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Not Caritas

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Summary: Xander has to ask some questions at a demon bar.

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If you had told him a year ago he would willingly be working with a vampire he would have laughed. If you had told him he would be working FOR a vampire he would have had you committed. If you had told him he would be working for Angel he probably would have hit you on general principle, and yet, here he was, one year out of high school working for Angel investigations.

They had recently gotten a tip that the Scourge was in town and all the AI crew was out kicking over rocks in the hopes that one of the roaches would scurry back to someone important.

That had led Xander here. He grimaced as he stared at the demon bar before shaking off the disgust and entering the carefully camouflaged building.

Walking down the entrance stairs, Xander bumped into a human leaving the bar. Muttering an apology and ignoring the grunted response, Xander took in the trenchcoat and rumpled clothes as the man pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and stuck one in his mouth.

“Those will kill you, you know,” Xander said as he nodded at the packet that disappeared back into the man’s pocket.

With another grunt the man lit the cigarette before walking up the stairs and out of the building.

The last thing Xander heard before the legendary John Constantine disappeared out the door was three muttered words.

“They already have.”

Shrugging at the only person with a worse driving record than Buffy and still able to out-brood Angel, Xander turned and headed to the bottom of the stairs.

Scowling at the Zombie doorman, Xander wished again that someone else could have done this, but Doyle still owed money here. Wesley would be too easily distracted, Cordelia had given him a glare that just screamed “NO” in the most definite way and Gunn still hadn’t been able to guess the card.

And as for Angel… After his first embarrassing meeting with the owner, the vampire had informed Xander he would rather spend another few hundred years in hell.

All Harris had to worry about was being asked out on a date before he made it to the back room.

“Dog on a cloud,” he growled as he moved past the velvet rope and into the club itself.

He had an appointment with Papa Midnight and it was always advisable to be on time when dealing with a Voodoo warrior of his level.

Xander still shuddered at the response he had gotten when he had sent Papa Midnight a ‘Voodoo for Dummies’ book for Christmas.

The dark skinned man had restarted the infamous failed love spell with a personal twist, it only worked on women over the age of fifty.

It seems that even though Papa Midnight was one of the most powerful Voodoo warriors in the world, he still retained a rather twisted sense of humor, a sense of humor that was proven by the well worn yellow book sitting on his desk when Xander walked through the door.

Looking up from the book in shock, Xander raised a single eyebrow at the dark skinned man.

“It be useful for throwing people off they guard when they first be getting’ here,” he said at the unasked question before motioning to a seat behind Xander.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Caritas". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking