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The Vacation With Secrets

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Summary: The guys go on a vacation. Where new problems have arisen and the fun has just begun

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredLadyOfTheRingsFR1524,211031,7812 Jun 037 Dec 03No

Chapter Two

Title:The Vacation With Secrets
Author: Lady of the Rings
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything!!
A/N: Sorry for any mistakes!

Buffy put on something and ran downstairs to the kicthen where she heard the voices of the guys. "Buffy what's wrong?" asked Willow concerned.

"Oh my god you would never guess what I found in my bag?!" she said shocked and confused.

"What?" asked Bryn she put it on the table and they all looked at it but Bryn was the first to say it "A Marriage Certificate?"

"Yeah but that's not the worse part look at the date!" she said shouting and pacing. "March 25, 2001" said Xander "That was the day we left from our vacation in England" said Willow still trying to put things together.

"Buffy please tell me that this isn't what happened to you?" asked Xander. "It looks like it" she replied still pacing.

"Ok well even though it's late let go check in with Giles about this" said Bryn "Yeah that's a good idea let's do that come one buffy" said Willow as they left for Giles place.

They knocked and he got up from him book to get the door. He opened it "What's wrong?"

He asked as the only come over that late if
something's wrong. "Can we come in" Bryn asked "Yes of course" he said as they all walked in and sat down.

"We'll ......" The explained why they were there and needed his help. After about an hour Giles was drinking some scotch.

"Alright then all I can do is say that this can't be fixed,but it happens seeing as how we were in the chaptel district" he said taking another drink of scotch.

"So you had a one night-stand it's common but I am disappointed in you lot for that but we might be able find a way to fix it" he said sighing heavly. "Are you sure it's just Buffy that is like this?" he asked and they nodded.

"Okay we'll deal with this tommorrow since it's Saturday but I want you all to learn from this" he said. "We will believe me we will" said Buffy.

As they left his place to go back home. They were walking in the hallway to there rooms when Buffy said to them before they parted for there room.

"Thanks guys" "No problem Buff" Xander said "Oh and just as a hunch check your bags too just to be safe." They looked at her "Kay night Buffy" said Willow as they all went in there rooms and went to sleep finally.


The guys were up in the living room when they heard a scream. They looked up to the stairs then heard one of them running down the stairs.

"What's wrong Xander?" asked Willow "I remembered what Buffy said last night and cause I was bored I did" he said pausing "I checked my bag and found this?!" he said losing control of his voice.

Will took it and read it "Another marriage certificate?!" she said looking amazed "How?" said Bryn. "I don't know but I want you and Will to go check your things right now cause I have a feeling we all have one" he said to them. "Okay be back" said will as they both went to check.

Giles Place..........

"How is this possible, you all have certificates?!" he said stunded more then mad. They looked ashamed "We don't know it just happened" said Buffy.

"And we don't even know these people or where to contact them" said Xander.

"We'll all I know is that were going to have to find them" said Giles to them "So we going back to England?" asked Willow softly to him.

"Yes for it is called for, we must find these people you have gotten in trouble with." he said sighing drinking again. "Ok when do we pack?" asked Buffy.

"I suggest tonight would be good" he told them and they all nodded and with that left his place after they discussed they details.


"Do you think we'll find these people?" asked Xander to Buffy. "I don't know Giles said he had a friend who would help us" she said as they walked into the airport lobby.

"Alright just follow me and well be fine for now" he said an then continued to walk so they followed.

They caught a cab witch took them to a hotel where they checked in. "Ok in to morning were taking a train so don't unpack" he said and went through the joining door into his room.

They just fell out tired of walking so they found something to do or just went to sleep.

Hogwarts School.........

They guys were just looking at the big place as Giles went to talk to an old friend. "What kind of place is this?" Xander asked.

"I don't know, but it big and pretty" said Buffy as they waiting a lounge room.

"When do you think Giles will be done talking to his friend?" asked Buffy to Wills. "He said he would only be a while" she said bored.

"Man this place is giving me the wiggins a bit" said Xander and they nodded there head agreeing.

"This place is a place of magic and mystery" said Bryn looking around when "Very good observant my dear" she turned and the looked ahead Giles was with a old man.

"Who are you?"she asked "Oh how rude of me I'm Albus Dumbledore HeadMaster of Hogwarts" he said smiling . "Ok I'm Bryn that's Xander, Buffy, and Willow my friends as you already know Giles" she said going to them.

They got them in another part of the castle as they were going to be staying there for the moment.

The others wanted to stay in the room for now so Will and Bryn had to explore on there own witch wasn't a problem with Bryn as the parted ways.

Bryn was walking about the school when she heard the bell ring and students came out of class going past her.

She heard some students talking about her talking bad to Snape. She was smirking they were all going to know that by the end of the day she had a feeling.

She was going to go to her room when three boys came up to her "So you have guts, I admire that in a woman" she turned to see who said that "And your name is?" she said sweetly evil chords dripped her words.

He closed his eyes briefly as she spoke "Draco Malfoy" he said huskly and breatheless. "Um nice name, be seeing ya Malfoy" she said as she started to walk away.

"I didn't get your name?" he said to her "I didn't give it" she said over her shoulder as she went down the hall. "Yes be seeing you indeed" he said and the other two smirked as they walked to class.

