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The Vacation With Secrets

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Summary: The guys go on a vacation. Where new problems have arisen and the fun has just begun

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredLadyOfTheRingsFR1524,211031,7812 Jun 037 Dec 03No

The Vacation With Secrets

Title:The Vacation With Secrets
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer:I own neither BTvS or HP!!!!
Feedback: Do I have to ask? =^_^=
Summary: The guys go on a vacation. Where new problems have arisen and the fun has just begun
Rating: R
Pairing: Just have to read to find out! *grin*
Author's Note:This is an AU fic cause everyone is going to be set up differently. Pretend that there in high school and there taking a trip away from Sunnydale cause they need a break. Dawn is not the key she is Buffy's blood sister.Giles is still there and Spike doesn't have a soul just his chip and no Anya. The Hp gang go cause it was a highlight in muggle life and needed to get away from there community for a while.


Room 314

Buffy was starting to wake up and when she did she had a spliting headache as she grabbed her head. she thought as she just layed there for a moment.

When she opened her eyes again to look around she found herself in a dimly lit room witch was good for her head as it was killing her and bright lights would hurt about now.

She was about to get out of bed when he hand brushed up against something warm. She felt around for what it was and then looked around for the source of the warm thing.

It was a shoulder and more to the point a male shoulder?! she thought shouting at herself witch only served to make her head hurt worse. she said trying come up with a reason she was there.

At that moment she didn't have much time to think as her partner waking up and appeared that he had a headache too. He started to get up slowly when felt the bed move.

he thought when he looked over the bed and saw all these clothes. he thought as he saw woman's clothes on the floor while still holding his head.

Buffy thought that it should be a good time as any to try and get some anwsers "Um what happened?" she asked softly and he froze when he heard her.

He looked around at her still holding his head. "Um I don't remember" he said to her. "Well I don't either all I remember is the party at the bar"she said trying not to talk so loud. "Same here" he said.

She looked over on the night stand beside him for the time. she thought as she tried to get up quickly with the cover wrapped around her without getting more of a headache.

"I have to go" she said in a rushed voice as she raced for the bathroom with her picked up clothes. He just looked at her as she did all that and then disapeared in the bathroom.

Room 345

Xander had just opened his eyes as the sun floored them and he closed them again groaning. He turned over on his stomach to go back to sleep when his hand fell on something smooth and warm.

Still in a sleepy state he ran his hand up and down the smooth warm suface till his fingers felt a belly button. he pulled his hand back fast and slowly not to make his headache worse turned his head to see this small girl sleeping there. he thought.

She was still sleep when he got to a siting postion and glanced at the time. he thought as he got up quickly but softly and grabbed his clothes and threw them on and was grabbing his things.

As Xander was grabbing his things the girl in his bed started to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and the closed them again groaning she slowly got up in a siting postion when she heard rustling.

She opened her eyes again and saw some guy grabbing his things and stuffing them in bags. she thought. "Um excuse me, but why are in my room?" she asked confused from what happened last night.

He turned and looked at her with his hand on his head. "I don't know what you mean miss but this is my room" he said to her question. he thought as he was still packing making sure he got everything.

She frowned as she couldn't remember what happened last night for her to be here so she just got up with the sheet wrapped around her and grabbed her things and left the room for her own.

Room 357

Giles was in his room done packing as he looked at the time. he thought as she looked at the others who got to his room waiting for the others.

It was complete slience in that room as they waited. Giles looked at the three that was there and they looked very out of it. he thought as there was a knock on the door.

He opened and Buffy and Xander came in quietly. "Okay now that we have everyone we must go cause check out is in ten mintues"

He said as they grabbed there bags and left for the front desk to leave and get in the car. Bryn was looking at the others holding there head an tossed them a bottle of asprin and some bottled water.

They looked at her and she just smiled and mouthed 'I know how you feel' they smiled back a thanks and took the medicine for it would be a long trip back.

SunnyDale........Bryn's House

They all were in the house resting that headache off for they come back just in time to go to school tommorrow. They didn't even put there bags up they just threw them somewhere in there room and fell on the bed still clothed.

