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Same Crap, Different Galaxy

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Chosen not to Fade Away". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: New assignments, old assignments... For a vampire and a watcher, it's always the same thing when you're champions.

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Stargate > GeneralgothfearyFR1511,5720105,85720 Oct 0620 Oct 06Yes
Author: gothfeary (a.k.a. Kat)
Title: Same crap, Diffrent galaxy
Series: Chosen not to Fade Away
Rating: T. Because of violence and naughty language.
Summery: New assignments, old assignments... it's the same thing for champions.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy or Stargate Atlantis, I just borrowed them for my own evil purposes.
A/N: Reviews are love people.
1523 words

- - - - -

“Col. Sheppard,” Whispered Teyla, as the team neared the edge of the woods they had surveyed, “I’m certain the Wraith just came through the gate.” John signalled the five others to stop.

“Shit. I’m reading at least 10 Wraith life-signs surrounding the gate.” Said Col. John Sheppard, after checking the Ancient hand held scanning device he had carried with him.

“Fuck,” cursed Rodney McKay under his breath, “we’ll have to wait them out in here until Atlantis dials in for a report and have them send through reinforcements.”

Col. Sheppard, two-year veteran of the Atlantis Expedition, never regretted having to train new personnel more. He looked back over his shoulder at the two newest British personnel; Dr. Rupert Giles, linguist and the bleach-blond Lt. William Aurelius. Just how was that hair within regs any way? John wondered.

“Sounds like we found ourselves a spot of violence, eh Watcher?” Lt. Aurelius remarked to his country man, his voice full of what sounded like gleeful anticipation.

The four members of SGA-1 turned to look at the two, startled by the comment, only to be further surprised by the rest of the conversation.

“Indeed it does Spike.” With a reluctant sigh, Dr. Giles took off his thin wire rimmed glasses, and slipped them into a hard case he pulled from the pocket of his fatigues. “I had hoped for a quiet, uneventful first mission. But, it seems that once again, that is not the case.”

“Never is, mate.” Quipped the Lieutenant. “It’s our lot in life; you should know that by now.”

Oblivious to the rest of the team, the two men began what could only be called ‘preparing’. They removed their jackets and protective vests, seeking the freedom to move their bodies without restriction, only to reveal the most bizarre weaponry ever carried through the gate. Strapped to Giles’ hips were two long handled battle axes, while the younger man had unsheathed a long katana that he had strapped to his back. Discarding their standard issued armaments; they took up ready fighters stances, carrying the weapons as though they were extensions of their bodies.

“Shall we then?” asked Giles.

“Never though I’d find myself half way across the bleeding universe fighting space vampires.” ‘Spike remarked dryly, “Peaches would love it.”

“I’m sure Angel would find this quite ironic, given his opinion on the ‘astronauts verses cavemen’ debate.” Mused Giles.

That’s it, thought Col Sheppard, I’m fed up with this. Trying to take control of the escalating situation before the two of them alerted the Wraith to their location, he walked up to them.

“What the hell are you two doing?” his hissed demand dripping with annoyance.

“We are doing our jobs, Col. Sheppard.” Giles told his as though it was obvious. “After all this is done, I suggest you go speak to Dr. Weir. She would have spoken to you sooner, but no one expected to encounter the Wraith on a deserted planet. You’ll find that in situations such as these, Spike and I have full authority.”

“So that means when I say 'get your arse outta the way or I’ll make you into a Happy Meal’ you had best listen.” Spike growled at him, his eyes flashing gold.

Wait. Growled? Hold it. Flashed? He couldn't be a Goa’uld, thought John frantically. All personnel were examined before coming to Atlantis, and then again when they arrived. But, if he wasn't a Goa’uld, then what was he? thought John frantically.

John and Rodney were too wrapped up in similar thoughts to realise the two men had left their party behind and were slipping out from the forest out into the clearing. It was with a vicious battle cry that Spike and Giles alerted the Wraith to their presence, and threw themselves into a group of heavily armed Wraith. Their shouts, and the clang of metal on body armour brought SGA-1 racing out to save the apparently suicidal recruits.

What they saw, they could never forget.

