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Unfortunate Deja Vu

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Summary: The second time she saw Sam Winchester, Faith almost didn't recognize him.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR151696032,32327 Oct 0627 Oct 06Yes
Title: Unfortunate Déjà Vu
Author: Jinni (
Rated: Pg13
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al.
Notes: For the TtH_Halloween fic event.
Notes: Spoilers for s1 of SPN, through s7 for BtVS.
Summary: When she saw Sam Winchester for the second time in her life, Faith almost didn’t recognize him.


When she saw Sam Winchester for the second time in her life, Faith almost didn’t recognize him. It had been a year since they’d met, that one and only time; when she was working a gig out on California. She’d made nice with a frat boy in town and gotten invited to a Halloween party. That’s where she met Sam.

But the Sam from a year ago was different than the Sam standing before her now. That Sam had been happy and this one? Faith snorted. This one had Issues leaking from his ears, he was wound so tight. There was age and experience in his eyes that hadn’t been there before.

Plus, she knew why him and his brother were there to meet with Red. Hadn’t know that the Sam she met a year ago was Sam Winchester, but now she did. It was like a funny sense of déjà vu when he had said her name, all questioning like he didn’t believe what his eyes were telling him or some shit.

“Hey there, Sam,” she said with a drawl to her voice, pushing off of the wall. Older brother was giving her a dirty look. Or was that a leer? Hard to tell on that too-pretty face. She ignored him. “You get what you need from Red?”

“Red?” he looked confused, then nodded once, sharply. “Yeah, we talked to Willow.” He frowned. “Why are you here, though?”
She laughed. “I live here.”

“I thought you said –“

”Your boy is drooling,” Faith said into the ear of the cute little nurse that she’d gotten to dancing with, amongst the rest of the freaks in costumes. It was college and it was Halloween – no better excuse was needed for drinking, dancing, and acting like morons; as her fratboy date had proven by getting wasted within thirty minutes of hitting the door.

Jess laughed and shot ‘her boy’ a look over Faith’s shoulder, their bodies undulating together to the beat of the music. Faith knew that look – Sammy boy was getting lucky tonight.

An hour later, Faith watched as the happy couple left the party, hands linked together. She lifted her beer in salute when Jess turned to throw her a wink.

They were sickeningly cute together.

Jess was dead now, and Faith thought that maybe that was part of what was in Sam’s eyes when he looked down at her. She’d died a few days after that party. If Faith had known what was going to happen, she would have tried to do something. Because what Sam and that Jess girl had? That was real.

“I’m sorry.”

Sam nodded once. “Yeah, so am I.”

Faith shoved her hands down in her pockets, the awkward moment made even more so by hovering big brother in the background, wanting to know who the hell she was and how Sam knew him, even if he didn’t actually ask those things aloud. She could read it all over his face.

“So – you’ll let us know if you need any help with, whatever, right?”

“Yeah, we’ll let you know,” he agreed with a quick nod of his head. He looked over his shoulder at his brother and Faith could see the questions that he had for her on the tip of his tongue evaporate like drops of water on a hot pan.

The feeling she got as she watched them walk away was sort of like the one she’d had a year ago, watching Sam and Jess leave the party. It made her uneasy.

Watching them walk away, knowing that it hadn’t been their idea to come to Red in the first place and that they were most likely too stubborn to ask for help even if they needed it, Faith made up her mind.

If they were too proud to ask for help, she’d just follow them around and give it to them anyway.

Someone had to keep those two from destroying themselves.


FFA: Faith, Jess

The End

You have reached the end of "Unfortunate Deja Vu". This story is complete.

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