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A Charmed Slayer

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Charmed Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy is killed in action & reborn with new powers & a whole new destiny. The Powers That Be prevent her from seeing anyone from her past life until her eighteenth birthday when a new enemy appears & Angel Investigations must find the ‘Reborn Champion.'

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Bloody Noses, Portals & Injuries

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Disclaimer: None of it is mine! If I owned any of these characters I would not be writing right now. All things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon and Charmed belongs to the WB and Constance M. Burge.

Summary: Buffy is killed in action and reborn with new powers and a whole new destiny. The Powers That Be prevent her from seeing anyone from her past life until her eighteenth birthday when a new enemy appears and Angel Investigations must find the ‘Reborn Champion.’

A/N: I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this out!! My biggest problem with this chapter was that it took me forever to find actors and actresses to play the part, so to speak, of the original characters in my art work for the story. But, I finally decided on a cast and therefore know how to describe the characters so I can finally write this chapter. Yay! I hope ya’ll like this!

A/N2: Let us all bow down to the brilliance that is TouchoftheWind, who provided the wonderful banner!


Chapter 5: Bloody Noses, Portals & Injuries

(July 2018)

“Aunt Dawn! Aunt Dawn!”

Dawn looked up as Faith and Lindsey’s eleven year old daughter Cassandra, or Andi for short, came running into her office.

“What is it, Andi? Is everything okay?” She asked as Andi practically slid to a stop in front of the desk.

“It’s Ami,” The brunette started, referring to Dawn’s ten year old daughter Amithi, “Her and Jesse were sparring and Jesse got a good hit in and gave Ami a bloody nose and now, well, there’s kind of a portal in the middle of the lobby.” Andi looked a bit sheepish as she finished.

Dawn’s eyes widened as she jumped up from her seat, racing out of the office and down the hall, Andi right behind her.

As she entered the lobby, Dawn let out a sigh of relief as she saw that the portal was slow-growing and not large enough for anything to cross through yet. Ami, Xander’s eleven year old son Jesse, Willow and Oz’s eleven year old daughter Luna and Fred and Wes’s twelve year old daughter Lilian all stood around the portal holding a weapon, ready to fight if anything escaped.

Dawn quickly crossed the lobby, and held out her hand toward Luna who handed over the dagger she had in her hands. Quickly cutting her palm, Dawn cupped her hand letting the blood pool a bit before tilting her hand over the portal and letting the blood drip into the swirling light. With a few muttered words in Latin, the portal slowly shrank and closed.

Once the portal disappeared Dawn turned to face the pre-teens surrounding her, all of whom were looking at her with expression somewhere between sheepish and innocent.

“Um, Sorry?” Amithi offered up questioningly.

Dawn just shook her head at them, “Come on, let’s get your nose cleaned up. You do realize that this means we’re gonna have to spend even more time working on your control so that you don’t open up any more unintentional portals, right?”

Ami let out a groan, “Aww, man!”

“You kids put up those weapons,” Dawn said to the others as she left the room with Ami.

A few minutes later, just as Luna was putting the now-clean dagger back into the weapons case the front doors to Hyperion swung open and Angel, Spike and Drusilla came in, Wes being held up between the two male Vampires. Right behind them was Lindsey, Xander, Faith, Fred, Connor, Willow and Oz. Faith had an arm wrapped around her ribs, Lindsey limping next to her, Xander had a gash on his forehead, Willow was being supported by Oz, Fred was cradling her wrist and Connor’s shirt was stained with blood from the cut on his side.

Various cries of “Mom!” and “Dad!” were heard throughout the lobby as the kids ran to the group entering the hotel. As the adults sat down on the couches and chairs in the room, Lilian quickly ran over to the front desk, grabbing the first aid kits out from behind it. After handing a kit to each of her friends she quickly moved to her father’s side, “What happened?” She asked as she started checking him over.

“He’ll be fine, just a bump on the head. He had a rather nasty meeting with a wall,” Drusilla said as she sat down nearby.

Lilian nodded, “Concussion, then,” She said before moving on to her mom, gently taking Fred’s hand and lightly prodding her wrist, “I think it’s just a mild sprain, should be good as new in no time, but I’m gonna wrap it just in case.” The brunette quickly pulled and ace bandage out of her first aid kit, quickly but efficiently wrapping her mom’s wrist.

Jesse was sitting next to his dad, gently applying antiseptic to the gash on Xander’s forehead. “Not too bad, it won’t need stitches,” He said, amber-brown eyes meeting his dad’s chocolate gaze as he put a gauze pad over the cut, taping it down securely.

“Your Mom’s just tired,” Oz said to Luna, meeting the redhead’s worried blue eyes. “She’ll be fine once she gets some rest.”

Luna just nodded and moved on to Connor who was already being helped by Angel. The two had already gotten Connor’s shirt off and were gently cleaning the wound on his side.

Connor looked up as she approached, “Where’s Dawn and Ami?” He asked, having not seen the two when he entered the lobby.

“Aunt Dawn’s cleaning up Ami’s bloody nose,” Luna replied, “Jesse got in a good hit during a sparring session a little while ago. And with the extra strength he got from Aunt Caley being a Slayer, there was quite a bit of blood.” The red head lowered her voice as she spoke of the recently deceased Slayer. Caley had died just over three months earlier when she was ambushed while on patrol; she had lived just long enough to kill her attackers and make her way back to the hotel, less that two blocks away, and say a tearful goodbye to her husband and son. “Um, there was actually a portal in the lobby for a few minutes before Andi got Aunt Dawn and she closed it. Nothing got out though,” She added in a normal volume.

Faith smiled at Andi, “Just a few bruised ribs for me and a twisted ankle for your dad,” She assured the girl. Andi nodded, relief showing in her brown eyes, so like her mother’s.

Just then, Dawn and Amithi reentered the room. “Wow, we’re gone for five minutes…” Dawn said as she shook her head and headed toward her husband of eleven and a half years, “What happened?” She asked as she looked at the cut on Connor’s side. “That’s gonna need stitches,” She added as she grabbed the kit that Luna held out to her.

Connor smiled at his wife, “I’m fine, didn’t quite dodge quick enough and my side made friends with a sword.”

“Ahh, of course,” Dawn nodded as she threaded a needle before setting to work. “Just once, I’d like for you to come home from a fight without blood all over you.”

“But if I did that, you wouldn’t recognize me when I walked in the door,” Connor joked, amusement shining in his blue eyes.

The Key merely shook her head at him as she finished stitching him up.

“Hey there, Baby Bit,” Spike said as he walked over to Amithi. “Heard you opened a portal while we were gone.”

“It was an accident!” Amithi exclaimed, “And anyway, I can totally blame it on Jesse, he’s the one who gave me the bloody nose!”

“Hey!” Jesse protested, “It’s not my fault that your Mom is an inter-dimensional Key and you inherited some of her Key-ness!”

The adults watched in fond amusement as the two bickered back and forth, Andi, Luna and Lilian joining in as well. This was what they fought for.


Yay! Another chapter done! I hope you liked it!

Also, there is now a Companion Story to this called ‘A Charming Interlude.’ It’s about a character that I will be bringing in next chapter. It’s an explanation of what they’ve been up to the last 15 or so years because bringing this character in in the next chapter will completely contradict something that I said earlier in this story. I hope you go check it out! Its completely finished and will be posted over the next 3 weeks while I write the next chapter for this story. So, go read it and let e know what you think!

This chapter was 4 pages and 1,155 words long.

Please leave a review and let me know what you think!

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