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Section One

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Summary: Faith gets pulled out of prison and into Section

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Section One

TITLE: Section One
AUTHOR: Heather Sinclair
FEEDBACK: "Doctor, just tap into that vein and let her rip" Life's
Blood Yanno
RATING: R for violence, language, and sexual situations.
SPOILERS: All, up the WB's run. No Dawn.
SUMMARY: Faith returns to Sunnydale on assignment after 2 years with Section.
DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all of it's characters
belong to Joss W., Mutant Enemy, 20th Cen. Fox, Yadda...
Le Femme Nikita and all of its characters belong to USA Studios, more Yadda.
DISTRIBUTION: As always anyone is welcome to it, just tell me where
it goes.
Author's Notes: A long time ago someone had posted a request for an editor for their Buffy/Le Femme Nikita crossover. Well it has been eons and that of course gave me many naughty ideas, so the credit goes to her for the idea.

Chapter 1

I was falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison. One night I was taken from my cell to a place called 'Section One,' the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just, but their means are ruthless. If I don't play by their rules... I die.

Who am I kidding? I'm as guilty as hell, but does that mean I am just anyone's kill toy? The Watcher's Council tried, the Mayor tried, and even some hot shot L.A. Lawyers tried. Truth is, I do what I want, when I want. It has been a little over two years now. Why haven't I escaped? After all I am the Slayer. Well one of them anyway.

I guess these guys have been keeping tabs on the initiative. From what Angel told me during our last conversation, Spike had been neutered by these black bag type government commandos. Well, Section put something similar in my skull, except it doesn't make me a tame little kitten. It just blows the head off of my shoulders if I make a run for it.

I have one more reason... I kinda like the job.


I was taken out of training early. Mainly because they didn't have much to train me on. I already knew how to kick some serious ass, and wound up hospitalizing most of the teachers. A little weapons training here, a little computer training there, and presto change-o I'm a government sanctioned spy, killer, whatever.

I stand at the entrance of what I call Mission Control. It's the central room of Section One where all of the current teams out in the field are monitored and advised. In the center of the room is computer central manned by a geek, name of Burkoff. He's my height, burred haircut, smoky wire-rims, and a earpiece that seems to be glued to his skull.

To my right is the Fun Room, more commonly called the armory. It's manned by a sixties reject, Walter. He sports long gray hair tied in a ponytail with a wide assed bandanna wrapped around his head. He always wore a leather jacket and blue jeans that could have been as old as he was. Hell, if he was about a billion years younger, he'd be my type of guy.

My team leader is Michael. He's the quiet type. Kind of medium height good looking French dude with a mullet. He very rarely says a word, but when he does, it is short and to the point. I tried to make the move on him when they transferred me to active duty, but he wouldn't have anything to do with me. Fuck'em. He walked across the floor of Mission Control glancing my way briefly. I nod and he ignores me. I swear if I ever saw that guy smile I think I would shit.

Which leads me to the king bastard of all time. I peer up at the overhanging wall to look at a row of smoked-black glass. He's there, just standing there, watching me, the rat- bastard. He's the one in control, the one with the switch to the bomb lodged in my head, Operations.

He doesn't think I can see him through his high-tech smoke and mirrors, but what I can't see I can feel. Near the end of my training I started to acquire a sixth sense. I could feel when I am being watched, or if I am in danger. I know most of you would call it intuition. Intuition works some of the time, especially if you are in familiar surroundings. But I am hardly ever in the same place twice, so intuition is often wrong . See the thing is, I am never wrong, and it has saved my ass on a number of occasions.

Normally I would just rely on my Slayer abilities to save my ass, but in this type of business sometimes you don't get anywhere near your objective, 'cause he is spraying about a thousand bullets a minute at you. Slayer fast healing don't work too good if you are dead.

In case you are wondering, yeah they know what a Slayer is, but not everything. They know that I was called by what ever power that exists to fight the good fight against the nighttime baddies. They know my strength, speed, and agility are ten times that of any normal human. The things that they don't know are more interesting.

The don't know that there is only one Slayer at a time, except in special cases, such as me and B. I nearly laughed when they told me that I was legally dead. That all of my friends and family were notified that I died in a gang fight while in prison. Now while I didn't have that many friends in the real world, I did have one, Angel. He knew I wasn't dead, 'cause no new Slayer had been called to take my place.

Well baby, if Angel knows then B and the gang know. So, I don't lose sleep over being grieved on.

Burkoff took a second away from his computer screen. "Faith, mission briefing in one minute."

I nod to Burkoff and make my way to the briefing room. Michael was already there with Nikita. Nikita is the token blonde bombshell. Rumor has it that her and Michael are getting it on. And the real kicker is that rumor also has it that she didn't do anything bad to get in here.

