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The Way The Ball Bounces

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Summary: Sunnydale High has restarted their tennis club. The guys thought it was a waste till they found out they can travel around so they sign up. Kari shows her amazing talent that takes them to this Japanese school to challange them for who the best was.

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The Way The Ball Bounces

Title: The Way The Ball Bounces

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I own niether Btvs or Prince of Tennis!

Feedback: It's cool if you send it or not, Enjoy the fic!

Rating: R for some swearing, violence, and intimate moments.

Crossover: Btvs/Prince Of Tennis

Summary: Sunnydale high has restarted there tennis club. The guys thought it was a waste till they found out they can travel around so they sign up. Kari shows her amazing talent that takes them to this Japanese school to challange them for who the best was.

Pairing: Dawn/Fuji

The guys were at lunch when Xander said "Man this first week of school is going to
be so slow" he complained to them.

"He's right the week is moving a little slow" said Buffy argeeing with as
she was drinking her soda.

"It will get faster guys don't worry" said Will once again gun-ho about school.

"Yea your right, but right now I gotta get back to class before they know I was in here instead of the bathroom" said Xander "Okay see ya" said Buffy and he left.

The bell rang and they all left the cafe for there next class."Man this is going to be ugly" said Xander as he came up behind them. "Math huh?" said Wills "Yea see ya" he said and left.

The bell sounded and everyone was leaving while Buffy and Will walked out talking when Xander came running out bummed as always after math class his worst subject.

"Xander cheer up I'll help youwith your math" said Will as he became happy once more.

"Thanks Wills, so what are we doing tonight?" he said and Buffy looked at him "Bronze?" she said, he thought "Bronze" they all argeed and walked home talking about plans and such for there night out at the bronze.

They were at the club having a good time, actually Buffy was, she was
dancing while Xander was trying to get some girl to dance with him.

Willow was sitting at there table watching everyone pass by drinking her soda. "Hey you look bored, how come?" said Kari as she sat down next to Wills.

"Oh no not really you know just the usual" said Wills and Kari just shook her head "Oh I see, so your going to help Xander with his math right?" she said and she looked at her.

"Yea how did you know?" she laughed "Cause today in class he choked so please help him" she said smiling "Oh sure" she said now understanding what she meant.

Xander came back over "Kari what are you doing here?" he asked after sitting down. "Oh I was just dancing a while ago you know relaxing" she paused "Oh do you guys want a drink?" She asked.

"Yeah that would be great, thanks" said Wills brighting up "Yeah thanks Kari" said Xander smiling "Sure" she said as she left for the bar to get the drinks.

The guys didn't leave to Bronze till 1 am, as they had to get home and Buffy did a quick sweep of the place for vamps and headed home for school tommorrow.

They were all in English class nobody paying attention to the teacher when the assisant Pricipal came over the intercom "I have a few things that need to be said"

She said as she talked on about the change in the cafe food, and the snack bar. Nothing really special as everyone was back to not listening when she said at the end.

"Oh and since we were checked on last time the school board has now let us start up this new program to join come to the student affairs office for details that is all" she said and then class continued as usual.

At lunch the guys were talking about the resent demon Buffy killed when "What was that program the assi pricipal was talking about?" asked Xander

"I don't know, we got time you want to go see?" said Wills. "Sure we got nothing else better to do" said Buffy as they throw there trash away and went to the student affairs office.

They walked in and looked at the wall of all the activities they had when Wills said "Here it is" she told them and they looke at when she pointed to. "Tennis?!" Xander said "Yeah, but why would Sunnydale High need with tennis?" said Buffy when a office aide said

"We'll they said they want to compete against other school again cause it's been so long they started back up again" she told them.

"Will anyone join?" asked Xander "I don't know, if they do they get to travel to whatever school there playing that's the benfit they tell me" she said smiling at them. Will glances back at the sheet

"It looks so blank" "Yes cause it's new but it should have a couple of people on it in a couple of weeks" she said "Ah" said Xander as the bell rang "Dang we'll let's go to the library to get this over with" groaned Buffy as they walked out.

"Man so what are we going to do till then?" asked Xander after Giles was done with his speech. "Well right now we research and keep an eye open for anything out of the norm then usual"

He said cleaning his glasses. "Sure we'll I gotta to go home, will you guys be alright?" Kari asked "Yeah Thanks Kari" said Buffy "Sure later guys" she said left then to research the rest of the night.

It took the guys a total of four days before they decided to join the tennis club. They were in history about to take a test when a voice came over the loud speaker.

"Will all the people who signed up for the tennis club be excused to the court outside were about to start tryouts" Buffy was smiling big cause was able to get out the test. They got up and grabbed there things and left for the court.

"Whew, glad I signed up" said Xander "I was about to take that math test I told you about Wills" she just smiled at him.

"Good thing we did sign up it was a life saver I didn't even study for that quiz" said Buffy as they got to the court where there was a big crowd of students in there regular clothes.

They called each student one by one to tryout their skills at hiting the ball in a chosen area and such. The group began to get smaller and smaller as the tryouts went on.

"Ok the ones who didn't tryout will try again tommorrow" said one of the judges and the all left for home as the bell rang.

"Wow that was intense" said Buffy "You kill demons and Vamps and tennis is intense?" said Will smiling "Yea cause I don't have to run THAT much" she complained.

"Hey guys heard you were trying out for tennis" "Yeah Kari were did and we were in the top 10" said Xander proudly.

"Really so you can play nice, so you going to the one tommorrow?" she asked "No we have to go back to class since we already tried out" said Dawn and Buffy to her as she laughed at them as they told her all that happened that day with everyone and there tryout.

A week went by since they went to tryouts and completely forgot for they had some demons to deal with.

When the intercom came on for the afternoon announcements. "The tryouts are over and here are the people who made the cut" she paused everyone was listening.

"Sarah Jennings/Junior, Tyler Bryans/Senior, Cordelia Chase/Junior, Xander Harris/Sophmore, Willow Rosenberg/Sophmore, Dawn Summers/Sophmore, Kari Kikumaru/Freshman Congrats to you all we will have our first match in three weeks so be prepared" after that the whole school was in an uproar.

In the cafe at lunch was loud with people talking about things some were talking about the annoucements. "Wow we got picked, now we have to pratice for this match" said Will happy.

"Yeah that's easy if we can defeat demons then tennis should be a piece of cake right" said Xander reasoning. "Right so you want to practice after school?" asked Will as they made plans to practice for this match.
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