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The Dale

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Summary: A Futurefic. Humanity has destroyed itself and rebuilt. Demons and Humans live togther in Stonghold controlled by Warlords. There is SLASH. Eventually Xan/Spike,Some Xan/Harmony, Angel/Lindsey.

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Chapter One

Title: The Dale
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Angel,Highlander, Smallville, Stargate Sg1, and various Animes.
Pairings:Eventually Xan/Spike, Angel(us)/ Lindsey, Drusilla/Wes, Connor/ Dawn. Some Xan/Harmony.There will be SLASH!
I'll let you know the others as they come.
Spoilers: All of Buffy& Angel.
Warnings: No worst than the shows.
Summary: The world ended, humans destroyed most of it. Demons are now common knowledge since most live in strongholds with them. Strongholds are controlled by Warlords.
Disclaimer: Buffy/Angel are owned by Whedon.
Highlander is owned by Davis-Panzer.
Smallville is owned by DC Comics & Warner Brothers, Tollin/Robbins &
Miller/Gough Ink.
Stargate SG1 is owned by MGM & Gekko Productions.
The Sentinel is owned by Pet Fly Ink & Paramount.
The Various Animes will have their Disclaimers posted as I use them.

~ One Night in 2008~

Harmony Kendall walked, in the pouring rain, along the edges of the sinkhole that at one time she called home. The rain soaked her clothes but strangely she didn't care, hadn't cared about anything for a year now...

She sighed and tried not to cry but lost that battle. Vampires weren't suppose to cry, love or care but she did...not that she had a soul or anything, cause she didn't. No it was worse than that. She was just odd others of her kind knew that and avoided her. An outcast was what she was she understood how Buffy Summers felt.
Harmony tried not to shed tears for her lost home, lost friends, her lost humanity. Her lost self, cause she was...lost. The home she had, had at Wolfram&Hart was lost to her too. And had been for a year since Angel took on Blackthorn. She knew Angel and her Blondie Bear had survived the fight. But she didn't know where they were or if they were even together. Lorne last she heard was in Las Vegas singing in a demon owned casino five nights a week. Wesley had died in the battle with Blackthorn. Gunn went back to his old gang or what was left of it.

Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, as she noticed a male figure walking toward her, a long black trench coat billowing in the wind. He was carrying a backpack. She wiped the rain from her face so she could see him more clearly. She at first thought it was Angel, but saw that he wasn't quite tall enough to be him. Suddenly he was standing in front of her, lightening flashed again illumining his features that were familiar. Dark brown hair, longer than she had ever seen it was pulled into a ponytail at his neck, lips she knew could smile with a wolfish charm. Dark tanned skin that smelled like sunshine even in this storm.

The only thing different was that he now had power. She could see it, it was in the way he carried himself now, that and his eyes were now a brilliant violet color. They reminded her of an animals or a vampire in game face. They were beautiful and unnatural and suited him well.

" You," she whispered then he smiled and Harmony knew she wasn't alone anymore.


~City of Angels Stronghold, 2208~

'The world was a strange place', thought the Master of the Aurelius. The end of the world had come. And the cause was not some demon or god but by humans themselves. Angelus had wonder why he had even bothered trying to save them. The World Powers were nothing like they had been. In fact communicating with another country was all but impossible. The people had returned to a state like the 1500's but with some modern things. They still had in door plumbing and electricity. The Pulse of 2013 had shown people that they couldn't and shouldn't rely on technology. It had caused worldwide computer crashes, which most countries never recovered from.

The Powers that be in 2045 decided that Angel lost his soul far to much for their comfort, so they merged his demon and soul. Never again would he lose it, the Powers had seen that a Champion without the hope of happiness became a dangerous thing to their plans. Then came the Mini Ice Age of 2099 that affected mostly France and the surrounding countries.

In 2130 came the Plagues that wiped out half of the human population. In 2170 the Veil of Denial was lifted and demons and vampires became common knowledge. With 2197 came the Sickness of the Slayers, a plague that just affected the Slayers, only four Slayer lines still exist.

Angelus shook away the memories of history; he had learned that one must live in the Now and not the past. He looked around the room in which his family sat. The family that had helped create his Empire. The City of Angels Stronghold was the largest in what use to be California and Nevada. Their borders ended at what use to be the city limits of L.A.

