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A Charmed Slayer

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Charmed Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy is killed in action & reborn with new powers & a whole new destiny. The Powers That Be prevent her from seeing anyone from her past life until her eighteenth birthday when a new enemy appears & Angel Investigations must find the ‘Reborn Champion.'

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New Whitelighters & The Return Of The Childe

Charmed Slayer Banner Chp 2

Disclaimer: None of it is mine! If I owned any of these characters I would not be writing right now. All things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon and Charmed belongs to the WB and Constance M. Burge.

Summary: Buffy is killed in action and reborn with new powers and a whole new destiny. The Powers That Be prevent her from seeing anyone from her past life until her eighteenth birthday when a new enemy appears and Angel Investigations must find the ‘Reborn Champion.’

Spoilers: Set one year after the Angel episode ‘The Girl in Question’ and about two years after the Buffy Series Finale. Buffy, Willow, and Xander all start out at 24, Faith at 23, and Dawn and Andrew at 19. No Willow/Kennedy. Gunn is dead, no Illyria, Cordy is dead, Connor has both sets of memories, Wes is alive, Lindsey is alive.

As for Charmed, I’m not really sure what season it is, though Cole isn’t dead or evil, Leo never became an Elder, and both Wyatt and Chris have been born.

A/N: Thanks to B Oots, The Voice, Pentium, Claddagh, MrKlortho, Angel-love-buffy, and Phoenix Catcher at FF.Net and Immortalsilence, BillieBog, wise, CharmingSlayer, UniilaDellaLuna, CPTSkip, and littleoldme at TTH who all reviewed, you guys are great!!! Your reviews let me know that people are actually reading and enjoying this. Also, Thanks to everyone who has added this as a favorite or is tracking it or getting alerts when I update. You guys are awesome!

A/N2: A BIG Thank You to TouchoftheWind for the banner!

A Charmed Slayer

Chapter 2: A Birthday, New Whitelighters, And The Return Of The Childe

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Melinda, Happy Birthday to you!!!!”

Little one year old Melinda Halliwell grinned as her family sang to her. She didn’t quite understand what was going on exactly, just that her Mommy and Daddy, brothers, aunts, and uncles were singing to her for some reason and there were things on the table for her – like the big cake sitting in front of her where she sat on her Mommy’s lap and all the shiny, pretty boxes on the other end of the table. She laughed as everyone finished singing their song and then looked up at her Daddy as if to say, “Okay, now what?”

Her Aunt Paige piped up from across the table, “Blow out the candles Mel!”

Melinda looked bake at the cake and the little sticks poking out of it with the light flickering at the top, guessing that that’s what her aunt was talking about, vaguely remembering watching her two big brothers blow on the sticks and making the light go out when they had their cakes. She stared at them for a moment before blinking. As she blinked, the lights on top of the sticks went out in a small swirl of blue and white. When the lights at the top of the sticks went out, Melinda grinned and giggled again, clapping her hands while the adults all looked at her in shock and her two big brothers grinned at her.

“…Am I seeing things…or did Mel just…orb out her candles?” Melinda’s Uncle Cole asked.

Phoebe Halliwell blinked a couple of times before answering. “Well, if you’re seeing things than I am, too,” She reassured her husband, shifting her squirming eighteen month old daughter in her arms.

“Did Wyatt or Chris ever do that?” Paige’s husband, Henry asked.

Piper shook her head, “No, never. I mean, they’d orb their toys to them, but they never put out the candles like that. They always rather seemed to enjoy spitting on the candles, actually.” She said.

“Has Ryder ever done anything like this?” Wyatt asked Paige and Henry, referring to their nine month old son, Ryder Samuel, who was asleep in his father’s arms.

“No, nothing like this.” Paige replied, “He barely even orbs his toys to himself.”

The adults were pulled out of their conversation by Melinda’s demand of “Cake! Cake! Cake, peese!”

Piper smiled at her daughter, “Alright, Sweetie, we’ll have cake.” With that she handed Melinda over to Wyatt and grabbed the knife to cut the cake.

After everyone had finished eating their cake; or in the cases of Melinda, Patience, Ryder, and Chris, smeared it all over their faces and the lower half of their arms. Wyatt was old enough that he didn’t make nearly so big of a mess, the five year old having figured out that while it was fun to get it everywhere, it was much tastier to try and get most of it in your mouth.

