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Summary: Buffy meets a platinum blonde vampire and feels something she hasn't felt since Spike's death.

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Movies > Lost Boys > Buffy-CenteredTallyFR1811,000091,29617 Oct 0617 Oct 06No

By Tally

A BTVS/Lost Boys Crossover
Post Season 7/The Lost Boys Movie

No infringement intended and this is not intended to make a profit from others’ copyrights.

For A.

David paused as he remembered the sights and sounds of the fairway. As he sipped his beer, he reflected on the crowds, the smelly, unwashed bodies of middle suburban America. Who came to enjoy the thrills and spills of the boardwalk, their voices shrieking with terror from every tumble on the roller coaster, and the spinning wheel as the waves crashed on the beach. The stranger folk mingled among them to form a kind of melting pot of America that made the history books proud. Though the local folk certainly knew better the tourists that his boardwalk was not all it appeared. The boardwalk’s missing and presumed dead far outnumbered most local cities. They were more cautious but still most of the missing were local citizenry. Few knew that his family was one of the founders of the town, and until the last twenty years, ventured no further than the town gates. Due to an incident, David was the only one left and since the death of his family in Santa Clara, he had no home.
He ventured from place to place, scouring up and down the Pacific coast, looking for others from his family. In the past, his father spoke of others, cousins, not the same, but not entirely different. The latest place was a little town outside of Los Angeles. The bar looked like the kind of place where a man could enjoy almost any aspect of life. Girls and Boys flowed together on the dance floor and more gossiped on nearby couches. David downed the last sip of his beer and felt the rumblings of his stomach. He needed to find some dinner and soon. Stepping away from the bar, David turned and headed toward the door. Walking to the door, he spied someone and stopped. A lovely young brunette caught his eye.
“Excuse Me, but has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like...," he stopped and smiled, "I’m sorry, I noticed you from the bar and couldn’t help but want to meet you.” She blushed and smiled back. “That’s ok," she purred, "I noticed you too.”
“Would you like to get better acquainted?" He asked and offered his arm to her, “I’m David and you are...”
“My name is Sophy and I think I would like that, David.” She loved that her favorite strapy top pulled the choicest the guy in the place directly to her. Sophy gave her arm to David and they left the bar, arm in arm, and strolled through the exit. The moonlight shown brightly down as David pulled Sophy into a dark corner. David glanced over at Sophy, “how do you feel about necking on the first date?”
“Honey, compared to what I normally do on a first date, necking is almost the same as holding hands. Feel free to neck away.”
David paused as he transformed and whispered, “Thanks," as his fangs entered Sophy’s neck.

Chapter 2

Buffy Summers balanced on her hands as she centered herself upside down. Her thoughts and actions from the last few days weighed her down and she furrowed her brow as she tried to sort through her current crisis. Most things in Buffy’s live did not go according to plan and this was another example. Though Buffy was just twenty- three, she was responsible for raising her sister, Dawn. Buffy was more than a loyal sister, however, she was also the Slayer. At one time, Buffy was the one girl on the earth capable of combating the forces of darkness. Her innate ability to sense and defeat demons, leadership skills, and superhero like strength gave her edge on the worst the underworld un-leased.
Up until a year ago, she fought the fight of the world with her friends in Sunnydale, California. Sunnydale was no more and the Scooby gang were stationed, separately, around the world helping to guide and train new watchers and slayers. The last battle took out the entire town and un-leased the powers of the slayers to every girl who was once only a slayer-in-waiting. Since the Watcher council was blown to kingdom come in a earlier phase of the battle, the gang pitched into helping out and forming the new Watchers Council. Willow, a powerful witch, was in Caracas with her lover and Buffy’s fellow slayer, Kennedy. Xander was assisting Giles in recruitment of new Watchers and their training in London. Even accessory members of the Scooby gang were assisting in this mass effort with the slayers: Wesley and Faith were together on the East Coast, Andrew was suppressing Rome and spreading the Jedi myth everywhere and Wood marched over evil in Cleveland. As the senior Slayer, Buffy was moving around from crisis to crisis. Ever since the end of their home in Sunnydale, Buffy and Dawn lived in various places. Always fighting the good fight. Always moving from place to place. Never taking the time to enjoy any aspect of life. From Cleveland, Rome to Ireland, to New York, and now Michigan, Buffy and Dawn fought the baddies and lived to stake another day. Now, a new call was issued, from California no less, and Dawn refused to go. She packed her bags and left before Buffy had a chance to stop her. Her letter stated she was going to stay with Giles and help him in reorganizing the Watcher Library. It made no mention of what Buffy was suspecting of happening behind the scenes. She rolled from her handstand into a somersault and reached for her phone. It was time to head back to California and see if she could make some headway into this newest threat.
Three days later, Buffy emerged from her new home on the edge of her old one in Sunnydale and headed out on her nightly patrol.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Newbie" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Oct 06.

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