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World's Clash

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Summary: AU. When four young girls come together at Hogwarts and with the Trio, how much trouble could there be? Mix in some vampires, a dark lord, and some forbidden romance, and the answer is a lot! Lots of OC/OC plus some OC/Draco M, OC/Fred W.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsNJOWFR1524,4450181412 Oct 063 Dec 08No

A Brief History of the Kane Clan

Author’s Note: Okay, I forgot to mention last chapter that I changed what we originally had as Snape’s father’s name to what it actually is. Originally, it was nowhere close to Tobias. That was a change from our RPG. Okay, this chapter…which isn’t really a chapter, more of an interlude, was never in the original RPG as well. It’s just something to help lessen the confusion.

Disclaimer- We own nothing but the OCs...and only parts of them.

A Brief History of the Kane Clan

--taken from Vampires, A History
,by Gabriella Lupe Spic-Macay

“Vampires are, indeed, very interesting creatures. They feed on both Wizarding and Muggle kind without prejudice. However, like most things, there are facts and fictions about them. Most of what Muggles perceive as myth--aside from the fact that they believe vampires in general are myths--is actually true. A stake through the heart and/or cutting off their head will most certainly kill the vampire. They cannot step foot in direct sunlight. They dislike garlic--though they do not fear it, this is a common misconception. The belief about sleeping in coffins is determined by the preference of the vampire. They also have many powers attributed to them, mindspeak--the ability to speak mind-to-mind with another person--and flying are among those most commonly practiced.

“Most vampires belong to a clan, a close group of vampires all interconnected somehow. And these clans, in turn, deal with the Wizarding world on a nightly basis. However, for the most part, vampires just like to be left alone. Among these clans is perhaps the most interesting, the Kane Clan. In this clan alone, there is much to discuss.

“A little known fact is that the vampire race is just as populous as, if not more than, the Wizarding race. And like Wizarding kind and even Muggle kind, they too have their “heroes” and famous figures. Two such figures come from Kane Clan. Tobias and Tariq.

“Tobias is responsible for siring--the act of turning one being into a vampire--Tariq. Not much is known about either vampire before their turning, but it is suspected that Tobias at least may have had a wife and even a child beforehand. Tobias is one of the more reserved vampires. He does not like to draw attention to himself and is often the one others of the Kane Clan of vampires go to for advice, even though he is far from being the oldest in the clan. He is also known to have been the former leader of the Listeners, an off-set group from the Watcher’s Council which trains the vampire Slayer. Rumor has it that the Listeners can still contact him, if necessary. However, this has never been proven or commented upon.

“Then there is the matter of Tariq, one of the youngest of the Kane Clan and the most unruly. Where most vampires keep to themselves or the shadows, Tariq seems to have been created to torment both Wizarding and Muggle kind. For many years, after he was sired, Tariq prided himself on killing as many wizards, witches, and Muggles as he could…just to get his name in the papers. It is suspected that Tobias finally calmed Tariq down.”

End Notes: Short, but maybe it helped in what will come ahead. Please R & R! Thanks!

The End?

You have reached the end of "World's Clash" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Dec 08.

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