It wasn't untill the next morning that they were trying to hurry up and get to school cause like every hangover they over slept and would be late for class.

Buffy was in History class spacing out as to what happened yesturday. While Willow was sleep in Science class cause they were watching some assortment of videos. They met up at lunch happy to see each other.

"Man that was just a weird vacation" said Xander and they looked at him "You too?" said Buffy smiling. "Yeah it was weird, I mean we had fun for that week but can any of remember yesturday?" asked Bryn who was trying to remember yesturday since then.

"No it's all fuzzy and jumbled, you buffy?" Willow asked "No I draw a blank, Xan?" "I don't know what happened, but well figure it out" he said with his mouth full of sandwich as they laughed at him and went on talking about other things.

Meanwhile in another part of the world.......

The bell rang for the end of class as everyone went to lunch. "So what you guys do for the break?" asked Lee Jordan "We went out to see some sights" said Ron somewhat nervously.

"Oh well you have fun?" He asked "Yeah we did, it was something to remember" Harry said Lee Jordan smiled "Cool well I gotta go be see ya" he left them to lunch "If we could remember" said Hermione softly and the boys argeed.

They were in the library in a corner talking. "Do anyone of you remember anything?" she asked as they all told each other what little of the story they could remember. The shook there head "Nope" said Ron "I get a complete blank"

"How about we find a spell that can tell us or at least let us remember" said Ron. Hermoine's face lit up "Of course! we can do a spell to reveal what happened good Idea Ron" she said as they pour them selves into the books.


There were books all over the table and floor as the gang was trying to find a way on how to remember that night. "Do you think this is wise?" asked Giles "Yeah something happened and we don't remember we need to know what happened"

Said Buffy as she was holding a book half open in her lap. "I see we'll Willow and Bryn could possible do a spell" he said "Yeah there already looking into that" he said pointing to the stacks upstairs. "Oh I see "

"And why this is important?" asked Anya who was lounging on the couch. "Cause I have a feeling it's something not bad but not good either" said Buffy as she flipped throught another book.

Will and Bryn were looking throught loads of book when Bryn got her attention "I think this one will do let's go down there and tell the guys"

"Kay" they go downstairs and sit down "Guys I think we found one" said Will "Ok let's try it" said Xander.

They sat there tired with many books opened "Not one worked how is that possible Hermoine?" Ron asked.

She looked up at him tired "I don't know it's weird though" then the bell rang they left the library in a hurry to get to class.

"It's useless not one worked" said Bryn tired and breatheless. "We'll find out eventually I guess" said Buffy pouting and the all agreed as they cleaned up there mess and set out for home as they started the research at last period.

The entire week was composed of trying to remember there last night on there vacation but in vain they still could not remember both parties.

As it was now not an issue and they were getting back into the speed of what they use to do was all they cared about now.

The gang went to the Bronze and partied. School of course was boring and they were spending more time in the library then usual cause of some new demon that as come to Sunnydale.

They fell down on the couch or chair exhusted from fighting that demon.

"Ewwe now I have to take a shower cause of this stuff" Buffy whining. "Yeah that sounds like a good Idea" Xander said as they got up.

"I so happy were staying with you Bryn cause if we stayed at my house it would be horrible only having one bathroom" said Buffy.

"Your welcome, but right now I want my bath see ya" she said and went to her room as the others did as well for a nice bath.

Buffy was in heaven with the hot water and bubble in her tub.

She had soaked in it for twenty mintues when she grabbed her towel and got out, wrapped around her and was now fixing her hair in the mirror.

She combing her hair then put the comb down reaching for the brush as she was going to blow dry her hair.

She looked down and found no brush she thought then smiled "My bag" she said and opened her bathroom door to get it.

She grabbed her bag and brought it into the bathroom leaving the open as she went through her bag.

She pulled out a piece of paper and an envelope where she found her brush. "Ahh there we go" she said as she was puting the things back in when she knocked a piece of paper on the floor.

She bent down to pick it up "What's this?" she said and turned it over it took a whole of two mintues before she shouted "WHAT?!"
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