See, in order to be drafted by Section One, you have to kill someone. I guess that they don't want your conscience stepping in the way, during a mission, at the wrong moment.

Walter and Burkoff sat on either side of me.

Out of the corner of my eye I catch Nikita staring at me. She knows that I had the hots for Michael in the beginning. So I give her a wink and turn back to the table. Always keep'em guessing.

From the center of the conference table a holographic projection popped up. I recognized it immediately, Sunnyhell. Home of the Hellmouth, the Mayor, and most importantly the other Slayer, Buffy Summers.

I smelled Operations enter. The odor of Old Spice permeated the room.

"Sunnydale, California." I heard the click from his remote. A millisecond later the image zoomed in to U.C. Sunnydale. "At 1400 hours we intercepted a transmission." Another click.

"...and if our demands are not met within forty-eight hours, we will gas
the town with Xeron 4 nerve agent."

Operations shut off the transmission and continued. "The transmission came from an abandoned paramilitary facility just south of the University campus. Your mission is to retrieve the nerve agent, and erase any opposition. Details are on your pads." His head turned to Michael. "Michael is team leader with Faith as agent-consultant. Dismissed."

I pushed my chair back.

"Except for you, Faith." He added.

I sighed and looked up at him.

"You remember what happens if you decide to go rouge, don't you Faith."

I flashed him my million dollar smile. "Don't sweat it Ops, I've been rouge before. It's not all it's cracked up to be."

He had to add in his last threat. "Just remember that."


It took us six hours to make it to the armpit of the world. We entered East of the town, well not exactly entered...more like dropped in. I thought it was rather stupid to parachute, but hey I'm not the one in charge.

The campus was on the other side of town. After we disposed of the chutes and our jump gear we made our way through town. Michael decided to go with as little hardware as possible. Why...who the hell knows? So all I had was my Glock and a couple of stakes. It was Sunnydale, after all.

We tried to keep to the less lighted parts of town as we passed, cutting through cemeteries and so forth. I knew that this was a bad idea. We were bound to meet up with a bunch of vamps, but as I have said before, I ain't in charge.

When we were about out of Shady Hills Cemetery my slayer hearing picked up a scuffle behind the tree line. I edged up quietly and waved Michael and Nikita closer. Peering around the biggest of several trees I saw what I had been expecting. In all her crowning glory, The Slayer, B. And she wasn't alone. She was surround by ten vamps. Dammit.

I eased my Glock out of its shoulder holster and screwed on the silencer. Michael edged closer.

"Faith, you're breaking mission parameters."

Nikita surveyed the situation. "Michael, we can't leave this poor girl by herself with these creatures."

He looked at her and back at me. "Do it quickly."

I smiled and winked at Nikita. He is so pussy-whipped. I took a bead at the vamp that was closed to B and fired. He went down fast. Even vamps can't handle a bullet in the kneecaps. He screamed and I moved to the next closest. Pop, and the next, pop, and the next, pop.

The remainder of the group got the idea and retreated, fast. B, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, staked the wounded. Michael decided that she was out of danger and we made tracks. I took one last look at B before I left. The old pains were still there, in my heart. She stood there looking around to see who her mysterious helper was. God, she was even more beautiful than I remember.

"Sorry, B. Maybe next time I'm in town."


We reached the first of three apparent entrances into the compound, which was filled with cement. We tried the other two, but were met with the same. However these terrorists got into this place it must have been by a new entrance.

Michael keyed his transmitter. "Burkoff, all openings have been sealed. Standard military seals."

Which meant that the cement was about fifteen feet thick. I guess we won't be going in that way.

I scanned the campus from the window of the abandoned frat house that the last entrance was located. Looks like most of the students were smart enough to stay indoors. Maybe they finally smartened up and realized that their friends were a midnight snack for the baddies. Good for them. Makes B's job that much easier.

I heard my earpiece click. "Faith." It was Operations. "You have a go-ahead to contact whomever you need to in order to breach that compound. Time is of the essence."

Whoa. That *never* happened. Every agent is warned if they even think about contacting anyone from their 'old life' then they were dead, their family was dead, their dog was dead... I think you get my meaning.

I knelt down. I'm sure that it showed on my face. I get to talk to B. My back fell against the wall. "Shit." I could feel my eyes pool and I didn't want the others to see. I closed my eyes and stood, making my way to the door.

"Come on. I can't do this by myself."

"Where are we going?" Michael asked.

I didn't even look at him as I opened the door. "To see the only people that have been down there that I know of."


From what Angel had told me before I got recruited to Section, Giles had bought the old magic shop. If I know B, then she would go to him about tonight's help that I offered.

