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Short and Sweet to the Soul I Intend

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Summary: Ah the bonds of friendship and TV marathons within slight wickedness.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyechoFR1311,3730102,19717 Oct 0617 Oct 06Yes
disclaimer: Not mine. Rowling's and Whedon's.
shout: For Booster. Happy belated birthday, and my heart still aches for those lost files. A little bit of everything here, kind of. Sorry I don't have stronger Who footing.
An: The song being sung is, of course, "We Used to Be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols. Which we all know is the theme song to Veronica Mars. The title is also a lyric from said song.


There was no rapture, no joy, no vice greater than muggle TV marathons at the Watcher's Council.

Except perhaps for the muggle who'd dragged him into it in the first place. Draco hurried inside after apparating to the doorstep of the Watcher's Council. Dawn waved enthusiastically at him and patted the space next to her on the sofa. Draco almost rushed right over, but he forced himself to have a shred of dignity and stalked over in a leisurely manner instead. Initially he'd come to these things trying to get into Dawn's knickers. Strange that he had discovered he liked muggle television. Now, it was mostly the tube that brought him. The girl was a bonus. A wonderfully lovely bonus, but a bonus nonetheless.

Not that he got to get the girl. Ever.

Faith walked in then with a rather large bowl of popcorn. She eyed him. He knew she was making sure he was an appropriate distance from their dear, sweet Dawn. As if Dawn were at all sweet below the surface. That was what had drawn Draco to her in the first place. The girl was quite wicked to her deceptively innocent core.

"I think I prefer Ten." Amy Madison said to Andrew as the two of them walked in, arms and hands laden with snacks. "David Tennant looks so good in his little pinstriped suit."

"Sacrilege." Andrew hissed. "It's all about Nine. Chris Eccleston is my Doctor. Leather jacket... hello. And Captain Jack kissed him, you know."

"See? That's why people think what they think about you." Amy said. "Your man crushes are a little gay, Andy."

"Don't call me Andy, Amy."

"Andy... you should be talking about how hot you think Billie Piper is."

Andrew noticed Draco then and stopped in his tracks. "What is HE doing here?"

"He's my guest." Dawn snapped.

Draco smirked at Andrew and draped an arm around behind Dawn on the sofa. Faith flopped down on the other side of him and pinched his hip.


"Hands." The slayer hissed out of the side of her mouth.

"I'm not even touching her."

Dawn's cheeks went pink... and not because she was embarrassed. "Draco, would you excuse Faith and I?"

"There is no excuse for her."

Dawn made a face at him. It clearly said 'be nice' or 'don't start'. Perhaps both.

"Right. Sorry. I'm certain there's an excuse somewhere in the universe for Faith and her ways. I do apologize. Yes, do go have your chat. I'll be right here with Amy and the muggle dork waiting on pins and needles for what innocuous drivel will spill forth from said dork's mouth in your absence, as he has this horrid need to fill silence comfortable or otherwise with the sound of his own droning on... and on... and, oh on."

"Hey." Andrew said. "I'm not a muggle."

Amy laughed while Dawn roughly pulled Faith into the hall and kicked the door closed.

"What up, D?"

"Lay off of him."


"Seriously, back off with the big sister routine. I don't need a chastity belt."

"I don't know what you mean." But Faith's smirk suggested otherwise.

"I'd kinda LIKE Draco's hands on me, ok?"

Xander walked by then and made a face. He'd previously made his feelings on Dawn's latest crush known. He wanted no details... ever. He plugged his fingers in his ears and started a litany of "La la la. I'm not listening." as he continued on.

Faith smirked a bit wider, crossed her arms across her chest, and leaned back against the opposite wall. "Is that so?"

"It is so. Hands... all over. I happen to like him. We're gonna watch some TV tonight, and then I'm inviting him up to my room for a bit."

Faith stopped looking so casual and pushed off of the wall. "Dawn-"

"What are you gonna do, Faith? Tell Buffy? What's she gonna do? I'm an adult. So's Draco. We're both consenting adults. I plan on consenting to quite a lot with Draco, so again, seriously, back off about it."

"I did not just hear that. I did not just hear that." Another voice said from behind Dawn.

She turned to see Giles cleaning his glasses rather furiously.

"Xander?" He asked.

"That way and to the left." Dawn pointed.

"Thank you. Do carry on... after I've left." Giles hurried off then.

Dawn turned back to Faith with a glare and hands on her hips. "So are we gonna let Dawn have her fun with the snotty wizard boy?"

"Spike's right. You get more wicked scary every day."

Dawn winked up her nose with a fake smile and narrowed eyes of smug victory. "Best you remember that."

That said, Dawn strolled back into the room.

"Thank Merlin." Draco muttered as soon as she stepped inside.

"What's up?"

"Besides that twat prattling on about Captain Jack Harkness and Dr. Who Nine? Amy wouldn't allow me any popcorn until yourself and Faith returned."

Dawn looked at Amy. "Let him have some popcorn."

Amy grinned in that silly way she had about her and waved her hand. The bowl floated over to Draco. Dawn glared at Amy as Draco plucked the bowl from the air.

"What?" Amy asked, looking slightly pouty.

"The magic for stuff you could do on your own steam."

"It's just a bowl." Draco said. "Our friend Amy is not evil. She's merely a bit wicked."

"No, I get it." Amy said with a sad grin. "Sorry, Dawn."

Amy didn't want to piss Dawn off. She knew how Dawn felt about that stuff. Hell, some of the Scoobies still held her responsible for Willow's slide into the dark. After all, hadn't Amy been the one to take Willow to Rack?

Dawn and Faith had been the first ones within the council to accept her trying to help. They were the first ones to be her friends. They understood that she had not and probably would not always choose the exact right course because she was human. Willow was still a bit iffy, but she had not immediately booted Amy out this time. Andrew had been the next to befriend her, the annoying little geek. He'd said people trying to atone needed to stick together. Now it seemed she had added Draco Malfoy to her very short list of friends.

Amy turned her grin on Draco then. "I'm your friend?"

Draco snorted and rolled his eyes. "Yes. I suppose. Though I do hope you know you can be quite insufferable."

It was Faith's turn to snort. "Um, there ain't a person in this room who can say they aren't a pain, yo."

"I'm-" Andrew started.

"Shut up." Faith snapped.

There was a moment of tense silence. They'd gotten a bit too serious, and TV night, it had been agreed, was not about seriousness.

"So..." Draco said loudly, breaking the tension beautifully. "Let's get to this business called Veronica Mars then. I am told I should identify greatly with someone called Logan."

Dawn giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. "Yes. You're so the Logan."

"Are you the Veronica, Dawn?" Amy joked. "Is it... LoVe. Big L, little O, big V, little E."

Dawn glared.

"You've seen this then?" Draco asked.

"Seen it? I BREATHE it. Veronica's my girl." Amy said. Then she started singing. "A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I... haven't thought of you lately at all. Come on now, sugar. Bring it on, bring it on... yeah..."

"Yes." Draco said warily. "Do bring it on now. Perhaps she'll stop singing."

"Are we ready?" Andrew asked, up near the TV and DVD player getting things running. "Veronica marathon. I just have to say that I love Dick."

Dawn and Amy exchanged a look then burst into laughter. Faith's brow was furrowed because she had not seen any Veronica Mars and did not know Andrew's Dick love was about a character and not a personal statement. Draco looked slightly horrified and snuggled closer to Dawn, pleased that he was finally allowed to.



The End

You have reached the end of "Short and Sweet to the Soul I Intend". This story is complete.

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