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Here's Mommy!

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Summary: John Winchester/various female character double-drabbles, may expand into multiple fandoms (will update category if that happens). Most likely induced by the really good! crack.

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Supernatural > Other BtVS/AtS Characters(Past Donor)GeminiLoveFR133667082,65613 Oct 0621 Jun 07No

Don't I Know You?

Notes/Disclaimer: Had I the good fortune to own any of these characters, I wouldn't be writing for free. Not mine, never will be. No idea where this idea came from, but for a ficlet bunny, it had sharp teeth. Be gentle, I don't normally try to drabble.


"Dean, man, you okay? Who was that?"

It took a moment for Dean to look up at his brother and blink. Once. Twice. "Dad's met someone." He closed his cellphone with a snap.

The tone of his brother's voice made it apparent exactly how Dean meant his previous statement. "Oh. Oh!" He slumped back in his seat in the car. "Woah...."


"I wonder what she's like?"

Dean shrugged. "He said we'd find out soon enough. She's coming with him to meet us in Oceanside."

Hours later, the road-weary brothers stumbled into the motel room their father had previously directed them to. Their father sat back on the bed, a whetstone in his lap. Next to him sat a slender, long-limbed woman examining a knife. Her long hair hid her face until she looked up at the intruders to the room.

Dean stopped dead, causing Sam to stumble into him, "Andrea?"

The woman cocked her head to one side, examining him coldly as her brown eyes bled to an icy blue that began to spread up into her hair, streaking it with color. "Your spawn is staring at me, John Winchester."

“Children, Illyria,” John corrected. “Sam, Dean. Meet your new step-mother.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking