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Chronicle of Events for Furyans

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Furyans". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Chronicle of Events that runs side beside with The Furyans.

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriesfeekhFR71958122,29818 Oct 0618 Oct 06Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or the Chronicles of Riddick. This is just a little aid to help me write and let you know what has been happening in my verse. Seeing as it is turning into a mammoth project.

Chronicle of Events

2003 Closing of the Sunnydale Hellmouth

2004 Founding of the Council of Slayers and Watchers

2005 Council expands to include the Confederation of Wiccans, led by one Willow Rosenberg

Angel and Spike, the hero of the battle Sunnydale, perish in the battle with the Circle of the Black Thorn

The Council erects a monument in honour of the fallen of the Battle for Sunnydale. Angel and Spike are commemorated in a special service.

2006 Xander Harris weds Rona the Slayer in a private ceremony in Cleveland

Faith Wilkins and Robin Wood elope to Vegas

2007 Xander Harris’ first slayer Cecily dies saving a group of pre-schoolers from a Vortosh demon. She is buried with full honours in the Council memorial gardens.

2008 Willow Rosenberg gives birth to her first born son. Father unknown.

2013 Faith Wood is killed by the Mastervampire Estrella of Seattle. She leaves behind a daughter, Hope and is buried with full honours.

2014 Robin Wood is killed in battle and interred in the Memorial Gardens

2016 Rona Harris is slain. She is survived by her husband and three children.

2017 The Council opens the Joyce Summers Primary School and the Jana Calderash High School on Council Grounds to provide an education for the slayer’s and watcher’s dependants.

2018 Buffy and Dawn Summers return to Cleveland for good. Buffy takes over as head trainer in the Slayer Program.

2026 Cho-Ahn, last surviving member of the Sunnydale sits, is killed battling the Beast of Bodmoor.

2043 Rupert Giles, head councilman, dies in his sleep. He is succeeded by unanimous vote by Andrew Wells.

2046 Xander Harris is lost in action while defending his fifth slayer from a Quor’Toth demon. He is commemorated with full honours beside his wife.

2047 Willow Rosenberg expends herself closing the world’s Hellmouths. She is survived by four children.

Buffy Summers disappears for two years on a worldwide demon hunt

2072 The world learns of demons. Civil war breaks out in the AustralAsian and American Federations

Sales of personal weapons reach an all-time high

The American Government awards Buffy Summers the Medal of Honour for risking her life above and beyond the call of duty. Faith Wood, Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg and Rupert Giles are awarded the Medal of Honour posthumously. The sits, Andrew Wells, Anya Jenkins, Robin Wood and Dawn Summers all receive the Distinguished Service Cross.

2073 Andrew Wells dies, survived by his wife of ten years Dawn Summers. No surviving children.

2074 The African Federation of Humans declares war on the Free Republic of Namibia, stating that its demon-friendly policies are an affront to humanity.

2076 Buffy Summers and Hope Wood-Harris, chairman of the Council, move the Council and all its dependants to a secure location off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

2094 The Chinese Federation declares war on the American Federation

2096 World War Three is in full swing as AustralAsia sides with China while The European and Russian Federations side with America. The Eastern front, where the majority of fighting is taking place, is beyond the Ural mountains in the Western Siberian Planes.

2097 The Chinese and AustralAsian allies launch a nuclear strike against the capital of Europe, Brussels, effectively ending European Resistance.

The Council aims to remain neutral throughout, although some of the slayer’s progeny join various armed forces.

2112 The American Federation and the Chinese Federation declare peace and start a joint project entitled ‘The Human Ark’. Scientists warn that Earth’s Atmosphere might fail within the century.

2148 The first ark, Prometheus, leaves Earth’s atmosphere setting a course for Proxima Minor. On board are 100,000 carefully chosen settlers and the entire Wiccan branch of the Council of Slayers.

2172 Nuclear winter sets in. The last all human ark, Pandora, leaves Earth’s atmosphere carrying the remaining members of the Council of Slayers. The expedition is led by Dawn Summers-Wells. Their heading is the dogstar Sirius. Buffy Summers remains behind to facilitate the evacuation of the demon population.

2173 The last two demon arks leave earth on an unknown heading followed swiftly by Buffy Summers herself.

2174 Earth’s atmosphere stabilises. Nature quickly reclaims what has been left behind by humans.

2182 After ten years in hyperspace the Council settles a planet in the Sirius system. In absence of a demon threat, the Council disbands and a democratically elected Senate Of Elders takes its place. Buffy Summers refuses a position, however her sister Dawn Summers-Wells accepts the honorary position of Speaker.

2254 Buffy Summers leaves Cesaro to ‘check up’ on the other human planets

2281 Doria in the star system Alpha Centauri declares war on its sister planet Sparta. It is the first step in a series of interplanetary wars of acquisition that only ends in

2296 with the Battle for the planet Olmek. The Olmekan defence forces are led by Buffy Summers and a force of 1000 Cesarons. The Dorian attack force is drastically decimated and sues for peace. However, it is not a lasting peace as the universe falls back into a state of war. In the following years countless planets are devastated, communication falls to practically nil and life standards fall below the levels attained immediately after the initial exodus.

2305 A great Coalition of planets is finally able to end the war, after a previously small and unimportant planet, Haven, almost managed to achieve what all had been striving for; the complete subjugation of known space. In an effort to prevent Haven from ever being in the same position harsh measures are imposed on the devastated population.

2325 The son of Haven's previous president, killed in the galactic war, is voted in as lifetime president, adopting the title of his one-time mentor the Lord Marshal. He proves to be the first of many dictators in Haven's history, bringing their economy back online and reintegrating into galactic society. Only Cesaron continues to harbour doubts as to Haven's intentions.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chronicle of Events for Furyans". This story is complete.

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