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Dark Futures

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Changing Futures". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A vision of a bleak time, set just after the defeat of the First Evil and the destruction of Sunnydale. How will the world handle it when they find out that monsters are real?...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Buffy-CenteredBillGopherFR1839,2961199,66520 Oct 0620 Oct 06Yes

Chapter One

Dark Futures

Disclaimers – Buffy and Co aren’t mine. Joss and Mutant Enemy own them. I’m just borrowing them for a little while. All other characters are the product of my imagination. No profit is being made and if you sue me, well you can’t get blood from a stone!

Author’s Note – No Spoiler warnings necessary, all is canon up to the Series Finale. From there it goes AU.

Author’s Note 2 – Special thanks to Shelly for beta'g this and fixing some errors I'd missed.

Chapter One

Sometime in 2011
Appalachian Mountains…

“Are we safe here?” Anne asked her ‘protector’ as they walked into the main section of the warehouse that was also doubling as a safe-house until they got a message it was safe to come out.

“Yeah,” Riley Finn answered Anne. “We’ve got 2 Heavy Weapons teams guarding the perimeter. Plus all the possible ways into the mountains are mined, booby-trapped and we have snipers all over the place. An ant would be lucky if it could get within 100’ feet of this place without getting blown up.”

“But this is a ‘Slayer’!” Anne said the last word in a whisper. “Is that…”

“Look,” Riley said annoyed as he cut Anne off. “No one knows we’re here and you’ve got the all the resources of the Supernatural Defense Agency protecting you. So nothing is going to happen, alright?” Riley said curtly.

“Alright,” Anne said reluctantly.

“You stay here while I go check out the rest of the room,” Riley ordered Anne and just then the power in the room died, plunging the room into darkness. Thirty seconds later the emergency lights on the walls kicked in and filled the room with red lights. Grabbing the walkie-talkie off of his belt, “Echo One-Five, come in.” Riley called the guards at the gate. “Echo One-Five, this is Marigold. Come in.” But only the sound of static greeted him and Riley turned the radio off when he saw the figure of a woman standing on a stack three crates high across from him. “You.”

“You killed her and now you’re going to pay Riley Finn!” the woman said as she jumped down to land in front of Riley.

Riley had no doubt in his mind he was faster and more skilled than this Slayer, he’d trained with the best teachers out there and he could defeat any one of them. Moving into a basic Akido stance she waited for Riley to make his move and she didn’t have to wait long as Riley charged her. Not making any move to attack Riley, she parried all his attacks even as she studied his moves and looked for the weakness in his style that would let her get past his guard and kill him.

He couldn’t believe it, she’d not only dodged or parried all his attacks and his best moves, but she’d made no attempt to attack him! Taking several steps back to give him some room, Riley drew 2 daggers and smiled coldly. The daggers had been coated with a poison that he was told was utterly fatal. He didn’t even need to cut her skin, just touch her with the flat of the blade and she’d be history. Slipping into a knife-fighters stance, Riley knew that once she was dead he’d get a medal for her head. Riley began to weave the daggers in a complex pattern that made them seem to blur to the human eye and then lunged at her with both blades. Riley saw he’d caught her by surprise and watched in satisfaction as the daggers were about to hit her when she moved in a blur out of the way and Riley felt a searing pain in his wrists only to be followed by 2 blows against his chest and Riley fell onto the ground face first.

Looking down, she watched as Riley rolled onto his back his handless arms waving in the air and a pink froth fell from his lips. A few moments later she watched as his body began to spasm and she knew he only had seconds to live. Kneeling next to him she took his head and held it so she could look in his eyes as he died. “Give Andrew my regards in Hell!” she snarled as she saw the light dim in Riley’s eyes as death finally claimed him. Getting up, she went to go searching for the next one and sheathed the katana.


Anne saw the dark haired Slayer as the walked under the red lights, scrambling backwards Anne tried putting as much room between her and the homicidal Slayer as possible. It wasn’t until she felt herself back into the wall that Anne realized she had no-where else to go and the Dark Slayer closed the distance in a slow, sensual walk towards her. “You promised you’d let me live! I gave you what you wanted, now go away!” Anne said shrilly.

“Yes you did, and yet I find myself troubled by one thing.” She said utterly calmly. “You knew she was walking into a trap and you said nothing! Not a SINGLE FUCKING WORD!” The Dark Slayer yelled as rage filled her face and body language. Quickly, the Dark Slayer brought her anger under control and watched as Anne held her hand under her jacket. “Oh, are you trying to signal your ‘friends’ over at the Agency?” She pulled a small black box the size of a pack of cigarettes with a row of 3 colored lights, “This is a scrambler device. It’s quite illegal and it blocks all transmissions; video, audio, satellite or radio from leaving the area and this has been on for quite a while so they won’t be getting here before you’re dead.” She explained and returned the scrambler to the pocket on her pants leg.

“I kept my word and told you where you could find Warren. You said you’d let me live!”

Drawing the katana, she slashed down and cut Anne open from her right shoulder to her left thigh. A quick thrust and she skewered Anne through the heart, “I lied.” She said simply before using Anne’s clothing to clean her katana before sheathing it in the scabbard on her back. Taking out a worn piece of folded paper she opened it and looked at her list, crossing off 2 more names, leaving only one at the bottom before dropping the paper on Anne’s body and leaving; the name was Alexander Lavalle Harris.


Lieutenant General Samuel Thomas, USAF (Ret.), looked over the group of 6 men and 3 women on the large screens that lined the walls of the massive room he was in and wondered when he could get away and take something for the migraine that had been killing him for the last 45 minutes.

