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Happy Halloween!

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Summary: Two people make a connection that shakes up the lives of those around them. Crossover with Disney's Halloweentown

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Movies > HalloweentownJmariaFR1521,388082,58529 Oct 0626 Sep 07No

Why I Really Stood You Up

Series: Happy Halloween
Title: Why I Really Stood You Up
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Joss owns Giles, Disney owns Gwen
Spoilers: Disney’s Return to Halloweentown
Summary: Part One of the Happy Halloween series
Pairing: Rupert Giles/Gwen Piper (Halloweentown)
Words: 322

Happy Halloween!
Why I Really Stood You Up

She’d half-wondered if she’d regret it all in the morning as she slipped out of his bedroom. Gwen Piper would have gladly stayed longer, even if things turned weird between them. But she’d had a nagging feeling that something was wrong with Marnie and Dylan, she was a mother first and foremost.

As it was, things were very awkward the day after Halloween as she stood in front of the office building, contemplating going in. He saved her the decision of going in, because he came out of the doors.

“Gwen, I wasn’t expecting to see you here,” Rupert Giles gave a nervous chuckle.
“I bet you weren’t - especially after, well, the way things ended.”

“No, well, I had hoped to see you again. The experience was - quite memorable.”

“Really? I - I actually came to apologize.”


“For running out like that. You see, I’m a mom,” Gwen sighed.
“I do recall you telling me that several times,” Rupert grinned.

“I know. It’s - my mother is taking my youngest on trip to learn about our family culture and my oldest two are off at college - and I have an empty nest!” Gwen cried. “All my little birdies flew away, and then they needed me -”

“Gwen, you really don’t have to explain yourself. I’ve got quite a few little birdies myself, of course they’re not my biological birdies, but I do feel as protective of them as you do for your children. I understand that they needed you.”

“You do?” Gwen smiled.
“I do.”

“That is just - no other guy I’ve dated has ever been able to get that.”

“Perhaps, now that things have settled down with your children, we could try dating again.”

“Did we ever stop?”
“For one brief moment of uncertainty.”

Oh yeah, this Rupert Giles was one special guy. Gwen just hoped he’d be able to deal with her other little secrets.
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