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City by the Bay: Alternate Infection

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Summary: Xander's call for help goes farther than expected.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredDukenFR131886043,95320 Oct 0620 Oct 06Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this.
Summary: A what-if off a bit of Tenhawk’s work. One shot, and hopefully the bunny will go away now.
Rating: PG-13
The original work can be found at under Journeyverse : Year Zero
Xander spun around in confusion, around him were all the people he knew and trusted and more. And people were still arriving. Miss Parker, Broots, Sidney. Master Lee and his daughter Joy arrived to stand by Jessie, Willow, and Jon. Terry appeared beside Konzaki, and eight battle-hardened men he didn't know moved from the mists to back up Mike. Not understanding what was happening; Xander just stared around him with wide eyes.

“You called Sir?” The question made him jerk. Everybody who talked to him had shown up in front of him. Turning, he jerked again. An older, more scarred version of himself was saluting the soldier. Orders came out, and the whole atmosphere the two set caused Soldier-Boy to send out a burst empathic pride. “Secure the perimeter, get everything set up. We will defend this place with our lives.” The amount of soldiers dressed like the first was staggering. An entire army was appearing, men climbing into vehicles that only started to appear when their crew was already half inside. Tanks, planes and walkers of all sizes appeared, most bearing a visible double-headed eagle.

“All right Hammers, you heard the ell-tee! On the bounce!” That interruption to wide-eyed staring did not cause a reaction; except causing Xander to turn slowly around. Men in armor that strikingly resembled apes were quickly filing out of a transport and jumping to defensive positions around the landscape. Finally, yet another version of himself trotted out the ship, and over to his other selves.

“Your orders General?” Another Alexander had appeared to answer the question. This one wore simple robes and had a cylinder on his hip. “Get the troops set up in a perimeter. Non-Republic troops are already on the scene, integrate with them if possible.”

More versions of him were appearing. The one over by Jarod was dressed in shining armor atop a horse, in front of a small army; two silver dragons circled overhead while creatures were appearing in magical circles throughout the area.

Another, over by Mike and his group, was currently giving orders to a group of scary looking soldiers. They all appeared to be giving a prayer of some sort and a fragment wafted to the center “…In your light we thrive…”

A very dark-skinned Alexander appeared over by the Charmed Ones, lights swirling around his feet and those of his fifteen companions.

A tight centuria of Roman Legionaries marched onto the plain by Gunn’s crew. Their commander joined his alternates by the rocks.

Various salutes were exchanged, and Xander was about to give a general overview when one more voice spoke to him; this time from above. "Oh, Alexander... You have grown so much in power since I first met you."
Xander shook himself free of the horde surrounding him, blasting the demons to dust and rising from the ground. He quickly attained altitude and looked over the battlefield. "Jesus." He breathed. "We're losing... we're really losing..."

He eyed the scene in shock. He really hadn't thought it possible to lose, not with all his friends... past and future, here to help. However, it was impossible to shrug off. They were losing. Below him, he watched as Angel pulled vampires off Gunn and his crew. Xander silently thanked the vampire, but knew that the effort was hopeless.

The wrecks of hundreds of vehicles dotted the landscape. The bodies of people he had never known, but had always worked with lay where they had fallen. Piles of dust, brass, and green armor covered the entire northeastern quadrant. The Titan Draconis had been destroyed when a vamp got inside and killed the Princeps.

White armor and dust carpeted the northwest, as he watched the Jedi commander fell under the numbers.

Dark leather and dust mingled all over the perfectly flat plain to the southwest. Lord Rahl and his men had sold themselves at a very steep price, but had fallen like everyone else.

A miniature sun dawned in the southeast, where Harris’s Hammers and the Paladin’s forces were making their last stand. The Romans and the dark-skinned Paladin’s were directly underneath; caught in a general melee along with most of the independents.

"Elan!" He yelled out, rising higher.

"Yes, Alexander?" Elanthielle spoke softly, but her voice carried over the sounds of battle that surrounded them.

"We're not going to win this are we." Xander's voice was even, his words a statement instead of a question.

She frowned, and then shook her head. "No. We won't."

"What happens to my friends!? If we lose here?"

She swallowed. "The stronger ones will be severely hurt by the neuro-feedback."

"And the others?"

"They will die."

"I can't let that happen."

Crossovers (in order)
Warhammer 40,000-- Imperial Guard Army
Starship Troopers (Book)-- Mobile Infantry Platoon Harris’s Hammers
Star Wars (Old Republic Era)-- Grand Army of the Republic, General Harris
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting-- Epic Paladin with Epic Leadership and a Stronghold
Sword of Truth Series-- Army of D’Hara, Lead by Lord Rahl
Diablo II-- Lord of Destruction Party, led by a Paladin
History-- Roman Legion Unit (80 Men)

The End

You have reached the end of "City by the Bay: Alternate Infection". This story is complete.

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