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The Dale

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Summary: A Futurefic. Humanity has destroyed itself and rebuilt. Demons and Humans live togther in Stonghold controlled by Warlords. There is SLASH. Eventually Xan/Spike,Some Xan/Harmony, Angel/Lindsey.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLNFR1878,8645298,74817 Oct 0627 Dec 06No


Kurama lead Dawn and Connor into a private dinning room. Dawn could see Xander standing next to a fireplace; he stared at the flames as if they knew the secret of destiny.

"Warlord, your guests...would you like me to inform the House Elves to bring dinner?" Kurama asked in his soft voice.

"Yes, that will be all, Captain." Lexian told him absently. Kurama nodded then left. Lexian turned to his guests, Dawn thought she saw Xander's violet eyes glow but that had to be a trick of the light. Those eyes were so different than the one's she remembered. Then Lexian smiled and softly said, " Hey, Dawn-Patrol."

At the sound of that nickname Dawn could feel the tears come to her eyes and with a happy cry she threw herself into the open arms of the Warlord of the Dale.


Harmony was leading Angelus, Lindsey and Spike out of the Vamp Sector. When a low voice called out to her. A vampire melted out of the shadows, wearing sunglasses hiding his eyes, he had long dark hair that he wore under a fedora type hat and had on a long red trench coat.
Angelus saw Harmony stiffen and look uncomfortable at this other vampire's presence.

"What do you want? " She asked softly and respectfully.

"I hear that a few of the Aurelius are among us. I wish to meet vampires from such an * Infamous * clan." Said the other.

Harmony looked hard him, " If you try to start trouble..."

"Never, Mistress..." the other almost hiss with laughter. Harmony nodded and introduced them to the vampire who smiled eerily at them then melted back into the shadows that he came from without a word.

"Who was that? " Lindsey asked slightly perplexed.

"Oh, that...that was Alucard. He hangs around sometimes. He once said it was because Lexian reminded him of someone he knew once. Someone he called 'The Angel of Death'." Harmony said in her clueless way. Angelus grabbed her arm as she tried to walk away, swinging her around to face him.

"That was Dracula, the real one. And you want me to believe he hangs around cause he likes Xander?" Angelus asked in disbelief.

"Why else?" Harmony asked in confusion.

" Harm." Spike muttered with a shake of his head, " You do know who Dracula is right?"

"Well, duh!" said Harmony, " He's the vampire in the red coat that just left." She smirked when she said it.

"She's not really..." Lindsey murmured in a low voice.

"No, but she plays the dumb blond real good, don't she." Said Spike knowing Harmony knew something they didn't.


"Xander," Dawn said but stopped when she saw him flinch at the name.

"Lexian, " she began again, " What happened why did you disappear like you did? How come..."

"Stop!" Lexian said with a sigh he had known this was coming, " I'll tell you but it's nothing you probably haven't guessed yourself...It began just after I arrived in Rome...I thought your sister would be happy to see one of the best friends...I was wrong..."


~Lost Angels Hold~

Wesley watched the dark haired woman that was his Sire. Watched as she spun in circles with her arms above her head, whispering to the stars in the dark sky. After all these years he knew they whispered back to her, sometimes he thought he could hear them too.

Drusilla stopped her spinning suddenly and cocked her head to the side listening intently. Her eyes going wide with fear, she looked over at him and said.

" Daddy thinks he can play with my Dark Kitten...the Kitten now has great claws..." she frowned and wandered over to Wesley and touched his cheek softly, " Power, my dear prince, such power that the Kitten holds...but so alone. The Powers That Be made such a mistake went they gave my Kitten his power. They thought to rule him. He tricked them, now he controls their Champions..." She leaned close to Wesley who was entrance by her. She whispered into his ear, "and the secret, the great joke on them is...they haven't realized it."

Wesley took an unneeded breath at that statement. Wesley had been with Drusilla long enough to understand most of the things she said and what she said now amazed and frighten him. That one man could have so much power...
He just hoped Angelus wasn't stupid enough to make the Warlord of the Dale an enemy.

Wesley put his arms around his lover's waist, she sighed and cuddled to him.

"Changes are coming once again, my prince." Drusilla whimpered with her eyes half closed, " He will be like the whirl-wind. The sinner, the saint, he has know both well. None shall appose him. No one will withstand him. Forever changed, we will be by him."

"Who, my dear one?" Wesley asked quietly. Drusilla blinked in confusion then smiled.

"Kitten, of course."


"...then I left Rome. And came back here to what was left of SunnyDale." Said Lexian as he took a sip out of a silver goblet.

Dawn looked at him with wide eyes, " You know that explains so much. I mean I always thought Buffy had done something to you..." she stopped at the dark look that crossed his face.

"Oh, she did...but not then and that's something I don't want to talk about, besides it's getting late and we have more talks in the morning." Said Lexian.

Dawn nodded still wondering what her sister did to Lexian. Lexian walked Dawn and Connor to the door. When he opened it Kurama stood on the other side. Lexian hugged Dawn and shook Connor hand. Then they followed Kurama, who asked if they had enjoyed their dinner with the Warlord. To which Dawn replied...

"It was informative...but he's so different from what I remember him to be..."
Kurama then raised an eyebrow in a way that reminded her of Spike when he was about to say something she should already know.

"Time and experience change everyone...Are you the same as when you first knew him?"

Dawn shook her head.

"Don't worry," said Kurama softly, " sometimes change is for the better. Lexian is a good man and a caring leader. We of the Dale could not ask for a better Warlord."

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Dale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 06.

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