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TtH100: Xander in Smallville

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Summary: This is my TtH100 Xander in Smallville. *warning* Has implied Slash and will be slash later. high rating for later chapters.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredKaceyFR1831,2430105,44519 Oct 0622 Oct 06No


Xander in Smallville--TtH100

author: Kacey

disclaimer: all copyrighted characters and their "universes" belong to their respective authors, writers, creators, and a long list of people, none of which are me. If you recognize it, it isn't mine. No profit is being made.

rating: will vary by chapter.

summary: Xander in smallville. How Xander got to Smallville and what his life is like there.

warning: This story will be Slash in later chapters and has hint of that in most. Other warnings will be given (if there is a warning) at the beginning of each chapter.

author's note: Written for the TtH100 challenge on LJ.


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2. A Wish Gone Right. Prompt 84 Wish
3. Hate Prompt 48 Hate
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