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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Furyans". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Exploring the genesis of species and moving on from there. We are now finally coming up to established canon. Please review.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or the Chronicles of Riddick. Am just playing around there. Will tidy up before I leave. Quotes as attributed.

A/N: This is the prologue to another one of my rambling thoughts. It has the potential to be quite long, but not for a while yet. I have about ten other stories I have to finish first, but my muse kept kicking me in the butt at the most inopportune times. Should really look into obedience school for that one.
Anyway, here it is, hope you like it. Let me know if the tone is okay, as I have no-one to talk things over with here. My flatmates say fan fiction is not real writing. Morons. Ah well the extra salt I 'accidentally' spilled into their soup made me feel better.
Where there is no vision, the people perish... - Proverbs 29:18
The council had been right to fear the slayer. To fear what happened if she got too powerful, too secure in herself. Lived to long. Procreated.

Elizabeth Ann Summers-Giles, known a long time before as simply Buffy, watched with a heavy heart as the last of her kind boarded the ship that would take them out into the great vacuum of space, to a destination as yet unknown.

She was left to turn off the lights and lock the doors, metaphorically speaking. Oldest, and most trusted of her kind, last surviving member, bar one, of the group that had sealed off the threat of the hellmouths for all time. The remnants of the once most powerful governments on Earth had humbly asked her to ensure that none of the undesirables left the planet they had so ignorantly destroyed. Fools the lot of them. After watching for centuries as her family became larger, became more, blending the light and the dark, did they honestly expect her to sit by and watch any innocent die, demon or human?
As always when thinking about the folly of men, her thoughts drifted back to those long forgotten times when she had been a part of a family, just a girl who happened to have the world’s safety placed squarely on her shoulders.

Looking back now the decades after the closing of the Hellmouth in Sunnydale, first of many, had been the happiest of her life. She had watched as her family flourished. Xander had married a slayerette, the two of them having the first of many slayer children. From the beginning it had been apparent that these children had been something more, stronger than their year mates, faster, with better reflexes. As more and more slayers had the opportunity to have children, it became clearer. The council had not wanted the slayers to have children, for the children always held something of the slayers power.

Fortunately it usually came along with a strong sense of justice and the need to protect the innocent. If it didn’t, well then the new council eventually came up with ways to deal with that too.

As the slayers progeny intermarried with other humans and occasionally the odd demon halfbreed, other attributes started to come forward. Exceptional tenacity, the absolute ability to not rest nor falter till a mission had been accomplished. The armies of the world loved it, although the slayer children only followed orders if they truly believed in them. They were an independent lot, so it had not been surprising, that when the world went to hell in a way they could not stop, acid rain and radiation raining from the skies they had been the last to throw in the towel, to acknowledge that the world could not be saved this time. And so they had gathered their families and looked for a new world to live in, leaving the mother of their line behind as a last safeguard.

They had long been preceded by the other breed that had come forth from the council's line. Willow, the most powerful white witch on the face of the Earth had only become more so as the years went by, moving closer and closer to the earth mother herself, attuning herself to the elements.

It had come as no surprise when her four children showed themselves similarly talented, each manifesting the powers inherent in an element. And as the years passed, that line moved closer and closer to the element they were most closely attuned to, until finally after centuries had passed they almost became what they represented. They had been the first to leave, no longer able to take the destruction humankind was raining down on each other and themselves. Elizabeth mourned that day still, but knew that one day they would all reunite.

However now was not that day. The ship holding her family was already well on its way to the end of the galaxy and whatever lay beyond, now it was time to help the others. The demons and halfdemons, mostly harmless, left behind, because they did not fit in well enough. Could not pass for human. Elizabeth and her family, ever the protectors of the innocent, had thought of this too. Ships were hidden across the face of the earth, waiting to take on these last remnants of earth’s population and bear them off into an entirely different area of space than the humans had taken. It was better that way.

It took weeks to get everybody off the planet, making sure that the truly evil were either vanquished or left behind. This time she really was alone as she watched the last of the demon arks leave Earth, not even she knowing where they might head.

With a last look around, Elizabeth boarded her ship, arming herself against the heartache of leaving the only home she had ever known with no real hope of a new one. Her once green and vibrant Earth now shone dully in shades of amber and grey, destroyed by humanity’s arrogance. Seas no longer able to support life, forests long gone, flora and fauna in its dying stages. The world she had sacrificed for over and over again, shedding blood and tears, the world her loved ones had again and again laid their lives down for, gone in a single act of madness. All gone.

A single tear rolled down her cheek, washing away the dust of her travails. Elizabeth shook herself and checked that the stasis system was in working order. It was time to go and catch up with her family. Maybe one day she would be able to come back. After all she had nothing but time.
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