The first thing Ronon and Teyla noticed was that something had happened to Lt. Aurelius, or Spikes' face. His eyes were the same fierce gold they were before, slit like a cats, and his face distorted to be nearly unrecognisable. Fangs bared, he was snarling and growling like a feral wolf as he fought off four Wraiths with sword, fist and fang. They watched with a morbid fascination as he plunged his katan hilt deep into the crest of one of his attackers. Rather than bother to try and remove it from the now lifeless body he spun around and, before his first victim had even hit the ground, he tore into the neck of another.

Dr. Rupert Giles, a man Rodney would have had to guess was in his mid-fifties, moved with a speed and strength that rivalled the Wraith. Equally matched in strength, he ruthlessly attacked with a skill no one could match. It was as if he had been born with a weapon in his hand in the middle of a battle field. Bending backwards impossibly low, John watched as he swung one axe around, slicing a drone Wraith cleanly in half. Then the leader, who had managed to get to one of the fallen stunners up, aimed at Giles when he turned his back to deal with another. Before anyone could shout a warning, the enemy fired.

But, rather than dropping to the ground, his nervous system over-loaded, he swore violently as turned to face his attacker. Crouching low into a fighter’s ready stance, he dropped both axes, and grinning like a mad man, he let escape an almost sadistic laugh.

Beckoning his opponent forward with his hands Ripper taunted, "Come get me, if you think you can." Furious, the Wraith charged recklessly with a snarl. Stepping quickly to the side at the last second, and as the Wraith passed him, he reached out and caught it by the neck. With a quick twist of his hands, he broke its neck.

"Watcher!" Hollered the blond, "throw me the sodding axe or get your bloody arse over here!" The remaining Wraith, armed with stunners again, had decided to attack him as one. Stooping down, Giles scooped up an axe and hurled it right into Spikes' waiting hand. Grabbing the other for himself, the older man raced over. Raising his voice above the sounds of the fight he shouted out to his companion.

"Never thought William the Bloody," Giles countered a punch aimed at his ribs. "Slayer of Slayers," using his axe, he sliced the offending hand right off. "Master of the Aurelius line and fourth in the Scourge of Europe," he beheaded his opponent, "would need the help of an ordinary Watcher to deal with Vampires that are little more than fledglings."

Spike morphed back to his human face before shouting back, "Compliments will get you no where Ripper. And remember, Space Vampires." He quickly dodged the pointed end of the stunner that one Wraith had attempted to stab his chest with. "Hey! Watch the heart!" he cried out as he knocked the weapon away. Looking over his shoulder at Giles who had just buried his axe into the forehead of the second last Wraith, he called out, "Besides, you're no more an ordinary Watcher than our girl Buffy is an ordinary Slayer."

Closing in on the last remaining Wraith, he dropped his axe and leapt right at it. Wrapping his long, slender finger around its neck, he snapped it with a sickening snap that echoed around the now silent clearing.

"Buffy has never been just any Slayer." Giles said with a touch of nostalgia for the times gone by.

They continued their banter: bickering and joking like old friends playing chess, rather than warriors who had just slaughtered the enemy. They collected their weapons and began checking over the dead, searching for the things Atlantis would want them to bring back. Glancing up at the Gate, Giles remembered the rest of the team, who had yet to come out of their silent shock.

"Oi!" yelled Spike, snapping the team back to reality. "You lot care to give us a hand?" He and Giles, covered in Wraith blood and gore, were standing before them expectantly.

"Dr. Giles, Lt. Aurelius!" John Sheppard barked, "just what the hell was that?"

Spike smirked, the man before him reminded him of the Whelp. Running a blood covered hand through his hair he replied, "That, boys and girls," his now icy blue eyes danced with suppressed laughter, "was destiny in motion."

Seeing the disbelief in his comrade’s eyes, Giles stepped forward. "Perhaps we should explain." Gesturing to an area of the clearing free from blood and bodies, "It would be best to have a seat. You may not believe what we are about to tell you."

Walking over to the carnage-free grass, the six explorers took their seats.

"Contrary to popular belief," as Giles began his often used speech, Spike rolled his eyes, “our world did not begin as a paradise..."

Having heard this story hundreds of times since Sunnydale, Spike fell into his own thoughts. And all he could think was: same crap, different galaxy.


The End

You have reached the end of "Same Crap, Different Galaxy". This story is complete.

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