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As Long As You're Mine

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Leopard Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second in The Leopard Slayer series. Anita Blake has twins, a certain human-like Slayer, and a leopard-like son. Revamped!

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredAlmadynisFR1867,39023620,53024 Oct 065 Feb 07No

Pregnancy and Prayers

As Long As Your Mine

Buffy shook her head fiercely. It was out of this world. No way it could have happened. She was not pregnant. Impossible. She had had sex with Spike last time, that had been three months ago. She had had a period sense then! A little one, sure, but it was there!

“Ms. Summers, you are three months pregnant.” That was what they had told her. But it just wasn’t true. It couldn’t be. Vampires couldn’t get you pregnant.

When the Hellmouth had collapsed, something weird had happened. All the vampires now had souls. None of them went ‘poof’ anymore. The lycanthropes she had come across were more human than Oz had ever been on a full moon. And vampires were legal citizens. Faith had gone with Dawn and the others to Italy to study what was going on, because none of them had powers anymore. Only Buffy was the Slayer. The one and only again. And like so many before her, she was alone.

She had gone to St. Louis when she had found out that Cleveland wasn’t a hellmouth after all. Apparently, there weren’t any more in this dimension. Or at least, none Willow could feel. Buffy had been living in St. Louis Missouri for about a week when she had started getting back pain and her hunger had spiked to almost completely engorging her budget money. The little money she had left went to luxury items like clothes and toothpaste. She needed a job, and quick.

Now, she was being told she was pregnant on top of everything else. But that was impossible and this doctor was off his rocker. There was no way…she needed to get out of here. Now!

Buffy hopped off of the examination table and was out the door before the man could even speak. That was one good thing about still being the Slayer. She was still fast, even if she never got to use it anymore. Maybe she could do that…join the police force or something. But not the military. No Initiative for her. She knew better.

“Ms. Summers!” Buffy ignored her doctor’s call, she hated doctors anyway. She needed to get out of here before she went insane. So many things were different…no! Had to stop thinking that way. She needed a job.

Focus on a job…


Buffy groaned at the sign. Did it have to be a strip club? Well, it was the last possible opening on the list. If she didn’t get this job, she was screwed. So, play the stupid pretty blond, get the job, and everything gets peachy. Right? Yeah, right. What had ever gone that perfect?

Buffy walked into the room she was supposed to meet her hopefully-future boss in and sat down in the only available chair that wasn’t behind a huge desk of very expensive-looking wood. She waited for what felt like hours when her spidey sense went off. A vampire-one of the new ones-was coming straight for the room. Was her boss a vampire? Just as long as he didn’t fall for her, that was fine.

The black haired man that came in gave her a once-over and his eyes sparkled with appreciation and Buffy let herself feel a little twinge of hope. “I am Jean-Claude. How can I help you?”

Buffy met his eyes and smiled her dumb-blond smile while the dead guy’s eyes widened a little. “I was told that I could get a job here?” All innocent and fluff. No, I’m not a Slayer with enough power to rip your head off at a mile away. I’m just a little pretty dumb blond with no clue about what I am doing.

“We have one opening. A waitress. You can start at $12 an hour. Is that satisfactory?”

Buffy found herself nodding eagerly, the promise of food and maybe a clean place to sleep for the night a welcome thing to hear. “When do I start?”

“Tomorrow night. I will provide you with the uniform when you arrive.”

“Thank you!” Buffy grinned hugely and hugged him on impulse before skipping out of the room, down the hall and out the door. There was hope after all.


Unknown to the Slayer, leopard green eyes watched her with curiosity and much entertainment. Slowly, languidly, the huge cat got up and went to follow her out of the club and down the street.

AN: Criticizim is welcome and ideas will be huggled. I actually have any plot line for this now, but ideas are very welcome! *shrug* Thank you!!!
Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this and I don’t own it! *snicker* Do I look like a millionaire to you?
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