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TtH100: Xander in Smallville

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Summary: This is my TtH100 Xander in Smallville. *warning* Has implied Slash and will be slash later. high rating for later chapters.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredKaceyFR1831,2430105,44519 Oct 0622 Oct 06No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


Title: Hate
Name: Kacey
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Xander has an assignment.
Warnings: Implied Slash
Pairing: No real pairings.
Word Count: 824
Feedback: Please Please would love feedback
Author's notes: This story is for TtH100 my grouping is Xander in Smallville. The prompt is number 48: Hate.

To read the completed Assignments please read The Hate Assignments.

3rd Period- Class Room

Miss Kathryn Davidson stood in front of her third period Creative Writing class explaining that night’s homework.

“Okay, class your assignment, if you choose to except it. And you had better or you’ll get an F. Is to answer some questions. The questions are…” She walked over to the black board and began writing. “What does Hate mean to you? What do you Hate about yourself? What do you Hate about others? What do you think others Hate about you? And lastly… What do you Hate about the world you live in?”

She turned to face the class. “You have until tomorrow to complete this assignment. You can answer one or five question but you need a minimum of 500 words but no more then a thousand. Don’t worry about typing it and we won’t be reading these in front of the class. In fact I’ll be the only one to see them, so you can say what you really feel.” She looked up at the clock and noticed they still had five minutes left. “After you copy down the assignment your free to go.”

Lunch time- Outside

Xander sat at what was known as his table. Well really it was the football/cheerleader table but since he was a football player that made it his table. He had his notebook open in front of him as he tried to think of something to write for Miss Davidson’s assignment. He sighed and looked around tapping his pen against the paper as he did. He spotted Clark walked across the grounds towards Lana and was going to wave but before he did, Clark tripped on some ones backpack. ‘I don’t get it. Clark isn’t clumsy. Why is it that every time he gets around my sister he turns into a spaz? And what is she doing flirting with him? Talk about leading him on.’ Shaking his head, Xander looked back down at his paper and began to write.

I hate the way she treats Clark, She knows he likes her and she flirts and leads him on letting him think that maybe some day he would have a shot with her. When in all truth he doesn’t and she knows it. She loves Whitney and she’s not going to break up with him for Clark no matter how…

“Hey Xan-Man. What you doing?” One of his teammates asked as he took a seat. Three more sat down and waited for his answer.

He closed the notebook and shrugged. “trying to work on an assignment for Miss Davidson’s class. Can you believe she actually expects me to do the work? Coach tried talking to her but she wouldn’t budge. I have to pass her class or not play football.” He shook his head. It had surprised him that she would give extensions or extra “Help” but it was kind of nice not getting special treatment. Not that he’d tell the guys that.

“Man that sucks. Why did you take that class any ways.”

“Thought it would be easy. Plus Miss Davidson is a babe. I didn’t know I would actually have to work hard.” The real reason was not something he planned on telling the guys. ‘like I would really tell them. Well gee guys Clark was talking about taking the class so I signed up to be with him. Yeah Clark Kent the Hot Farm boy who’s in love with my sister and doesn’t seem to realize that I like him. Yeah right. Last thing I need is to come out to the football team. I shouldn’t be like that their my friends. They would understand. I think. Maybe. No its better just not to say anything.’

The conversation change as everyone started eating. The guys talking about practice or the homecoming game and the girls about homecoming and what they were going to wear. It went like this until the bell rang and they all left for their next class.

The rest of the day past in a blur. Xander either napping through classes or talking to other guys on the team. Never getting into trouble because they were football players and they never got into trouble.

Finally the day was over and Xander headed home. Normally he got a ride with Whitney but he was staying after to give Lana a ride home after cheerleading practice. ‘Man I can’t wait until I can afford a car.’

He walked into the house and up to his room and started doing something he almost never did. His homework. He pulled out his Hate assignment and started writing.

Next day- 3rd period

“Okay guys before you go please turn in last nights homework. No homework this weekend so have fun.”

Xander placed the assignment on Miss Davidson’s desk and then walked out. Wondering if maybe he should have been a little less honest in his assignment. Oh well to late now.

A/N: Like I said at the top if you would like to read what it is he wrote please read The Hate Assignments.

The End?

You have reached the end of "TtH100: Xander in Smallville" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Oct 06.

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