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The Way The Ball Bounces

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Summary: Sunnydale High has restarted their tennis club. The guys thought it was a waste till they found out they can travel around so they sign up. Kari shows her amazing talent that takes them to this Japanese school to challange them for who the best was.

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Anime > Prince of TennisLadyOfTheRingsFR1533,438011,3582 Jun 037 Dec 03No

Seigaku vs Sunnydale

Title: The Way The Ball Bounces

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I own niether Btvs or Prince of Tennis!

Feedback: It's cool if you send it or not, Enjoy the fic!

Rating: R for some swearing, violence, and intimate moments.

Crossover: Btvs/Prince Of Tennis

Summary: Sunnydale high has restarted there tennis club. The guys thought it was a waste till they found out they can travel around so they sign up. Kari shows her amazing talent that takes them to this Japanese school to challange them for who the best was.

Pairing: Dawn/Fuji Willow/Kaidoh Kari/Echizen

Chapter Three

Meanwhile at Seigaku.........

"Here are the players we are to compete against" said there coach "Momoshiro and Kawamura you play against Tyler Bryans and Sarah Jennings a senior and Junior" They looked at her

"Alright" Momo said "Oishi and Eiji you play Xander Harris and Dawn Summers both Sophmores" Oishi just smiled while Eiji put a thumb up grining. "Fuji you play against Willow Rosenberg Sophmore"

He just smiled "Kaidoh you will play Cordeila Chase a Junior" "sssss" was all he said and "Echizen you will play Kari Kikumaru freshman" everyone was shocked.

"My sister is here?" said Eiji shocked "Yes she went to stay with some friends in america" she said from the info they got. Echizen was smirking evilly. "You need to raise your limits for the match is tommorrow"

Everyone was working there hardest for the match was tommorrow so they gave all the had in pratice. Then they took a good night's rest for what was to come the next day.

Everyone was gearing up after signing in. Sunnydale was standing outside the fence just waiting for there turn. Kari was not even paying attention to them really. She was watching the all the players.

The first couple of matches was intense as the schools played there hardest. Between Fundmine and Hyotei, Fundmine next up was them after such a loong wait. Tyler and Sarah were up in doubles.

They played well but lost in the end. Then it was Xander and Dawn who were doing a great job till Eiji pulled out his acrcobatic play and they lost. They had a break before entering in the singles match.

"Man these guys are tough" said Xander still breathing hard from the game. "Yeah we haven't won yet" said Sarah. "Don't worry we still got our ace" said Tyler to them as they looked at Kari who was sleeping on the grass far from them.

"So Wills you up to winning this for us?" asked Xander she looked at him "Yeah I'll give it my all" she said and Tyler put his hand on her shoulder "That's all we ask we got this far" they all smiled.

Willow was a very good player and she lasted quite long but she sliped up on one shot and they lost. "You did good Willow were proud of you" said the coach as she joined her team.

Next was Cordy she was a little more advanced then them she had lesson since she was ateen. She was holding a good game with Kaidoh but he finally perfected his Boomarang Snake and won the match.

She came back "Man they must train everyday or something" she said through breathes of air. "Kari your up" she said over to the tree as she lefted her cap from her face.

"Singles Echizen and Kikumaru, Kikumaru's serve" said the ref. She served the ball and then ran for it. Echizen smiled and hit it hard the other way. In a split second she springed the other way and hit the ball and made a point. "15-0" said the ref and Seigaku and everyone else was stunded she got a ball past Echizen.

After that it was a battle of whose the strongest. With every shot Echizen made she countered it with something. They were both having fun, this is what they called tennis.

Of Course Echizen got some point too. They were rallying when she said "Even though my team has lost this match doesn't mean I will.....not yet" said and his eyes got big she said the same thing he always said but in english.

Then she really amazed everyone when she brought out her acrobatic play. They were all stunded. "Of course you would have that ability your Eiji's sister" he said smirking and she smirked back.

While they were playing the team was talking. "Our boy will lose" said Eiji. They all looked at him stunded. "How do you know that?" asked Momo "Cause ever since we were little she had the ability to copy a move exactly that it was like who ever she played was playing against themself." he said and they were amazed.

"So she has an eye for copying?" said Inji "It's only that if she wants she can change your moves entirely to fit her needs based on her pure talent on tennis." They were amazed at his sister and her talents at the sport. When they heard over by Sunnydale's side they were calling her 'hime'.

"So she's the princess, huh?" said Momo listening to them. "Princess meet Prince" he said as everyone heard him and some what smiled."This will be a match to remember" said Kaidoh.

Echizen tried to do his Drive B when she hit it and it sliced a mark on the court gaining point. They awed and he looked at her "Drive N" she said smiling. He smirked at her.

She was just playing some mean tennis till finally "Game and Set match Kikumaru/Sunndyale" They all amazed how she beat him they came to the net and shook hands "Your pretty good" she said to him "You are too for a girl" she just smiled and so did he.

Seigaku won the match of course "You all have played a good game" said Tezuka to Shawn there captain. "Thank you we try" he said "You are welcome to play us anytime" he said to them "We'll remember that" he said as they left the court to all go back to the hotel for some rest.

They were all in there rooms chatting and partying for they came this far and were complamented at the match by a strong school. "So Dawn what are you going to do now?" asked Xander who was stuffing a twinkle in his mouth.

"I don't know, but what really amazed me Kari I didn't know you had a brother here" she said to her as she turned around "Oh yeah I do, he's so silly you seen him" she said smiling in a good mood.

Everyone is looking at her now "Who was he?" asked Sarah curious. "He goes to the school that we lost to" she said and they were surprised. "Really?" said Cordy "Yeah I'm going to go to sleep early see ya" she said "She did that on purpose to not answer our questions about her brother" said Tyler and they laughed the night away having fun.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Way The Ball Bounces" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 03.

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