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Can My Life Get Any Weirder

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Summary: Two people wake up with no idea what they are doing in bed together.

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Chapter One

Title: Can My Life Get Any Weirder! 1/?
Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: If you want but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS and Gilmore Girls.

Spoiler: Both shows up to and including season five of Buffy and four of GG.

Rating: 12A/PG-13.

Pairing: Canon pairings for both shows except for the ‘woke up married’ couple, (Only one of whom you find out the name of in part 1.) and Buffy still being with Riley (at least at the beginning).

Summery: A lot of AU in this story as follows:

Buffy: One, No Dawn. Two, Buffy seasons have been moved so season five runs parallel to season four of GG. Three, Joyce did not die; she recovered fully from her operation. Four, Buffy has not broken up with Riley. Season five was different in that Buffy did not die and was able to defeat Glory without the monks ever sending the Key to her.

Gilmore Girls: After Rory left with Emily for Europe and with all the headaches associated with opening the Dragonfly, and with much prompting from Sookie and Michel, Lorelai took a trip to Boston to see Christopher.

Notes: I have been reading many of the woke up married stories posted here and have decided to throw my hat in as well, so this is my response to Jinni’s ‘When I Woke Up’ challenge. This pairing has been in my head for a while now but I could not think of a story to get them together... before now.

Thanks so much to my great beta Tamara.

‘’ = Thought.

Feedback: If you wish.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


Her head hurt, she imagined that it would not hurt more if an axe were embedded in it! She slowly raised her head above the covers. Squinting her eyes at the light coming in from the window, she looked around the room. ‘This doesn’t look like my hotel room!’

Not having bothered to phone and check if Christopher would be at home, she had found out from one of his neighbours that he had taken GiGi to visit Sherry’s parents in Florida. She knew if she had returned to town after only half a day Sookie would be mad at her. On a whim, she had driven north along the coast, eventually winding up in the town of Gloucester some twenty-five miles from Boston.

Lorelai turned onto her back putting her forearm across her eyes, “God, what did I drink last night?” she moaned. She suddenly froze as she heard a muffled moan coming from her left. Lifting her arm away from her face, she slowly looked over, only to find a body sized lump under the covers on the opposite side of the king-sized bed. “Oh god what have I done?” she cried as she slowly eased out of the bed so as not to wake her bedmate!

As she was getting out, she realised that she was naked. “Well there goes my hope that this was something platonic.” Lorelai looked around, spying a complementary robe over the nearby chair. She quickly retrieved it and put it on. Never once taking her eyes off the still sleeping form.

Glancing around at the discarded clothing around the room, spying her panties hanging from the small chandelier, “Well whoever you are, we sure had a wild time!” she chuckled. As she continued looking around and retrieved some of her scattered clothes, she noticed a piece of paper. Curious, she picked it up. She scanned it quickly, blinked then re-read it more slowly. She dropped un-ceremonially into the chair, the paper sliding back to the floor. “Rory is going to kill me!” she cried as she looked at the bed again when she saw her wife beginning to sit up.

A/N: Any guesses who the wife is.
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