffy shot the Jedi Master a withering look.

“Anakin told me he was going to be training you,” Padmé said without preamble. She stood stiffly outside the club, her arms crossed in front of her. Willow shifted nervously in front of her, but answered in a strong voice.

“Yes, he is,” she replied. “I understand if you aren’t happy with the arrangements, but the fact is I have this power and have no idea how to use it. What’s more, I have a daughter out there who is being led down the same path as I was and I will do everything in my power to save her.”

“I understand that,” Padmé said. “To be honest, I hated the idea… at first,” she added quietly. “But Anakin is right, if you want to live your life, you need to know how to properly harness the Force. Not just what Dooku taught you…” she trailed off and moved away a little, seemingly lost in her thoughts. After a few moments, she spoke. “When I read the letter you left me, I didn’t feel sad as much as I felt… betrayed.”

“I had no idea Dooku was the one trying to have you killed…”

“Not about that, Willow,” Padmé cut in. “My family took you in. Sola and I treated you as a sister. To us, you were our sister. But it wasn’t enough and it hurt that it wasn’t. That’s what hurt most of all.”

Willow was speechless. She had barely spoken three words to her sister all of these years and now she was here opening herself up to Willow. She took a moment to gather her thoughts before she responded.

“I was stupid.” She nodded her head at Padmé’s surprised expression. “It’s true. I was stupid. I was so intent on getting back to the woman I loved, that I completely ignored the fact that I was destroying everything she loved about me. And in the process, I destroyed our relationship as well.” She took a shuddering breath. “My own family was always very distant with me. They were psychologists - for them, raising me was a clinical exercise. I never really knew what a loving family was like until yours took me in. And I never realized what I was missing until I lost it.”

The two were silent for a time, each thinking about what the other had said. After a time, Padmé finally spoke.

“Anakin has forgiven you for what you did to him. And after talking with him, he made me realize that even if you hadn’t been involved, the odds were that I would have been separated from my children anyway. And the fact is…I miss you.” She turned to face Willow, whose eyes were glistening with tears. “I miss the friendship we once had, Willow. I miss my verbal sparring partner, who always kept me on my toes. I want reconciliation. It will take time; this can’t happen overnight. But I think that, now, I am ready to try…” she is cut off by an emotional Willow throwing her arms around her and pulling the former Senator in for a hug. Instinctively Padmé stiffened, before finally melting into the hug with her long lost sister.

The young Mandalorian warrior entered the seedy bar on Nar Shadda and instantly spotted her quarry. She quickly made her way to the table and sat down across from the man, making no attempt to draw her weapon. There was no need; a fight wasn’t what she was there for.

“I hear you’re looking for information about the Separatist occupation of Corellia,” the man said. The Mandalorian nodded.

“What do you have for me, Karrde?”

Talon Karrde leaned forward across the table. “I have to say, I’m curious. Who cares about an invasion that ended over twenty years ago?”

“I care,” she replied vehemently. She reached into her belt and pulled out a credit chip, then slid it across to Karrde. “You’ll find your payment on that chip. Now, you have my information?”

Karrde picked up the chip and fed it into his reader. Verifying the correct amount on the chip, he pulled his own chip out of his waistcoat and presented it to the warrior. “This was recovered recently from unknown sources, but I’ve verified its authenticity. It’s a security recording from one of the detention cities that shows who was in charge of the operation—”

“Massacre,” she corrected. Karrde nodded in agreement. The young warrior shakily picked up the chip and inserted it into the reader on her wrist gauntlet. At once the image appeared in small window in her helmet’s 360 degree viewer. The scene it showed was one of devastation - burning buildings, collapsed duracreet and mangled bodies lay everywhere, but that wasn’t the sight that chilled her blood. No, the sight that really chilled her was the familiar figure she spied across the way from the camera.

“Commander, have you wiped out the resistance leadership?”

“Yes, sir,” the droid replied. “We believe there are additional cells operating in the area. We are cleansing the camp as we speak.”

“Change of plan, Commander. You are to initiate the scorched planet procedure. The order comes directly from Darth Traya. Leave none alive. And commander, if you come across the Skywalker girl, try to capture her alive. I have special plans for her.”

It was the man who had taken her under his wing, whom had taught her everything she knew. The man who had indoctrinated her into the Mandalorian society.

The Mand’alor.

Boba Fett.

The man who had become a father figure to her was the man responsible for killing her father, for taking away her childhood.

Without a word, Joyce Solo stood and walked out of the bar back to Prometheus, her mind in a whirl. Everything she thought she knew, everything she thought she was, was a lie. As Joyce climbed into the cockpit and powered up her vessel, the only thing she was sure of was that Boba Fett was going to pay.

No matter what the cost.


A/N: And so ends Hope Reborn. From here on out, we move further and further away from the movies and my story overtakes the original vision of George Lucas. Things to look forward to in the next Episode:

Everybody begins their training: Leia on the Falcon with Buffy; Luke on Dagobah with Yoda and Joyce and Willow on Naboo with Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Vader, Halcyon and Mara Jade plot.

Both Joyce and Buffy will be tempted by the Dark Side.

Willow, Anakin, Buffy and Joyce will all face ghost’s from their past

And Dawn will face her trials.

All in Star Wars - Episode V: Trials of the Empire

As an added note-my appologies for the lackof updates on this site, especially considering the fact that it was nominated for an award. Over the next few days I'll try to catch this sight up to where my stories are, including posting my 'Finding Avalon' and 'Chronicles of the Red Witch' stories.

The End

You have reached the end of "Star Wars- Episode IV: Hope Reborn". This story is complete.

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