Piper, Paige, and Phoebe headed into the kitchen with their children to clean them up. As soon as they returned and sat back down it was time for presents.

“You ready to open your presents, Little One?” Cole asked his niece as he moved the pile of brightly wrapped presents in front of her.

“PREZZIES!!!!” The little blonde squealed.

“Pick one, Mel,” Wyatt told his younger sister.

"Yeah Mel, pick one," Chris agreed.

Melinda looked at the pile in front of her, seemingly studying it, until she finally grinned widely. “Tha one!” She exclaimed as she pointed to a small, oddly-shaped present with green paper. Leo reached for the present to hand it to his daughter only to drop his hand back down to his side as the present disappeared in blue and white lights and reappeared in his daughter’s lap with the same show of lights. Melinda squealed and tore into the paper, quickly revealing the soft teddy bear inside.

The present opening continued in the same way for a while longer, with Melinda orbing her presents to her before tearing into them. Finally the last present had been opened. The children were placed into the center of the living room to play with Melinda’s new toys while the adults cleaned up the paper from the gifts.

Just as they finished cleaning up, there was a swirl of blue and white lights and a pretty blonde woman of about twenty appeared in the Halliwell’s living room holding a small blue box.

“Who are you?” Piper asked, looking at the new-comer suspiciously.

The blonde smiled shyly. “H-Hello. My name is T-Tara. I-I’m a whitelighter.” She said. “I b-brought a p-present for Melinda.”

“Why would you bring Melinda a present?” Cole asked, “We don’t even know you.”

At the word ‘present’ Melinda looked up and seeing the little blue box in Tara’s hand she smiled and orbed it to her and pulled the lid off revealing a small charm bracelet that probably wouldn’t fit her for years as it was big enough to fit the wrist of a teenager.

“Melinda Prudence!” Piper scolded, “You shouldn’t just orb things out of people’s hands.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Tara said smiling, “It was for her anyway.”

Henry looked at the blonde, “Ya know, you still haven’t told us why you’d give Mel a gift when you don’t even know us; have never met us before, in fact.”

Tara looked a bit embarrassed, “Oh, sorry. Like I said, I’m a Wh-whitelighter. Melinda’s Whitelighter, actually, and I just wanted to m-meet her and thought it would be rude if I showed up without a gift.” She explained.

Phoebe looked a bit confused. “What do you mean, you’re Melinda’s Whitelighter? Why wouldn’t Leo be her Whitelighter?” She asked.

“The Elders don’t want Leo to be her Wh-whitelighter because they don’t really want to give him another charge that he would have a p-personal interest in beyond that of a Whitelighter to his charge. It’s also why he isn’t Wyatt and Chris’s Whitelighter, a-and why he won’t be Patience, or Ryder’s Whitelighter. Just as their Whitelighter won’t be Paige for the same reason.” She explained, her stutter fading as she got more comfortable and gained a bit more confidence, “Plus, They also feel that he has enough on his plate with being the Charmed Ones’ Whitelighter.”

“What do you mean Leo isn’t Chris or Wyatt’s Whitelighter? We all thought he was.” Paige questioned feeling a bit lost.

Tara shook her head sympathetically, “No, I’m sorry, he isn’t. Though, their Whitelighter is a pretty good friend of mine. Well, she is now, we didn’t really get along when we met.”

Piper was starting to get a bit angry. “Well, if my husband isn’t my sons’ Whitelighter, then who the hell is?” She demanded.

As soon as she finished her question there was a shower of white and blue sparkles and another blonde woman appeared in the living room next to the first. “That would be me.” She stated.

“And who are you?” Leo asked.

The newly-arrived blonde smiled. “My name is Darla. I’m Chris and Wyatt’s Whitelighter.” She told them. “You have very beautiful children. The boys actually remind me of my son, Connor. He has dark hair like Chris and blue eyes like Wyatt. He’s twenty now.” She smiled.

“How long have you been their Whitelighter? And why didn’t we ever know about you before?” Phoebe asked.

“I’ve been Wyatt’s Whitelighter for about four and a half years, since he was about six months and I’ve been Chris’s since birth. Wyatt didn’t have a Whitelighter until me because the Elders couldn’t decide who they wanted watching over him. But when I died they decided to have me watch over him. And you didn’t know about me, well, at first because the Elders didn’t want you to – don’t ask why I listened to them on that, I normally don’t listen to anyone – and then later because I didn’t figure that you would be real receptive to having a new Whitelighter around. And nothing has happened to the boys that has been serious enough for me to have to reveal myself in order to help.”

