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Intelligent Life

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Summary: S7 Finale Spoilers, The crew of the Andromeda finds an isolated planet that calls itself Earth . . .

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Television > AndromedaEenaAngelFR1511,0690183,3792 Jun 032 Jun 03No
***Final Teaser in the Upcoming Fics poll at my group:

***S7 Finale Spoilers***

Title: Intelligent Life
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: PG-13 for now, might go up later.
Category: Andromeda/BTVS
Pairing: Willow/Tyr or Willow/Harper-what do you guys think?
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them
Spoilers: S7 Finale for BTVS and "Deep Midnight's Voice" for Andromeda
Summary: The crew of the Andromeda finds an isolated plant that calls itself Earth . . .
Notes: Changing quite a few things
1. Anya did not die in the series finale.
2. No Willow/Kennedy relationship.
3. Amanda still dies and so does Rona. Andrew is still alive.


"I'm telling you this is a waste of time."

The redhead had a tiny smile for her companion, turning her flashlight to his face and giggling at the surprised yelp he gave.

"And I'm telling you that Giles said we had to go check it out," Willow Rosenburg reminded him. Xander Harris made a face, switching on his own flashlight before aiming it at the expanse of trees just ahead of the two.

"I know that Cleveland is a Hellmouth just like good old Sunny-Crater, but I think Giles is seriously over-reacting about this," the man continued to insist. "It's probably just a piece of Sputnik falling to the Earth."

"Blame it on the Russians then?" Willow arched an eyebrow at her best friend. "That's what you always do."

"No, I'm always content to blame it on vampires," Xander retorted, raising his chin defiantly. "But when stuff comes falling from the skies, I have to go with the Russian-explanation. I'm telling you this is nothing serious."

"The last time something fell from space it turned out to be a wacky moon demon who almost killed the entire mental ward in the hospital," Willow reminded him. Xander snorted again, raising his flashlight to scan over the treeline as they cautiously approached.

"What are the odds of that happening again?" he demanded. "Besides, didn't Buffy kill the hell out of that thing?"

"There might be more," Willow insisted. "Giles says the creature can be summoned pretty much at any time. There is a likely chance that there are more up there."

"Question: if these things live on the moon, how come no astronaut has come across them yet?" Xander asked, switching gears quickly. "I mean, they shoot muck out of their mouths to suffocate people. And it was butt ugly and the size of a Doberman. How the hell did that just slip by all those space-boys?"

"The moon is fairly large Xander," Willow reminded him gently. "It's not like they've been everywhere and scoured everything. Besides, it was like some sort of demon, it probably had its own special way of staying hidden. After all, look at Earth, all these demons running around-some in plain sight-and not even half the planet know they're for real."

"So you're saying that humans on a whole are stupid and oblivious," Xander surmised, giving a sage nod of his head. "That's about right."

"That's not what I meant," Willow returned sternly. "And you know it. All I'm saying is that most people live in their own little safe world that would be shattered if they acknowledged the dark all about them."

"Very philosophical and all that other crap, but it still doesn't change the fact they we're out here for no reason," Xander rolled his eyes. He quickly ran the beam of his flashlight over the treeline, giving an exaggerated sigh once he completed about two rounds.

"Nothing here," he ascertained. "Oh well, we'll have to find aliens some other day."

"Why are you in such a big hurry to get home?" Willow asked him suddenly. "I mean, aren't you saying it's usually a relief to get out of the house and away from your wife, even if for just an hour?"

"It is," Xander pouted. "And I know it's not exactly fair to Anya, but it's true. The problem is that the pregnancy is making her not so reasonable anymore. She won't stop me from helping with patrol because she doesn't want anyone to think she's being selfish. But she also doesn't want me gone long because she thinks I'll take off or be killed. There's no pleasing that woman!"

"Mood swings are getting brutal huh?" Willow clucked her tongue in sympathy. Xander nodded sullenly, a slightly strained look to his face.

"It's like Anya has one hundred different shades of her personality that usually combine into the delightful little gem that she usually is. But this pregnancy has interferred with the blending somehow and now I get several different shades of her for days on end. And they're not all that friendly!"

Willow bit back a giggle, thinking that it would be too rude for her to laugh at Xander's predicament. Anya was usually quite a handful, but add on the hormones and mood swings brought on by pregnancy, she was just plain overwhelming now.

The redhead sighed, edging closer to the treeline and peering hard into the dark. She ran her flashlight over the area quickly, seeing nothing and deciding to take pity on her friend for once.

She quickly snapped off her light, turning back to head towards Xander again. She flashed him a bright smile, nodding her head in the other direction.

"Nothing," she confirmed. "Let's bail."

But Xander was suddenly silent now, his expression one of shocked wonder. Willow frowned, noting his gaze was going just behind her. The redhead felt a bit of nervousness as she turned, hoping to God she would see nothing more than a bunch of trees and that Xander was just pulling her chain.

But instead she saw a human chest, clad in a leather vest with several metallic studs. Her eyes widened and immediately her head went upwards, finding the face of the large man in front of her. He was immensely tall, very muscular, and had a very pretty face. Long black hair done in braids that were all pulled back into a ponytail. He looked down at her passively, not moving and not saying anything as she tried to cautiously back-pedal. Just over his shoulder, she saw several other people emerge from the woods, dressed very similarly to the silent man. She reached Xander quickly, grasping his hand in hers. Wide eyes regarded the strangers, a part of her knowing that they just did not belong here.

"Holy Extra-Terrestrials Willow!"

She paused to shoot Xander a look, reprimanding him with her eyes. Now was not the time for Xander to be cute.

They had aliens to deal with.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Intelligent Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jun 03.

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