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On a Strangers Front Porch

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Council International". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A letter leads a wondering Scooby to someone's front door.

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Television > Magnificent Seven, TheIndraLeighFR132330,99623179153,80224 Oct 061 Apr 09Yes

Finding Home

Half an hour to get his favoitet recliner in the perfect spot for the best view of the TV, drinks in a cooler and snack food lined up in the kitchen in a well thought out order for a full night of Lethal Weapon movie marathon. Not long after Riggs jumped off the building Xander saw the newest slayer being shown around the place by one of the older girls who had been there for a while. Neither girl doing a good job of quiet whispering, their voices carried across the room and could be heard even with the TV on.

“Who’s that?”

“The One Who Sees.”

“You mean…”

“Yep that’s him.”

“Wow, did he really…”

Xander slouched down in the comfortable chair that suddenly wasn’t so comfortable. Xander tried to ignore the girls, which he was able to do for all of four minutes before picking up the still full of drinks cooler and walked out of the room away from the whispering girls. Not bothering to knock he walked into Willow’s room. He sat on the edge of the bed, not noticing or caring that he slid off to land on the floor. Willow turned, a thud finally distracting her from the computer screen. Bringing her laptop with her she joined Xander to lean against the bed. “I thought you were watching Riggs and Murtaugh tonight.”

“I got called the one who sees. Not even Xander, the one who sees.”

“Stephanie and the new girl?”

“Yeah.” Xander answered in a sigh.

“I was introduced as The Witch. We get called titles we don’t even want.”

“This sucks. I want to be known as Xander, a good friend.”

“No one knows us here or wants to know us. They think they know us from a few facts, or what they think are fact that they’ve gotten from stories told by the other girls. I bet if you asked them what religion I was they would say witch or white goddess.”

“JD knows you’re Jewish.” Xander softly told her.

Surprised but happy. "He does?"

"He called to ask my opinion on something that he wanted to surprise you with."

Willow and Xander sat quietly for a bit before Willow whispered. "I miss them. All of them."

"Me too." Xander agreed as he reached to drag his cooler closer to them.

Together they slowly made a dent in the cooler's contents and talking about the time they spent in Denver. When the cooler was almost empty Willow cried out, "Let's move!"

Excited but hesitant Xander turned to face her, "Can we?"

"What's keeping us here? The building is perfect; they have teachers and magic users. Giles is doing fine. Buffy is off on her world tour getting slayers settled. Dawn and what's her name are working with Riley right now." Willow quickly rattled off the list, having thought about this earlier that day.

"How soon can we leave?" Ready to leave where people didn’t know him and didn't try to get to know him Xander asked.

"Is tomorrow too soon?"


Pausing in the middle of starting an internet search for places to live in Denver, Willow said, "Though it may be tomorrow afternoon as plastered as I am."

Monday morning, status meeting, donuts from Nadine's shop, the usual events to start a week. Not usual was Vin's announcement of "I have new neighbors."

"You're telling us why?" Buck asked. Vin lived in the part of town called Purgatory, for a good reason. None of the guys liked that Vin lived there but they respected his reasons why and his decision to. Hoping that Vin would say something like a pretty lady was the neighbor rather than some criminal they put away.

"Xander and Willow."

"My Xander and Willow are your new neighbors?" Chris coldly demanded, not wanting his kids to be living in that neighborhood.

"So you didn't know about this?" Buck asked hoping to defuse Chris before he stormed over there and forcefully moved the kids out if it really was them.


"I saw them last night after I came home from the ranch and at first I didn't believe it, but it's really them. I talked to a couple of the kids in theirs and mine building this morning and it seems that your kids take after you Chris."

"What do you mean?" Not sure if he wanted to know what Vin meant, Chris asked.

"They both have reputations of someone who can be very very scary but if you ever get into trouble they will help you."

"Sounds like you Chris." Buck chuckled thinking of the many times Chris had been both scary and helped someone in trouble.