Leo looked at Darla with a bit of suspicion. “Why would the Elders give you someone as important as Wyatt for your first charge? Especially if they had spent six months trying to decide on one of the more experienced Whitelighters to assign to him?” He asked not trusting that the Elders would assign a freshly-dead Whitelighter to the Twice-Blessed Child.

Darla looked at him seriously, “Because I died sacrificing myself so that my son could live. That’s what earned me my spot as a Whitelighter. And what saved my soul.” She said.

“What do you mean? ‘Saved your soul’?” Cole asked, curious.

“I was a vampire,” Darla stated bluntly, “I was a vampire for over four hundred years, one of the most vicious ever, in fact, until my ensouled childe staked me in order to save his girlfriend’s life,” Here she flicked a quick glance at Melinda that went unnoticed by everyone but Tara, “Then, a few years later, in order to mess with my childe’s mind, an evil law firm brought me back…As a human. Only problem was that the first time I was human I was dying from a disease when I was turned; so when the firm brought me back I was once again dying of disease. I didn’t want that, so I tried to get my childe to turn me, make me back into the monster that I had been before. He wouldn’t do it.
He actually fought to get me another chance; it didn’t work though, as that was my second chance. It was my chance to atone and save my soul.
Just as I had accepted that, one of the lawyers from the firm showed up with my insane grandchilde and incapacitated my childe and made him watch as my grandchilde, his childe, drained me and turned me into a soulless monster once more.
Anyway, things happened and I left town, but ended up going back a few months later because something impossible was happening to me…I was pregnant, and my childe was the father.
That’s impossible, you know, two vampires having a child.
So, I was going completely insane because while I didn’t have a soul, my child did. And since he was in me, so was his soul. His soul was driving me insane.
When I went into labor I realized that since I was a vampire, and therefore dead, my body couldn’t deliver my baby. I realized that that baby was the only good thing my boy and I had ever done together and that he deserved a chance to live. So I staked myself. I sacrificed myself so that my son could live. I gave my unlife for his life.
And that single act saved my soul and earned me my wings so to speak.” The former vampire explained to her completely shocked audience.

“You were a vampire?” Henry asked, shocked at what they’d just heard.

Darla nodded.

“Twice?” He asked, clarifying.

Again, Darla simply nodded.

“So you are telling me that my sons’ Whitelighter is a vampire?” Piper asked in a falsely calm voice.

Darla shrugged, “Former vampire actually,” She said.

Piper looked at her husband. “Are the Elders completely NUTS?!?!?!?” She shrieked.

Tar finally spoke up once more, “Actually, Darla’s done a very good job so far. And it’s not like she’s a vampire now, she’s completely human now, well, Whitelighter Human at any rate, soul and all.” She said trying to reassure the hysterical brunette.

“Oh, well I guess that makes it all better then, right?” Piper questioned lashing out at the quiet blonde, “And what the hell were you before you died? A vampire? Demon? What?”

“Lesbian Witch, actually.” Tara said, “I was murdered while standing in my lover’s arms. I was hit by a stray bullet that was meant for a friend of mine. The guy shot off five rounds, two of which hit my friend, she lived though, and the other three were fired as he ran away. One went through our bedroom window and hit me in the back. It went straight through. I remember seeing my blood splatter on my lover’s shirt. Next thing I knew I was in this white space and these guys in robes were telling me that I was to be something called a Whitelighter, a Guardian Angel.” She briefly turned her gaze towards Melinda, smiling when she saw the one year old playing with the charm bracelet she had given her.

“Oh,” Piper said her anger dying down as she listened to the other woman speak about her death. “How long have you been Melinda’s Whitelighter?” She asked wanting to change the subject and willing to ignore Darla’s past for the time being.

“Since she was born,” Tara replied, “I’ve also been Patience and Ryder’s Whitelighter since they were born. Patience was my first charge, Melinda my second, and Ryder my third. They’re my only charges right now. Basically, Darla and I have been assigned to the next generation of Halliwells.”

Darla grinned, “Including the one you’re carrying right now.” She said looking at Phoebe, “I believe that one is to be my charge.”

Phoebe and Cole looked shocked. “What are you talking about?” Cole asked.

“Yeah, I’m not pregnant.” Phoebe stated.

Darla just kept grinning, “I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you,” She told them.