Bryn came in the dorm and sadly enough they were still in the common. "Did you even leave?" she said "Yeah we did" said Xander "We went looking around, we just got back what you do?" Asked Will.

"I bad mouthed a teacher and talked to this interesting boy though not my type but still, he reminds me of a mini Spike" she said
laughing. "Spike?" Buffy said "Yeah scary huh?"
she said still laughing.

They looked at the clock "Hey let's go eat lunch with the kids" said Bryn. "Yeah that sounds like a good idea, You coming?" said Will as she got up to follow Bryn out the portrait.

"Naw not really hungry right now, Xan?" Buffy said to Xander. "Nah I was to sleep some before I eat" he said sheepishly. "Okay we'll then well see you guys later" said Bryn as they left.

Will and Bryn were walking into the great hall and sat down at an empty space at a table. "So are you still looking for him?" Bryn asked Will.

"Some what, I don't want to go and ask each an every boy here there name to see if they match" she said with a sigh cause that would be impossible.

Then Dumbledore got up "I have something to annouce will these students follow me for I have a project I want you to tend to" he said pausing as the students started talking.

"Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter and Oliver Wood follow me" he said and was walking out of the great hall.

When he saw Will and Bryn and stopped "Tell your friends to all wait for us in your common room" he said.

"Yes professor" Bryn said and he just smiled at them as he continued on ward with the chosen students.

"We must go" said Will as they left the great hall while everyone was still eating.

Snape was watching the girls slip out along with Dumbledore. he thought as he just watched the students eat.

They walked back to the common room beating Dumbledore. "Guys get ready Dumbledore is coming with some people here in a mintue" said Will to them as Bryn was looking at herself in the mirror above the fireplace.

"Here? Now?" Buffy said "Oh no I look a mess" She said as she ran to change real quick. "Me too" Xander said following her lead and ran to his room.

Will just sighed "You would think they would change but nope they stay the same." said Bryn siill messing with her hair.

The portrait opened and they came in "Oh I see you got here before us" he said smiling. "Yeah I found a short cut couple of days ago to get here quick" said Bryn proudly.

"Yes I see, where are your other companions?" he asked as Bryn sat on the arm of the sofa.

"There upstairs changing they'll be down in a moment" said Will pausing "What is this all about
Mr.Dumbledore?"she finished.

"Wait till your friends are present for me to begin." he said as everyone took a seat.

Buffy and Xander came racing down the stairs "Oh your here" she said walking to the guys. They both sat down when Dumbledore started to talk.

"Now since everyone is here we will begin" was all anyone of them processed as he went throught the story that brought them all to this room.

It was nothing but silence in that room as they absorbed all that info in. "I gotta go lay down cause this is too much" said Bryn as she left for her room.

"Are you sure these are them? These people are the names on the certificates?" asked Willow softly.

"I am completely sure, but this must not get out for it might end badly" he said "We'll should we spend time together or something?" asked Xander still shocked.

"I believe that would be wise but only come here, not out there" he said as he was making his leave.

"I take my leave then I hope you all become comfortible with each other soon" and he left them there.

"We'll I guess we got our work cut out for ourselves" said Buffy. "I think we'll start coming here when ever we have free time" said Oliver as he got up.

"Yeah we just start out simple, this will get out by the end of the school year for sure" said Ron.

"He's right, so right now let's just be on guard and take it a day at a time" voiced Hermoine. "Yeah" most of them argeed and they went back to there houses.

"Oh your kidding me" said Bryn after she came back down "Just great now I'm attached with a shy person"

"It's ok at least you don't have to be with that brainy girl" said Xander pouting. "Great so the people were married to we don't want, this is going to be just lovely" said Willow.

They were all out and about of the castle. Willow was in the library she liked spending time with Hermoine.

Xander was out talking to Hagrid he thought he was cool. Buffy was in Mcgonagall's class cause she wanted to sit in on it.

Bryn was in Potions she was watching what was going on in there. She was seated in between the Slytherin and Gryffindors. They were brewing potions when a Gryffindor asked Bryn a question.

Snape of course heard whispering "No whispering! I want quiet in my class Mrs.Ravens" he said looking at her. "Whatever" she said as she glanced at him.

"Best mind your tongue little miss while your in my class" he said.

"I didn't know my tongue had a mind, but since you think it has one wanna see how talented it is?" some gasped and so did Snape but noone saw it but her.

He went back to his work and she smirked. she thought as the group continued there work thought Draco was smirking.

"Bryn you need to stop acting like that, you hung around Spike too long" said Buffy.

"What? Do I always have to be good? You know I'm not like that but if they walk into it I have ta" she said smiling as her accent slipped through.

"You know, I want you to go to that boy and show him your true self cause your not evil" said Will "Unless provoked" Xander replied scared.

"That time wasn't my fault" she said to him. "Ok the point is that you have a sweet boy and I don't want you to mess this up" said Buffy.

"What about you Buffy, will you show him that your a sweet girl just strong willed?" Bryn asked and she blushed

"Or Will? Xander? You can't ask me to do something like be myself if your not going to do it" she said reasoning with them. "We'll do it too" said Xander.

"All that time with Spike is going to be the death of us" said Buffy smirking. "We'll one thing at a time luv" she said smirking as they groaned. She did that on purpose cause they hate it when she talks like him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Vacation With Secrets" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 03.

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