Crowded into Vin's apartment the guys were watching the street waiting for Xander and Willow to return to the apartment Vin had spotted them in. "There they are."

"What are they carrying?" JD asked binoculars pressed to his eyes.

"That would be Mrs. Hernandez's couch. She's been trying to get ride of that since her son moved out."

"Let's go see what they are doing here." Buck declared as he opened the door to the hallway out of Vin's building.

"I want a TV and you want internet. Could we get one of those package all in one things?" Xander asked as he walked backward trusting Willow to let him know when they got near a street intersection.

So surprised at seeing the guys appear out of a building behind Xander Willow didn't say anything as Xander backed into Josiah. Letting go of the couch Xander turned around to figure out what he hit he left willow to hold the couch. Grinning Willow wrapped her arms around Ezra who was nearest to her, and left the couch floating about three feet off the ground.

Quickly moving to stand on each end of the floating couch Buck and Vin acted like they were holding up the floating furniture. "I like how you move furniture Willow. Makes for a light load."

"It's heavy and we needed to carry it to our place with out getting a hernia or something. What are you all doing here?" Willow asked as she moved to hug someone else.

"Vin said his new neighbors were you two and we came to see what you were doing in Denver." Nathan said.

"We missed you guys and we were hoping that you wouldn't mind if we moved to Denver." Xander explained as Willow hugged someone else. “We didn’t want to intrude or presume anything.”

"Are you kidding us? Hope we wouldn't mind? We're thrilled. We wanted to bring you back with us when we left you behind in Cleveland." Multiple voices were muffled to Xander's hearing because Chris had pulled the young man close in a tight hug that had no indication of ending anytime soon.

Clearly heard in Xander's ear were three words. A phrase that eliminated any doubt and worry in Xander's mind and heart. "Welcome Home Son."

"How do you like the apartment Willow?" Ezra asked settling on the stool next to Willow in the saloon a couple weeks after the kids moved to Denver.

"I love it. It's amazing that there was an open place in your building and at a price I can afford. It's a great size for me and the rooms are arranged perfectly. I have a real nice neighbor living above me who has had me over for dinner a couple times and I can't hear them above me at all." She smiled talking about the neighbor who lived above her.

"Having you over for dinner is purely selfish of me. I need to be on your good side so you will be willing to water my plants when I am unable to." Ezra adjusted his already perfect sleeves as he defended his actions.

"You have one plant and it's a cactus."

"It still needs watering." The matter of fact tone of voice set Willow off into giggles.

Still occasionally giggling when the rest of the ATF team join them at their usual table she was unable to answer when Inez asked where Xander was.

"He had a meeting this afternoon and he hoped that if it ran late it would be good and it was supposed to get over forty five minutes ago." Chris related what he had been told that morning.

"They wanted my furniture all that I brought with me and more. They had two orders for more before I left the store." Xander gleefully announced to the table as he walked up. "Dinner is on me tonight to celebrate."

Willow had moved into Ezra's building and JD was a frequent visitor because that’s where they kept the computer they built together. Xander moved in with Chris and everyone had worked together to renovate an unused large storage building on the ranch into a wood shop for Xander to use. Willow was handling multiple jobs computer repair, occult shop clerk, computer teaching, and part time clerk in Nadine's donut shop. Xander helped around the ranch, worked in the saloon and in Turnip's restaurant, and constructed furniture in his spare time. Today he had gone to a fine furniture store in the city to see if they would be willing to sell his furniture in their store.

When the guys were occupied giving their dinner order to Inez Xander leaned back in his chair to say, "Willow, I think we found home."

"I think we did and we didn't even realize we were looking for it."

"I like being home."

Authors note: Thank you for reading, I hope you had as much fun reading as I had writing. When I first got the idea for this my first thought was Xander on Ezra's door. As for Buck and Faith, that happened as I was writing it. Thanks again for reading.

The End

You have reached the end of "On a Strangers Front Porch". This story is complete.

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