Cole and Phoebe looked at each other then down at Phoebe’s still flat stomach, then back at each other before grins broke out on both their faces.

After a moment Cole blinked as he realized something. He turned to look at Darla once more. “You said that you pretty much immediately became Wyatt’s Whitelighter when you died four and a half years ago, right?”

Darla nodded, “Yeah.”

“If you died giving birth to your son, then how is it that he’s twenty now?” The part-demon asked.

The former vampire smirked, “Noticed that did you? Connor was born four and a half years ago. When he was just a few months old he was kidnapped and taken to a Hell dimension called Quor-toth. A few months later he managed to find a way back from Quor-toth...And he was sixteen when he got back. Basically, time passes differently there than it does here and what was only a few months to us was sixteen years to Connor. He’s been back for four years now, making him twenty.” She explained to the curious family in front of her.

Cole’s eyes were wide. “Your son grew up in Quor-toth?!?!” He exclaimed. “That’s supposed to be one of the worst Hell Dimensions in existence! Holy shit!”

Darla grinned with pride and shrugged, “What can I say? My son’s got skills. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s the son of two vampires and has the strength, speed, agility, healing, and senses of a vampire. He’s basically a vampire who has a soul, a pulse, and a body temperature, and doesn’t spontaneously combust in direct sunlight.”

“Oh wow,” Paige said.

Piper looked over at her children and saw that Melinda was still playing with the gift she received from Tara. Having not seen what it was yet, she was a bit curious about it. She looked back over at Tara and saw that the shy blonde was watching the birthday girl with a look of fondness on her face. “Tara, what did you get Melinda?” She asked.

Tara looked over at the eldest Halliwell Witch and smiled, “I got her a charm bracelet. It’s mad entirely of silver, charms and all. And the charms on it all have very powerful protection spells placed on them.”

“What kind of charms are on it? It looks like there’s quite a few.” Phoebe inquired, interested what the Whitelighter would have put on her niece’s bracelet.

Everyone watched as Tara walked over to where Melinda was and crouched down and gently took the silver bracelet from her. The young girl gave it up without a fuss, intently watching the woman who was holding her gift.

“All of the charms represent something,” Tara said as she showed them the bracelet. “I can’t tell you what they represent, but you‘ll find out later in Melinda’s life. Let’s see, there’s the Triquetra, which I think is obvious, a stake, a cross, a scythe, an angel, a skeleton key, a book with a ‘G’ engraved on it, a Willow Tree, a railroad spike, a circle with ‘5 by 5’ engraved on it, a jester hat, a Scooby Doo, a phoenix, a book with a ‘W’ engraved on it, and a fang. I know there are a lot of weird charms on here but I promise that they’ll all make sense later.
Melinda’s a very special girl. She has a great destiny ahead of her.”

It had been a year since Buffy died and the Hyperion Hotel was in a very somber mood as its inhabitants remembered their fallen friend. The only person who wasn’t depressed was Wes and Fred’s two month old daughter, Lilian.
Fred and Wes had gotten married just two months before Buffy’s death; in fact, Buffy had been a bridesmaid at the wedding. Just over a year after they said their vows they welcomed their daughter, Lilian Cordelia Pryce, into the world.

A lot had changed in the last years for the former Scoobies and Fang Gang. They had all restarted Angel Investigations, though they had changed the name, much to the satisfaction of Xander and Spike. They were now operating under the name Champion Investigations. The name was chosen partly in remembrance of Buffy, who they all considered a true Champion, and partly because the agency was largely run by Champions for the Powers That Be. Angel, Faith, Connor, and Spike were all official Champions chosen by the Powers and Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Wes, and Fred had been fighting the good fight long enough that the others considered them honorary Champions.

The gang had also gained new member members in Lindsey McDonald and Daniel Osbourne a.k.a Oz. Lindsey had joined the Fang Gang for good when Eve had died at Wolfram and Hart during the battle against the Circle of the Black Thorn. About a month after the former Scoobies had moved into the Hyperion Lindsey had started up a tentative relationship with Faith which had grown rather serious over the last nine months; in fact, the two were engaged to be married and were expecting a baby in about six months.

Oz had shown up in L.A. while Wes, Spike, and Angel were in Rome for Buffy’s funeral. As soon as they had all arrived back, Oz had pulled Willow into his arms and just held her while she cried. He had been a big help to the redhead as she went through the healing process. About five months after moving to L.A. Willow and Oz started dating again, though everyone had seen it coming for quite some time. After six months of dating the werewolf again Willow announced that she was three months pregnant. She was due in five months.