He walked past Spike who was lounging on a couch. Spike smirked at him as he blew smoke rings from the cigarette he was smoking. He and Spike still didn't get a long but they had learned to live with each other. Their souls made sure they would never kill each other but they would still beat each other up when the mood struck them. He still dressed the same but his duster was now a dark brown one that he got from a Watcher he killed when a Slayer and Watcher Team attacked their stronghold in 2114. Spike had finally stopped bleaching his hair and let it grow out; it fell in soft wheat blond curls. It made him look like the poet he had once been. He had told Angelus once the reason he stopped bleaching it was that since no one remembered who Billy Idol was there was no point to it, because he could no longer tell the story about how Idol stole the look from him.

His son Connor the Destroyer sat in an armchair in the corner of the room with his wife, Dawn Summers in his lap. It didn't surprise Angelus that the only two people in the world who shouldn't exist (one the child of two vampires, the other a ancient mystical key) found each other. That had been a courtship with wonking spells (Willow), nosy Slayers (Buffy and Faith), A Chaos Mage (Ethan Rayne), and a lot of pissed off Watchers (Giles, Wood, and Andrew). Oh, can't forget about the Prophecy about they couldn't meet or it would be the end of an era.

Drusilla sat on a small loveseat whispered about the stars to Wesley, who whispered back about the wind making Drusilla giggle. She had turned him after he had been wounded in the battle with Blackthorn. Drusilla had been near to watch out for her Daddy and his companions. But it was the first man that Drusilla had turned that day that was the real surprise, the one leaning next to the window looking out it. Lindsey MacDonald, she had turned him after Lorne at shot him at Wolfram&Hart under Angel's orders Lorne had left him for dead. Drusilla had found him as he was crawling away to die. Angelus didn't find out about either Childer until 2060. Drusilla had made it clear that Wesley was hers; she told Angelus in one of her more lucid moments that she had turned Lindsey for her Daddy because he never would even if he had wanted too.

It wasn't long after he found out about them that he had made Lindsey his Mate. He wrapped an arm around his beloved's waist and nuzzled his neck. Lindsey leaned back against his mate.

"Tell me some good news." Angelus said to him.

Lindsey sighed " Are you sure you want the Dale?"

"Of course. It's between us and the Anaheim Stronghold tactically it is the next step."

"Don't you wonder why Anaheim hasn't attacked the Dale themselves?" Lindsey frowned " It's a small Stronghold, it could easily be over taken yet no one has be able to do so."

Angelus made a sound for him to continue.

" The Warlord of the Dale is different from the Warlords of the other Holds we taken. Most of them were thankful because we freed they from worst Warlords. But the Dale's leader is loved by all the demons and humans alike that live in the Hold from what our spies report."

"What do you suggest we do, I want the Dale it has a lot of memories for me. Not all good ones but still memories." Angelus asked him.

" An alliance, their strong Angel. Any leader that can keep their Hold for almost hundred and fifty years is not someone you want for an enemy."

"About that...I've heard rumors about the Dale's Warlord..."

"From everything our spies found out the Dale's leader, Lexian has owned it since it was built. Some say he was there before the Pulse hit but that is just hearsay."

Angelus was silent for a long time. Then whispered into Lindsey's ear " Let's try an alliance, if he refuses we can always kill him."


~The Dale Stronghold, 2208 a few days later~

Harmony frowned at the scowling dark haired man that sat in the throne like chair carelessly.

"Lexian, we need this alliance it maybe the only chance we get. Otherwise they will attack us and I don't think our forces can with stand an assault from the City of Angels Hold." Harmony told him reasonable.

"There Aurelius!" The Master of the Dale stated plainly as if that explained everything.

'And it maybe it did.' She thought with a sigh.

"Don't tell me, your going to let something that happened almost two hundred years ago color your judgment now!" Harmony asked.
He glared, violet eyes flashing with anger as he stood up and walked toward her.

"Fine, I won't." he said childishly to Harmony's disbelief.

"We need this Lex, if we don't..."

"I know." He cut her off with a sigh of his own. Then looked at the vampiress " Make sure whoever they send knows the laws of the Dale and that while they're here that they must obey them and if they don't, if they break them they will be punished by our ways."

Harmony looked shocked at he was giving in so easily. Lexian saw this and reach our to grab her by her hair bring her to him roughly.

" Know this, this is your responsibly. Anything that goes wrong, you will suffer for it. I'll make you scream." He said harshly. She could tell by the look in his eyes he meant it and that she wouldn't be screaming in the good way.

"Yes, Lexian." Harmony agreed softly. He nodded then pushed her away from him gently he walked to the door and stopped then looked back to her and said " Just don't get your hopes up about this it could be the end of us all." Then he walked out of the room.

Harmony sighed and sat down in Lexian's chair whispering "Damn it."
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