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Universal Tours

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Summary: Connor Rowdy-Kent takes a tour of the multiverse. Stand Alone Complex. (Connor/Oz) [Superman/Powerpuff Girls/BtVS]

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsFeyganFR1863,600011,49023 Oct 0623 Oct 06No

Leaving Home

Title: Universal Tours
Author: Feygan
Main Fandoms: Superman/Powerpuff Girls/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Other Fandoms: X-Men/Anita Blake/Stargate Atlantis/Battlestar Galactica, Red Dwarf/Vorkosigan saga/4400/Hellsing/Smurfs/Harry Potter/Kirith Kirin/Ukiah Oregon series/Ouran High School Host Club
Main Pairings: Connor Rowdy-Kent/Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, Clark Kent/Boomer Rowdy
Other Pairings: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor/Bruce Wayne, Willow Rosenberg/Kennedy, Willow Rosenberg/Faith Lehane, Alexander Harris/Spike, Lister/Rimmer, Gregor Vorbarra/Miles Vorkosigan, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Kara In-Ze/Rogue, Scott Summers/Logan, Alexander Harris/Jean-Claude/Asher, Anita Blake/Faith Lehane
Disclaimer: I do not own Superman, the Powerpuff Girls, or any of the other fandoms portrayed herein.

His name was Connor Kent and he was a bonafide superhero. His father was Boomer Rowdy and his biological "mother" was Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman.

He had been born to two amazing men, both with abilities far beyond normal men. One was an alien from the planet Krypton, the other was a genetically engineered human. And he was the product of their union... Superboy. Though he was seriously considering changing his superhero name since he didn't plan on being a boy forever.

Maybe I'll just go by my Kryptonian name, he thought. Being called Kon-El all the time won't be that bad.

Sometimes he seriously wondered what his life would have been like if his parents had been different from who they were. But like Boomer liked to say... he was a miracle child, a true surprise to the world and everyone.

"Hey Connor, you about ready to go, or have you changed your mind?"

Connor looked up from his bed to see Boomer leaning in the doorway, watching him. "No way," he said, leaping out of bed. "It took me forever to convince you and Dad to let me go in the first place. There's no way I'm backing out now."

Boomer grinned at him. "You better get a move on it then, kid, 'cause your uncles are gonna be showing up any minute."

Connor grabbed his backpack off the floor and slung it over his shoulders. "There, I'm all ready to go."

Boomer cocked his head, his eyes going momentarily distant before he focused on Connor again. "And there are your uncles, right on time."

Connor whooped excitedly and made to superspeed past his father.

Boomer grabbed his arm on the way by. He was one of the only beings that could stop Connor cold in his tracks through physical strength alone. "You better listen to your uncles," he ordered sternly. "I don't want to hear anything about you running wild through the multiverse."

"Aw Dad."

Boomer gave him an indulgent grin. "And promise you'll have an awesome time. Make sure you bring back lots of pictures and don't forget some kind of gift for Clark. And son?"

"Yeah Dad?"

"Happy seventeenth birthday. I really hope you enjoy your tour."

Connor hugged his Dad impulsively, squeezing tight enough that he would have crushed a normal human into powder. "I love you Dad."

After a moment, Boomer gently pushed him away. "Don't do anything I would do."

"Don't you mean 'wouldn't' do?"

Boomer gave him a look. "This is me we're talking about."

Connor laughed, then made with the serious face. "I promise I won't make with any interdimensional incidents."

"That's all I want," Boomer said, pulling his hand back.

"And I'll try not to make any illegitimate babies while I'm gone," Connor said, then zipped away while Boomer's eyes were just widening in horror.

Connor chuckled to himself, imagining his Dad freaking out behind him.

"Hey Uncle Brick, Uncle Butch. You guys ready to go?"

Brick shot him a grin. "We've been ready and waiting. For a kid with superspeed, you're awfully slow over the starting line."


Butch slapped him on the shoulder. "Come on, boy, let's get this party on the move. I've gotta go back to work on Monday and we want to visit as many worlds as we can before we've gotta come back."

"Cool." Connor let himself be positioned between his two uncles, holding their hands so the three of them formed a circle.

"Now, think Ring Around the Rosies... but at superspeed," Brick said. "We're going to punch a hole through the dimensional walls and wherever we end up is going to be our first stop on this fantastical voyage."


It was kind of weird to be holding hands with two grown men while spinning in a circle, but as the colors blurred aroudn them and he felt his feet rising off the floor... it became something magical.

Faster and faster they spun. He could feel his legs rising until he was parallel to the floor, his arms outstretched in front of him. And still they spun faster, so fast that he didn't have to use his strength to maintain the motion. His body was spinning itself and he was helpless to the motion. It was oddly freeing, being so totally out of control.

It was like being slung through the air by his father when he was a child. Safe, yet knowing that anything could happen to him and he couldn't stop it.

The speed became dizzying, the sky above and the earth below becoming one entity intent on swallowing him. His stomach rose into his chest while dropping into his feet at the same time. The world spun, then with a sudden lurch, stopped and fell away.

He landed on his feet with a dull thump, leaving inch-thick impressions of his feet in the pavement.

They were in the middle of a night-darkened city, hands still clasped tight.

"Whoa," Connor said. "Is it always like that?"

"Nah," Butch said, then grinned. "We went easy on you, since you were a virgin."

"Dude!" Connor looked around. "Where are we?"

"Our first stop," Brick said with definite "duh" voice. "Welcome to L.A."
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