Another new face around the hotel was Xander’s girlfriend of eight months, Caley Davies. Caley was a Slayer who had grown up in L.A. and was activated by Willow’s spell; she had been twenty-three at the time and was now twenty-six, about a year older than Xander. She had moved to Cleveland when the Slayers Council was created in order to train. A year later she was back in L.A. helping to keep the streets a bit safer from the supernatural. Caley and Xander had met one night during a patrol three months after Xander moved to L.A. and were dating a month later.

With Willow getting pregnant about two months before Fred gave birth to Lilian and Faith getting pregnant a month after Willow, there was a running joke at the Hyperion on about how long it would take before Caley or Dawn, who had been dating Angel’s son Connor for about seven months, got pregnant. Spike kept saying that it had better be a long time before “the Poof’s son got his Nibblet pregnant.”

It was about two hours after sunset and Angel, Connor, Dawn, Faith, Lindsey, Willow, Oz, Xander, Caley, Giles, Wes, Fred, and Spike were all lounging about in the lobby of the hotel when the front doors banged open and a beautiful woman with long dark hair wearing a Victorian-style dress stumbled in. Everyone jumped to their feet and pulled a stake from their boot, belt, or sleeve or off of the table in front of them. Wes stepped in front of Fred who was holding Lilian, Connor stepped in front of Dawn, Lindsey and Oz both stepped in front of their pregnant girlfriends, Xander moved up next to Caley, and Angel and Spike both took a few steps forward.

The woman looked around the room before her eyes landed on Angel. “Sire,” She gasped as she stumbled toward him, “Help me, Sire! They won’t hush, my Sire, they keep yelling and taunting and saying such cruel things.”

“What in the bleedin’ hell are you talking about, Dru? Your stupid stars? Or is it your dolls?” Spike asked as he looked at his Sire; there was something different about her, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Her insane ramblings were even making less sense than the last time he had seen her.

The woman, Drusilla, paused on her way toward Angel and turned her gaze to Spike. “My William,” She whispered. “My poor, sweet William. I made you into what you are, didn’t I? Turned you into a monster, a monster just like me. I am so sorry, Childe. Can you ever forgive me, My William?” She asked, choking on a sob as blood tears started coursing down her face and she turned back to her Sire, “Please help me, Sire.” She pleaded as she stared into his eyes, her gaze more focused than it had been in a long time, though still riddled with insanity.

“Oh my God!” Angel gasped as he stared into the eyes of his insane Childe.

Everyone else watched on in confused silence, shocked at the sight of tears the color of blood running down the woman’s face.

Angel slowly approached Drusilla, his eyes still locked on hers. When he reached her he slowly reached out to touch her face, “Who did this to you?” He whispered to her, gently whipping away her tears.

The dark haired woman slowly closed her eyes before answering, “Grandmummy did it.” She murmured so softly that Angel, even with his vampiric hearing, barely caught it, then reopened her eyes and once again locked gazes with the dark haired man, “She put the spark back, Sire, and it hurts so much. Help me, please, My Sire, help me.”

Angel drew her into his arms and gently rocked her as she started sobbing, “Shhh, it’s okay, Dru. I’ll help you, My Childe. I promise.” He led her over to the couch and sat down with her, the woman crawling into his lap and wrapping her arms around him. He simply wrapped his arms around her again and continued rocking her until she finally cried herself to sleep.

Everyone had settled back down into their seats while Angel and Drusilla had their hushed conversation. They all watched in shock as Angel pulled the insane vampiress into his arms and led her to the couch, let her crawl into his lap and then rocked her to sleep.

“Um, what the hell is going on?” Xander asked, “Why aren’t we staking her?”

“And why was she crying?” Faith added.

“Not to mention apologizing to me.” Spike said still slightly shocked by his Sire’s words to him.

Angel looked up at the rest of the gang, “She has a soul,” He told them softly.

“What?” Willow asked, “How?”

“I don’t know,” Angel said shaking his head, “She said Darla did it.”

“My Mother?” Connor questioned looking even more confused, “I thought she was dead.”

“She is.” Wes stated, “She dusted herself so that you could be born.”

Angel nodded his agreement, “Yeah, I saw her do it myself. I don’t understand this.” He said.