“So General Thomas, are you just stupid or incompetent?” Sally Abraham, the head of MI5 asked in annoyed tone. “When you were brought in to head the SDA you came with the highest recommendations as to your skills. But your actions these last 6 months and today have me beginning to wonder how much of those ‘recommendations’ were truly warranted!”

“I have done everything that this council has asked of me, Ms. Abraham, even when I have expressed my concerns regarding some of the more hair-brained schemes I have seen lately. When we began Operation Clean Sweep 26 months ago, I warned you that the scope of your plan was too broad and allowed me not enough time to properly evaluate the threat level of these so-called ‘Slayers’!” Pausing, General Thomas took the time to look at the image of each council member before starting to speak again. “And now that you are seeing the results of ‘your plan’ blow-up in your faces you come crying to me about it.”

“And yet you did not refuse to carry out Operation Clean Sweep even though you knew it had critical flaws, correct?” Brigadier General Rolf Diederichs, Head of the Military Intelligence Branch of the South African Defense Force (SADF), who was a heavyset man, asked.

Shaking his head, “I didn’t, because if I refused you would have replaced me with someone less competent then myself and you’d have more problems and dead soldiers. These ‘Slayers’ aren’t the pushovers you were expecting. They’ve shown that they are well organized and well lead and courageous in battle. In all the clashes we’ve had with the Slayers, we’ve only managed to capture a handful of them. If you had given me the time I asked for I could have minimized the casualties we’ve absorbed so far. The only reason we aren’t losing is because numerically we have the advantage over them. And numbers will win out in a war of attrition.”

“Then what do you call this most recent failure to protect Anne Bolay as well as the loss of Agent Finn?” Annabelle Goethe Bolay, the US Director of Homeland Security asked.

“I consider it a minor setback at worst Director Bolay. We are working on the long term goal of the total eradication of these Slayers and the other supernatural creatures, not something that could be considered a ‘stroll through the park’, Director. Of course there are going to be mistakes made during this process, to expect otherwise is sheer folly.”

“So then General Thomas, what is the status of our operation?”

“It’s moving along, although at a slower pace. Our initial successes caught the demons, Slayers and Witches off-guard and unprepared. Casualty rates for them were quite high during the initial days. Now as can be expected the kill: loss ratio has dropped out of our favor as well, from 1:5 to 1:14.5, but our projections show that this war will be over in no more than 10 years.” General Thomas replied.

“Good General.” Rolf Diederichs said with a strong nod towards Annabelle. “Very good then.”


The Past

It started as how most things do, relatively innocuously. In 2005, when the explosion across the globe of Slayers had caught the attention of some people, but most had attributed the oddities of those girls to drugs, government conspiracies or aliens coming to take over the planet with a new breed of human/alien hybrids.

Too bad for them, truth is stranger than fiction.

Right after they had defeated the First Evil and Buffy realized she could do anything she wanted; she had felt giddy with excitement and left all things Slayer related to Faith, Willow and Giles. Instead Buffy had taken Dawn all over Europe, to the great cathedrals, monuments, museums and sights all the while spending the time she hadn’t had before with Dawn. A year later Buffy and Dawn had shown up in San Francisco and at the corporate headquarters of Slayers, Inc. which was headed by CEO Rupert Giles. After many warm greetings from all her friends, Buffy and Dawn quickly found a house and moved themselves and all their possessions from their Euro-trek in.

Buffy had decided during her trip, that she actually missed Slaying and after working things out with Faith and Willow, had gone to work for them helping with the training of the new Slayers. As well as leading missions about the globe to various demon hotspots that needed to be put out before they could do too much damage. Buffy had also come to some realizations about Faith, mainly that she had been holding onto the past too long, it was time to let go and start anew with Faith. Strangely enough, Buffy had found that with that decision the irritation factor of seeing Faith faded away and in Faith Buffy found an intelligent and capable woman and Slayer. Soon enough, the two women started hanging out with the other and liking it.

Unbeknownst to those two however there was a pool on when they both would finally get a clue and wind up in bed. In the end it was Willow who walked away with $2000 dollars because it was 6 months later that Buffy moved out of the house with Dawn and into Faith’s apartment in the Calendar Building where Slayers, Inc. was headquartered and housed special accommodations for the senior Slayers.

There is an old adage that ‘nothing good ever lasts,’ and never was there a truer statement, for 8 months to the day that Buffy moved in with Faith than there was a news story about the truth of demons, vampires and evil monsters living in the world with humanity. Giles, Willow, Buffy and Faith had called in all the Slayers that were nearby and told the rest to go to ground and hide. And at first it seemed the story was going to disappear, as within a week the story was all the way back on the last page of the newspapers and fading still. It was another week later that Sam Jackson, a reporter for the L.A. Times held a news conference at night and unveiled the vampire he’d captured on national TV.

There was a lot of disbelief about the validity of an honest to god ‘vampire’, but after the first 3 exploded into dust the public found it difficult to not believe it was real. Immediately all over the world there was a huge outcry for governments to do something…anything, to protect humanity from the monsters that roamed through the world. Unfortunately 99% of the world’s leaders had no clue what to do anymore than anyone else did. It was at this point that Jean-Paul Trussant stepped forward from relative obscurity in the French government, claiming he knew how to rid this world of the ‘monsters.’

Six months later in January 2008, the United Nations created the Supernatural Defense Agency (SDA) and every government on the planet backed it both financially and militarily. The head of the SDA was none other than Jean-Paul Trussant.

Continued in Chapter Two
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