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As Long As You're Mine

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Leopard Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second in The Leopard Slayer series. Anita Blake has twins, a certain human-like Slayer, and a leopard-like son. Revamped!

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Leopards and Vampires

As Long As You’re Mine
Leopards and Vampires


Buffy slowly woke up and realized two things simultaneously. One, she was cold and wet. Two, she was being licked by a giant house cat. She scrambled away fast, up against the side of the alley, a brick wall. Violet eyes looked up at the walls, the area and she groaned.

Looking at the cat, she began to talk to it like it was the most normal thing in the world right then, which it probably was. “Do you know where we are? I had a bad sense of direction when I was a kid, but this sucks. I don’t know any of this. At least in Sunndyhell there were landmarks that I knew and my spidey sense I could follow to a graveyard.” Where she got directions from the local undead, but whatever worked. Right?

Buffy was surprised when the leopard seemed like he was laughing as it got to its feet, stretched in that position only a cat could get into and not break or pull anything, and began to lope out of the alleyway. It stopped at the mouth and made sure she was following before he kept going.

“Show-off.” Buffy muttered, smiling in spite of herself and went after him. In ten minutes, she finally had a vague idea of where she was and then saw a sign that made her blink and want to rub her eyes in disbelief. She had been in this city for fourteen weeks and this had never come up? She had never even heard of it?!

A billboard above her head in blood dripping letters with a vampire-creepy clown beside it, screamed out “The Circus of the Damned: Fun for the Whole Family For Thrills, Chills, and Getting Over Fears.”

“Okay, this just got way too creepy.”


Jean-Claude had been pacing his bedroom in the Circus since the night before when a massive wave of energy had hit the entire city. Everyone who wasn’t a complete null had felt the crushing pressure of escaping magic engulf them to the city limits and beyond. Being the city itself, in a metaphysical way, it had hit him the hardest and nearly killed him. Since he was dead already, his heart and lungs freezing in place only knocked him off-balance. But if he had been human…Jean-Cluade shuddered to think of the ramifications.

So, he paced the length of his bedroom until he got bored. Then he paced the width. All the while, thinking of what had to be done and how to do it.

Asher sat on the crimson covered bed and watched his lover. Finally, he broke the silence, “The sun has risen to its peak.” Though his tone held no emotion whatsoever, the result of years with Belle Morte, the concern and amazement lay in his mind, hiding to most but there for Jean-Claude to hear.

After Anita had gone off the deep end with the loss of her eldest child, both vampires had sought comfort in each other. It was a way to survive the heart-breaking pain of betrayal and damage that her presence left in its wake. Not long afterwards, Damian, Nathaniel, and Jason joined them. While most of the time they went into groups to get intimate assuagement, they usually came back together to sleep away the horrible daylight.

From such a ‘simple’ connection that was formed between the quintet, something more began to emerge after years of intimacy. All of them could now speak mind-to-mind. In the beginning, it had been painful and tiring but after many years of practice making the connection, even if they had wanted to, it was impossible to break. The three vampires could now walk in daylight, sleep as they wished, and had more power than any reasonable vampire should, but none took advantage of the ‘gifts’. After twenty years, they still didn’t want to even have the chance of coming in contact with Anita.

But it seemed like the lycanthropes had been given the greatest of nature. Both now could control their beast to the point of staying human in the full-moon’s light. They didn’t age as the others did either. In all the time together, neither wolf nor leopard looked older than their mid twenties. Most amazing of all though, Nathaniel and Jason developed a blood condition that made them produce almost three times the normal amount. If they didn’t get fed from, it would kill them in little over twenty hours. All of these gifts they put to use in their relationship, and relished it, continuing to dance at Guilty Pleasures to “get out of the house to stay cheery”.

Damian kept his job at Danse Macabre, as did Asher at The Laughing Corpse. Jean-Claude ran the city with both of their help, hiding all of their true latency from every preternatural that came along. After so long, it was almost second nature. Asher went off to be liaison as needed, and Damian posing as “muscle”, his Master status safely hidden away.

“Hmm,” Jean-Claude didn’t even pause in his carpet track race, ignoring the hint to sleep. Minutes passed until he looked up at Asher, his blue eyes blazing with inner turmoil and latent power. “Nicholas didn’t return last night, vanishing with the maelstrom,” Jean-Claude’s eyes waiting for a reaction from Asher, but Damian was the one who jumped to his feet.

“How is Nathaniel?” While the triumvirate stayed true between Damian, Nathaniel, and Anita, the leopard and vampire had developed a deeper connection. Each cared for the other as Asher cared for Jean-Claude. And though Damian did not care for Jason in such a way, Nathaniel did. Nathaniel cared for them all that way.

Nathaniel was the one to name the youngest child of himself and Anita. Nicholas, after his brother. The leopard came to them only a few months after he had been taken away, trembling with fear and malnutrition. Though blood was splattered over every inch of the apartment, the police never did find the bodies of the people who had “adopted” Nicholas. For years, the young leopard didn’t leave Nathaniel’s sight; Anita taking it as a physical blow that Nicholas didn’t trust her. It took many daytrips to Guilty Pleasures before Nicholas would go out without help, but only on full moons. Only in the last few months had he started to go out regularly, returning for the day sleep.

Jean-Claude shook his head, “I haven’t told him yet. He and Jason went to a birthday party last night, I didn’t want to spoil it.” He finally stopped pacing and sat on the bed, Damian coming to sit on the other side of him as he and Asher created a cocoon of warmth around the Master of the City of Saint Louis.

As if on cue, the two lycanthropes came through the door. Nathaniel immediately went to Damian and sat at his feet, sweeping his hair to the side for his love to feed. Damian smiled gently in pleasure and love and bit the leopard. After a few minutes of purring and suggestive rubbing, they parted.

Jason on the other hand, walked sensuously to Asher and Jean-Claude. Crawling between them, his short-cropped hair not a problem, he writhed in ecstasy as the two ardeur-carrying vampires had their fill of his blood.

Jason and Nathaniel grinned up at them all and blinked languidly, “Tell us what?”

“Besides what happened to make us both blow the top of our heads off with no one touching us,” Jason added to Nathaniel’s comment with a saucy smirk.

Asher raised his eyebrows at the statement as Jean-Claude answered them.


Buffy shook herself free of her momentary shock and ran after the leopard. he had not stopped when she had and was now at a door that could have been made entirely of rust. “You know that isn’t sanitary? You could get Tetnis.” Buffy got an odd look from the cat, pausing in rubbing against the door and loud purr in mid-growl. “Oh, right. Cat. Can cat’s get Tetnis?” Buffy continued curiously, then suddenly giggled. “Just call me Willow!” But with the reminder, her face got hard and flat; steel. “You want the door open? Let’s open the door.”

Fortunately for everyone on the opposite side of wherever she was, the stubborn door opened to reveal a very worried Nathaniel. “Nate? Wha—“ Buffy was interrupted as Nathaniel had immediately knelt down to wrap his arms around the leopard and hug him tightly, tears rolling down his face.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Nathaniel completely ignored Buffy for the time being, concentrating on his child. Of course, the cat just had a huge grin on his face, like he knew something his father didn’t, and purred, licking the tears away. Nathaniel laughed softly, “I shouldn’t worry. Alright, but you get to explain this to Damian.”

Finally, the leopard looked a little sheepish, but still unrepentant. He wiggled free of Nathaniel’s arms and bounded over to Buffy. She caught him out of midair before he could hit her, and staggered from the unexpected weight. “You weigh a ton for a house cat!” The leopard growled at her and sneezed violently, causing Buffy to laugh. She looked up at Nathaniel and froze. Clearing her throat, she set the cat to the ground and rubbed the back of her neck. “I guess I can’t play dumb blond anymore, huh?”

Nathaniel was gaping and slowly shook his head. “You should come inside, there are people you should meet.”

Disclaimer: Still not mine!
AN: Thank you reviewers! Keep them coming, I bask in pleasure as my fingers keep typing. *giggle*

The End?

You have reached the end of "As Long As You're Mine" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Feb 07.

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