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The Price Well Paid

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Summary: The Teen Titans came to together to mourn the loss of two of their own. The Titans remember the events that led to this day.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansBlueEyedJediFR1541,845013,80028 Oct 0628 Oct 06No

The Funeral Continues

The Funeral Continues

“Raven and Cyborg were the bravest, and best friends that I have ever known, I will never forget them.” And then overcome by the moment Nightwing, the former leader of what became Titans International, sat down.

Next to stand was his wife, Starfire, the Alien Princess usually radiated joy and happiness, but today she was somber. Even the imminent birth of their second child did not ease the sadness she felt at the loss. “Greetings” she said in hushed tones, “Friends I am nearly wrought beyond words by the pain of the loss of Cyborg, who was filled with the joy of discovery. And Raven’s love and hope in all the good things in the world, has left a wound in my heart that I am not sure will ever heal. I have prayed to my goddess X-Hal, and begged her to guide them on their final journey. “

The Next to stand was Changeling. The former Beast boy said “They were better friends to me than I deserved. They were all things that I was not: Polite and Smart. They helped me become a better man, and they gave me back my love, my wife Terra. They were the greatest titans that will ever be. The rest of us are pale shadows compared to them. Now they are gone and we are left to continue their legacy.

Lastly came Terra, the Titan with a checkered past. A past of which the public had been largely unaware of. They knew her as the seeming incarnation of mother earth; Terra had been there to keep natural disasters from destroying lives. In the years since her return, she had become the most revered of the titans. So when she said “It’s my fault that Cyborg and Raven are dead. It was their decision to save me that ultimately lead to their deaths.” As Terra spoke there was an audible gasp of shock from the crowd, “Not Terra! She is the very definition of a hero Selfless, Brave and True, and then Terra continued. “When I first met the titans, I was an angry, unstable, walking disaster waiting to happen. Still the Titans offered their help and friendship. How did I repay them? I betrayed them to their greatest enemy. An enemy whose betrayal left me frozen in stone, with my mind aware of all around me. I remained there till Cyborg and Raven freed me from my prison of stone. The cost, considering my past was too high. The price they paid for my freedom was ultimately their lives. That’s why I owe them everything, and why I will never be able to repay them. The only thing I can do is to honor their sacrifice and try live my life in the pattern of theirs.” It seemed Terra was going to say more when the other titans, sensing she needed them came up, and led her back to her seat. Where she seemed to collapse against her husband’s shoulder.

Nightwing remained at the podium, and said “Today though we mourn their passing, let us all celebrate their lives and how we are better for knowing them. Theirs is a legacy of love, self sacrifice, and helping one’s neighbors. Perhaps we can honor them by helping one another; to be there when we are needed. Even if it is just keeping company to someone who would otherwise be alone. That is a legacy that Raven and Cyborg would be proud of.” As all who were there pondered the lives and legacies of the fallen heroes more than a few resolutions where made to make the world a little better place, one good deed at a time. Years later the titans would reflect, “Yes, it is a good legacy, it does them honor.”
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