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Slayers in a Half Shell

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Summary: Crossover with the TMNT movies. Turtles and alligators ain't the only thing living in the sewers as the Turtles and the Foot will discover.

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Cartoons > Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesjanusiFR18621,6831156,09829 Oct 0612 May 07No

Random Encounters

A/N: Even if you don't like my story, letting me know why would help out. And if you do like it, letting me know would be much appreciated. In other words, please review after you read, thank you. Now on with the story.

Random Encounters

"Who knows, with any luck, they'll kill each other. Then everyone's a winner.
Everyone, of course, meaning me."
- Mayor Wilkins

Slayer HQ, morning
The kitchen was pretty big, it had to be to accommodate over a dozen hungry Slayers at a time. But at the moment there were only three Slayers in the entire house, so it was a very spacious affair and all three of them were taking advantage of that.

"You know," Faith started, "you could just move in. You’re practically living here already." The suggestion was directed at Frankie, who was in the midst of slaying a stack of pancakes.

Frankie couldn’t respond right away as her mouth was full. "Yeah, but I…" And then she stopped as she realized that what she was going wasn’t true anymore. She had gotten to know Faith and Vishe and she sorta trusted them now. And they seemed to be doing a good job with Alice, she actually seemed to recovering from her addiction. Frankie hadn’t figured she had the strength for that.

"If you’re talking about me eating here all the time, that is your fault. All that training gets me hungry and I ain’t gonna pay for all that food if I can get you to foot the bill. What’s the policy about pets?" She asked instead.

Faith blinked. "Well, you best keep them away from the crossbows ‘cause they really don’t mix. Also, I think Vishe would have a heart attack if your pet got into the library. What kind of pet are we talking about anyway?"

"Don’t know, haven’t decided yet. But they get real retentive about them were I live right now." Alice took a gulp of orange juice. "Walls are thin too so the offer is starting to sound tempting. I’ll let you know, okay?" And with that she returned her attention to her pancakes.

Faith’s own attention was called away by Alice who was watching the news while having her own breakfast. "Ehm, Faith. You think this might be a job for us?"

Faith looked at what news program Alice was watching. Channel 6 news, Vishe had said that a good reporter called April O’Neil worked for that station. In fact, Faith was reasonably certain that it was her who was on right now. She was right in the middle of a story about some missing people. Apparently they had vanished the night before and had cleaned out their bank accounts last night. "They join a growing number of people who have fallen victim in the same way. The victims have nothing in common except the fact they went out at night. Chief Sterns claims the cases are in fact not connected but does caution people to be careful when they go out at night." And that was the end of that segment.

Faith thought it over, people being kidnapped at night when they weren’t home and then reappearing for a short time to get their money away. Could be vamps, but they would go after their families too. "Any place particular that it is happening?"

"Well, most disappearances happened in Manhattan. Haven’t heard anything more specific than that. So, this really could be up our ally?"

"Could be vamps, but this city is supposed to be carved up already and they don’t like to share. Could be something else, I’ll ask Vishe to shake a few trees and see what falls out."

Faith nodded to herself. "And I’ll get him to find out where the most people have disappeared and patrol there tonight. Which means you two get to patrol this side of the river tonight."

Frankie’s reaction was ‘finally’ but Alice was a little more reserved. "You think we’re ready?"

"For patrol, yeah. As long as you don’t try taking out a nest or take on a demon you’ve never seen before. If those things come up, you call me. That’s what the cellphones are for." Faith took a sidelong glance at Frankie before setting her final condition. "And you walk Petra back to her home before your patrol, gonna be dark when her training ends and I don’t have the time for it tonight."

St. Mary Park
"Somebody help me!" A jogger was shouting. She had been running when these two girls suddenly lunged at her and dragged her into the park. They were incredibly strong and had only laughed at her struggles to get free. Then she was thrown against a tree and it was after recovering from the impact that she had issued her call for help.

A call that amused her captors. "Shout all you want, nobody around to help you." One said, a dirty blond one dressed unremarkably. The other one, with fiery red hair and startling green eyes, looked like she was stuck in the seventies. It was the redhead that then said something truly bizarre. "And if they tried, they’d just be dessert."

That was when two more strange things happened. One was that both their faces morphed into something inhuman. Vicious yellow eyes set in deformed faces peered at her above mouths that now sported real life fangs. The other strange thing was the arrival of a man brandishing a hockey stick and wearing a hockey mask to boot!

The two girls hadn’t noticed though, not until the guy began to talk. Apparently he had caught the last remark.


Casey had been out patrolling when he had seen the jogger being dragged into the park in the distance. The fact that her attackers appeared to be two girls, barely out of their teens was unusual but Casey could work with that. He had absolutely no problem with hitting girls, not when they started it.

After a short sprint he was relieved to see the jogger hadn’t been harmed yet although those last words didn’t fill Casey with confidence that this was just a mugging. "I knew Tyson was a bad role model," he bantered.

But he was in for one more shock when the two girls turned around. Both of them had yellow eyes, eyebrow ridges and fangs. But he wasn’t the only one that was surprised.

"What the hell?" Said the blonde one.

The redhead was a little more direct. "Dude, what are you on?"

They didn’t seemed to be armed themselves but strangely unconcerned about the guy with the hockey stick. