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The Dale

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Summary: A Futurefic. Humanity has destroyed itself and rebuilt. Demons and Humans live togther in Stonghold controlled by Warlords. There is SLASH. Eventually Xan/Spike,Some Xan/Harmony, Angel/Lindsey.

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Adam Pierson moved quickly out of the way as the Warlord of the Dale stormed past him. He wondered what had happened that upset their leader, wondering if a war council would be called. He continued on this way to the Great Library in which he was the Head Archivist. Which Adam thought had to be a joke on Lexian's part. Because Adam had forgotten more history then what had ever been recorded. Lexian had an odd sense of humor at times...of course we are talking about the same man that took on a horde of Klyeida demons with just a sword and a quip.

He remembered when he had met the boy and Lexian had been a boy then. He even had a different name. But Adam understood about changing ones name when it no longer fit you. He had, had thousands of names in his life...not all of them polite either. It had been in the summer of 2010 when the Dale had been rebuilt (it too had a different name then, Sunnydale) from some natural disaster. Adam had been hiding from head hunters (being Immortal suck some times) and Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, the Boy Scout would look for him every few years.

He had thought hiding in a recently rebuilt small town was a good idea. Opening a bar was the next step, after all Adam had to have his beer. Though he never drank while working a shift at the bar. Afterwards though was a different story. He had been open for less than a week when a group of troublemakers came in...what he hadn't known was that they were vampires until after the dust settled. A California blond and a dark haired man stood in the settling dust.

That had been the first interesting meeting he had with Lexian. Adam had learned that the town he now called home had also once been home to a Hellmouth. It was just his luck to learn that it was not as dormant as everyone who had closed it thought. It was still there just buried under tons of dirt. The fact it that the town had a good size demon population was just icing on a very large cake.

He walked into the library walked past shelves of books that when from floor to ceiling. Past the people sitting at the many tables read books that were not in English or any language less than thousand years old. Some of the books were written in demonic languages. Until he reached his office, walking in he closed the door and started the coffee pot.

In the years that followed after that fateful meeting...well they had never been boring.

He sat down and pours a cup after the pot stopped brewing, sipping it. Adam Pierson, once known as Methos, once known as Death, wondered what interesting things were coming next.


Lexian the Warlord of the Dale stood at the top of the wall that surrounded the Dale; he looked out over his...well for lack of a better word kingdom. He had never wanted this...responsibility he had just wanted to keep his friends, his home safe...

'God was I really that innocent?' wondered the Warlord. He should have known he would never escape from this place although he had tried more than once. The Dale...or maybe it was the Hellmouth that had always called him back. He would never really knew.

Lexian knew the Dale wasn't like other Holds...Hellmouth aside. Everyone in this place had run or was hiding from something. Enemies, friends, family...destiny. If you could run from was here you could find sanctuary. Lexian didn't know why so many of the Powers That Be's Champions found their way to the Dale but they did. Lexian would some times help train them if they needed it. Some times they just needed a place to heal. Sometimes Champions of the past would come here to well as a few gods, Ascended beings, as well as a few demons. In short the Dale was a safe haven for the worlds most power and deserving beings.

This was why he didn't want an alliance with an outside Hold. Not that the Dale was the only Hold that Lexian controlled but the others were ran by his vassals...people he trust to run those Holds the way he would. And the fact that it was the City of Angels Hold was what cause Lexian worry. He had heard that the Warlord of that Hold was ruthless and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Someone like that could not be allowed to find out the secrets of the Dale.

But Lexian knew that this was a small Hold and a temptation to other Warlords that had heard the rumors about the Dale. Allies were a good thing if you could trust them...his vassals were trusted but those Holds were some ways a way. It would take time for any of them to get to the Dale if it was attacked. Not that Lexian was worried he had the best warriors in the world at his Hold at any given time of the year. No he was worried that if he did accept this effort for an alliance what they would lose...and they would lose everything.

"I miss the days where all I had to worry about was the Apocalypse," he said to himself.


~City of Angels Stronghold~

Lindsey held the paper in his hand; it was the reply from the Dale. They would consider an alliance, the Warlord of the Dale would meet with them. Lindsey sighed thankfully. They really did need this alliance Angelus didn't realize how much work Lindsey did to keep his Empire running. They needed so many things, he only hoped they would have something the Dale wanted return.

"Well," asked Angelus as he sat on a couch drinking from a wine glass a dark red liquid.

"They have agreed."

"And you were worried.'

"It's not that simple. They have agreed to talk that's all."

"So we go talk...then take over."

A sigh.

"Be serious, they said we can come but only five of us can go."

"Really?, me, Spike and..."

"Connor and Dawn."

"What? No! It will be to dangerous."

Lindsey frowned at Angelus. Sometimes he was way to over protective and always at the wrong times.

"The Dale is a demon and human would be good if there were some humans in our party. Just having vampires represent us would not work out well...don't you think?" Lindsey asked him. It was Angelus's turn to frown.

"Your right."

"They also send a copy of there laws..."

"Oh, what are they?"

"They seem simple enough...Do not kill, " Lindsey frowned as he read the papers.

"What?" Angelus asked seeing the confused frown on his mate's face.

"It says here...unless sub law one or two applies but doesn't say what the sub laws are.
The next is...Do not steal...but it to as a sub law that's not here...Do not worship false idols...oh, you've got to be says here...for to many reasons to name. " Lindsey looked up at Angel " This has to be a joke."

"Keep reading." Angelus told him. Something about those laws were familiar...

"Magic may only be used for healing or to stop an Apocalypse...Angel!" Lindsey said as Angelus grabbed they papers out of his hands. Angelus began to read them...memories from a long lost night of researching came to him...

@@@@ @@@@

A library...old books.... young children...boredom...and then a game....

"If you had your own kingdom what laws would you have?" Asked a boy.

"Is there magic?" asked the redhead girl.

"Are their demons still?" asked the blond girl.

"Is there still pizza?" asked the other boy.

@@@@ @@@@

That had been a fun game...they had even wrote down the laws they came up with...laws that were the same as the Dale's, the same laws that the City of Angels had. Angelus shook his head and looked at his mate.

"No, they are real."


"I know... they are for the most part the same as our own. I think or at least hope I know who created those laws.... the meeting with the Dale should be interesting." Said Angelus as he put down the papers.

"Make sure to make Spike, Connor and Dawn learn them as well," he told Lindsey as he retook his seat and pick up his glass. " We do want this alliance to go well."

Lindsey wondered what Angelus knew that he didn't.
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