We were at the magic shop in minutes.

I stood out in front and watched as the whole gang was there, seated in back, while B paced back and forth. I let Michael and Nikita enter first.

Giles' voice resounded. "I'm sorry we are closed for the night."

That was my queue.

"Even for old enemies?" I countered as I swept around Nikita.

I gotta hand it to B, she is still as quick as I remembered. She put herself in front of Giles in the blink of an eye. Michael and Nikita had their respective pistols out and ready.

Buffy gasped. "Faith, what are you...I thought..."

I motioned for my teammates to lower the hardware as I approached. B was still lost in mid sentence when I gave her a hug. I never thought I would ever feel her touch again.

"I missed ya too, B."

She returned the hug, sorta. The rest of the Scoobies were just as shocked. Who could blame them. I gave the short wave.

"B, I can't really go into what has been happening the last couple of years, but we need your help."

She looked back at the Scoobies for their reaction and they stared back in shock, looking to follow her lead.

I had to give them a little something.

"It's for a good cause, B. Everyone in Sunny D could be dead in forty-two hours"

She looked back at me then at Michael and Nikita.

"Why should I trust you, Faith?"

I edged a little closer, so only she could hear me.

"Because you love me."

Her eyes widened.


I smirked a bit. "Don't forget the last time I was in Sunny D, B... I was you for a day. I found your diary."

Color rose from her face. I couldn't tell if it was anger or embarrassment.

"That was a long time ago, Faith."

I flashed my smile. "Face it, I'm hard to get over."

She pushed past me. "Don't count on it."

I knew that wasn't heartfelt.

"Come on, B just forty-two hours and I am out of your life."

She panned it over in her head. "Fine, what do your want?"

I looked at Michael and Nikita and nodded.

Chapter 2

"Nerve gas?!" Xander exclaimed.

Giles tried to be the calming influence. "Xander, please contain yourself."

I continued the debrief. "So we need another way in."

"There is no other way in." B said.

Nikita leaned over the table. "There has to be. If the transmission came from that compound then that means someone is in there."

B look a little thoughtful. "The only person that might know of another way in there is Reily, and he's in Central America."

Ok, so I'm a little jealous. "So, Captain Cardboard upped and left?"

She scowled at me. "Don't call him that, Faith. And you didn't help matters any with that stunt you pulled."

I tried to look properly chided, but I don't think I pulled it off.

"Who is this, Reily?" Michael inquired.

Giles chimed in. "Agent Reily Finn is with a government sponsored program called the Initiative. Actually the group was disbanded, or so we were led to believe. The compound you are trying to enter was their base of operations."

Michael backed off from the table and stepped outside.

I watched him as he keyed his communicator.

"Hey G-man, you got anything to drink around here?" I asked.

"I put on a kettle for some tea. It should be ready in a moment."

"Of course you did. I can't wait." I replied sarcastically.

Michael re-entered the shop. "He will be here in eighteen hours."

B looked a little shocked. "Reily?"

Michael gave her a blank stare then turned his head back to me and Nikita. "We must go."

I knew that everything was going to go in the shitter unless I said something. I elbowed Michael into a quiet corner.

"Do we have anything to do for the next eighteen hours?"

He responded. "We will return to the abandoned fraternity house and wait for Agent Finn's arrival."

I knew that was what we were going to do before he did. "The frat house has been shut down. No electricity, no water. How about kicking back at B's house. She has extra bedrooms, and since her mother died we wouldn't have to bring anyone else in on this."

I played the only card I had. The bedroom card. I could see the wheels spinning in his mind. He and Nikita would not normally get a chance like this while inside Section. He had to take the bait.

I hadn't noticed Nikita behind me until she chimed in.

"Have you spoken to her about this?"

I smiled. "B's a sucker for lost puppies, Nikki."

She turned to the boss. "Michael?"

I have to hand it to the girl. She really knew how to turn on the 'I wanna fuck' face, and that was all she wrote.

He nodded his approval. The weird thing about it was I thought I saw the slightest hint of a smile on his lips. Alert the media and give a call to hell cause they need to be warned of the upcoming frost.

"Hey, B."

~*~ The Summer's Home ~*~

After swearing everyone to secrecy we made tracks to B's house. It was a little weird being in here after all of this time. The last time I was here I was in a different body. It hadn't changed much.

"You guys can take the master bedroom and Faith can take the spare." She instructed.

Nikita tried her best to play it down. "Were not... involved."

B grinned ear to ear. "Oh please."

I chimed in with my own. "Busted."

Nikita, not wanting to make the situation any worse, grabbed Michael's hand and pulled him upstairs. Might as well make the most of the night, go girl.

That left just me and B. The tension in the room just tripled. So I had to try an break the iceberg that just landed in the living room.

"Got anything to drink, B?"

She nodded. "In the kitchen."

I followed her through the door and sat myself on a barstool in front of the island. She opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of O.J.

"I hope you don't mind. All I have to mix with is orange juice."

"Five by Five."

She filled two glasses about half way and topped them off with Stolie's.

"Damn, B. You've become quite the boozer since I left."

She didn't reply.

I sipped mine and felt it burn my throat on the way down. It had been too long. In Section you don't get much chance to enjoy a drink. In fact it is frowned upon. Which is a nice way of saying if they catch you, it's your ass.

I set my glass down and looked at B. She already had half of her's finished.

"Where have you been, Faith?" She paused. "Angel called me when your picture turned up in the L.A. Times saying that you had been killed in a prison gang fight."

I really wanted to tell her. "I can't say anything about that, B... for your safety as well as mine."

She nodded. "I figured."


"I'm sorry, B."

She had been looking down when I said that. Her head moved up and her eyes met mine.

"For everything." I added.

She didn't even blink. With the next drink she finished off the rest of the glass. I hadn't even taken a second sip yet. I'm really screwing this up.

"I'd better hit the sack. Thanks for the drink." I got up and pushed the kitchen door open.


I stopped and turned around. "Yeah?"

She was right behind me when I turned and in my face in a second, pushing me into the wall with her lips. I didn't even try to stop her. Why would I? I've been waiting for this moment every since I first met her.

Her tongue mixed with mine. She tasted of orange juice and vodka and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. She had my wrists pinned above me as she continued her assault on my mouth. They soon slid their way down brushing ever so slightly against my hardening nipples and eventually resting on my hips.

Her intensity eased a bit and we both came up for air. Her face was flushed and I knew mine was as well.

She broke the silence. "Just wanted to say good night."

She turned and headed to the stairs.


She ignored me.

I raised my voice a little louder. "B?"

She turned to head upstairs and caught my eyes. "Don't forget to turn off the lights before you come up."

I was a light turning off motherfucker. Of course she had every light downstairs on, so it took me thirty seconds or so before I raced upstairs to her door.

I tried the doorknob. It was locked. I knocked softly. "B?"

I heard her voice from behind the door. "Goodnight, Faith."

Oh NO, I *know* she is not doing this to me! I heard her bathroom door close and the shower turn on. Damn, I know she is getting naked right now and I am stuck out here, in the freakin' hallway.

Michael and Nikita are getting it on not twenty feet away and B's about to relieve herself with the damn shower massage. I paced the hallway running my hands through my hair in frustration. I am not going to let this happen.

I stopped, gripped the doorknob and twisted. It snapped off in my hand, but it had the desired effect of opening the door. I entered and wedged her desk chair under the remaining half of the knob. Steam was wafting from under the bathroom door and I couldn't take it any longer.

I stripped off my jacket, dropping it to the floor. Next came the boots and the rest of my clothes. It's now or never, Faith. I reached for the bathroom door and pushed it open. Hot steam enveloped me and I couldn't see three feet in front of my face. The one good thing is I already know my way around this bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and edged slowly to the shower stall. Something was happening that unnerved me a bit. I was getting nervous. Me! What if she screams and tells me to get out, or beats the living shit out of me for pushing myself on her. What if... Hell... no guts no glory. I opened the stall door.


She looked over her shoulder at me. "Could you get my back?"


The water was red hot which left our bodies hyper sensitive to the slightest touch. I treated her with the greatest care when I toweled her off and myself when she left for the bed. The light was off when I made it back into the bedroom.

I never had sex in absolute darkness. It was too intimate. But I knew that there was nothing more that I wanted than the lights off right now. I made my way to the bed and slipped under the covers. Our bodies were radiating heat from the hot shower and it took everything I had not to jump on top of her right there. She had other plans.

"Faith?" She whispered.

"Right here, B"

"I figured." She replied sarcastically then got serious. "Is this going to be the last time I see you?"

After everything we had been to each other over the years I felt I had to be a truthful as I could. "I can't make any promises, B. But I think...yeah, it probably is."

I heard her breath catch ever so softly. "Then I want you tonight. I want everything that you have to give me...tonight." She sniffed and I knew that she was crying and trying to hide it. "I almost forgot what you looked like, it's been so long. Make me remember you, Faith. Make this night last forever."

Of all the things that she could have said to me, I don't think I was expecting that. I kissed her face, trying desperately to kiss the tears away. Our lips met and our tears mixed in our kiss.

"I love you, B."

She relaxed in my arms. "Call me Buffy... just for tonight, please."

I breathed out slowly. "I love you, Buffy."

And we made love.
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