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Hate Assignment

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Summary: The completed Hate assignment mentioned in chapter three Hate from my TtH100: Xander in smallville story.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredKaceyFR131683012,09622 Oct 0622 Oct 06Yes
Title: The Hate Assignment
Name: Kacey
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: The Completed Homework assignment from Hate.
Pairing: No real pairings.
Word Count: 592
Feedback: Please Please would love feedback
Author's notes: This story is the completed homework assignment mentioned in Hate. To learn how Xander came to be in Smallville, please read A Wish Gone Right. Both are in my TtH100: Xander in Smallville.

Alexander Lang
Creative Writing
3rd Period
583 words

What does Hate mean to you?

Well the first thing I think about is something my parents taught me before they died. Which is that you should never hate anyone. You can dislike them but never hate them. Because to hate some one means that you wouldn’t care if they died or that you might even want them to and you should never wish that on anyone. So far I can say that I have does as they said I don’t hate anyone might dislike them hate things that they do but don’t hate anyone.

What do you Hate about yourself?

This one is harder. There are plenty of things I dislike but those can change from day to day so I cant really call it hate. The thing I hate about myself is how I change. I get that change is good and if it was me growing or something then that would be cool but see I change to fit how people see me or want to see me as the case maybe. As you know I play football. Well I don’t do it because I like it. I do it because Nell wanted me to, because my dad did. It’s not that bad really but I’m no longer just Alexander, I’m now Xan-Man the football man. And it seems that colors everything in my life. Teachers don’t expect me to do well, so a lot of times I give them what they expect. Why work hard if they expect me to fail and are will to give me breaks cause I throw a pigskin around. The guys expect me to be like them. So I act like them. Why not its easier to be what everyone wants me to be then to tell them that I’m not the person that they see. That I’m so much more then that. I guess I’m also afraid that if I show who I really am they wont like or except me anymore.

So the thing I hate about myself the most is that I’m to scared to be myself.

What do you Hate about others?

Like I said earlier I don’t hate anyone but I do hate some things that they do. Case in point Lana. I love Lana, she’s my sister so of course I do but I hate some of the ways she act. I hate the way she treats Clark, She knows he likes her and she flirts and leads him on letting him think that maybe some day he would have a shot with her. When in all truth he doesn’t and she knows it. She loves Whitney and she’s not going to break up with him for Clark no matter how cute he is. She does it because she likes the attention and it makes her feel good about herself.

Then there’s Clark. I think he’s a great guy. Funny, smart, cute but dumb when it comes to my sister. He’s always falling or bumping into things and I’ve see him when he’s not around her and he’s not like that. Its like he’s so focus on her he doesn’t notice anything or anyone else. But what really bugs me is he takes what she gives him and seems happy with it. She offers him a moment of her then goes and makes out with Whitney in front of him and he still spends the rest of the day on cloud nine just because she talked to him.


A/N part 2: I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to write any of the other’s assignments or not. (Can’t really thing what to write.) But if you would like to see them, tell me and it might inspire me to work on them.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hate Assignment". This story is complete.

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