“Maybe she meant a different Darla?” Lindsey suggested.

“No, when I asked her who did it, she didn’t say ‘Darla.’ She said ‘Grandmummy.’”

Spike sucked in a sharp, unneeded breath, “So then the bitch is back.” He said.

Angel shook his head, “No, I don’t think so. If she were we would have known by now. And why would she give Dru a soul? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, maybe we can ask her when she wakes up later.” Fred said, “You know, if she’s capable of putting together a coherent sentence.”

Dawn piped up from her seat next to Connor, “You do realize that she is going to need some serious therapy, right? I mean, she was insane before she got her soul back; now, in addition to that, she has all the guilt from all of the horrible things she’s done. And I’m guessing the ‘They’ she kept mentioning is all of her past victims. It would make sense, with her being a Seer and all.”

“Oh dear, it’ll be worse than when Spike got his soul. He went insane from the voices he was hearing, though that was the First speaking, not actually his victims. Drusilla is actually hearing her victims, and like Dawn said, she was insane before the soul; Spike wasn’t insane until the soul.” Giles said.

“I think I could help her a bit, ya know, talk to her or whatever it is that she’ll need. I wasn’t exactly all there when I got back from Pylea, ya know.” Fred offered.

Willow nodded, “Yeah, I could help her some, too. I know talking about my guilt over killing Warren and trying to end the world helped a lot. Maybe it’ll help her to talk things out.”

“Wait a minute! Are you actually saying that we’re going to let her stay with us?!?! Hello! Evil, insane vampire! She killed Kendra! You can’t be serious about letting her stay here!” Xander exclaimed.

“She wasn’t always evil or insane, Xander. She was going to join a convent when she was human, she was like the complete opposite of evil; and I’m the reason that she’s insane.” Angel said. “She was a pure soul until I entered her life. Hell, her soul never did anything wrong, so it could still be pure.”

“Why don’t you take her upstairs and put her to bed? Maybe in your room, since it was you she came to for help. She’ll probably really out of it when she wakes up, if she manages to sleep through the night, that is. She’ll most likely wake up from a nightmare, so it would be good if she was in with you.” Spike said as he watched the dark beauty sleeping in his grandsire’s lap.

“Yeah, I think I will.” Angel replied as he stood up still holding his precious bundle. “You should probably stay with us too, you know. You were the only one who could ever make sense of her ramblings or calm her down when she had nightmares or really bad visions.”

Spike nodded, “Alright.” He stood up and followed the older vampire up the stairs to the bedroom to put his sire to bed and watch over her as she slept.

After Spike and Angel left the lobby Caley stood up, “Well, I’m going out on patrol. Anyone care to join me?”

Xander nodded and stood up, heading for the weapons cabinet.

“Sure, we’ll come with.” Dawn said as she and Connor stood up.

“Be careful you guys,” Faith said as the four headed out the door.

Once the patrol group was gone Wes stood up and took a sleeping Lilian from his wife’s arms. “Well, we’re off to bed.” He stated as Fred stood and they headed for the stairs.

“Us, too,” Oz said as he helped Willow to stand.

“Yeah, same here,” Faith replied as Lindsey helped her up.

“Yes, I believe I will turn in too.” Giles said as the group of five headed off towards their rooms, knowing that they needed their sleep as tomorrow would be a very hectic day.

So, what do you think? This chapter was 11 pages and 4,742 words long. Go me!

What do you all think of the pairings? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Let me know.

If anyone is wondering why I brought Darla back to life, well, I didn’t really want to make Tara everyone’s Whitelighter, plus why would the Elders let Leo be Chris and Wyatt’s Whitelighter, but not Melinda’s? So I needed someone to be their Whitelighter, which meant that I needed to bring in another dead character. And I kinda liked the idea of using Darla for the role.

Anybody have any guesses as to what the charms on Melinda’s bracelet represent? They all do stand for something, a couple of them for the same thing, but there is something for each charm.

Just to let you know, there will be quite a few original characters since I don’t see any of the adults going nearly 20 years without having kids. I already have names picked out for them and everything.

Chapters will most likely be one for each of Melinda’s birthdays until she turns 18 at which point the two groups will cross paths, or at least be very close to doing so.

Anyway, I really hope that you all enjoyed this chapter and I’ll try to get the next one out soon as long as the muses keep cooperating.

Please, please, please, please leave a review! I love seeing what you all think and what you like and don’t like.


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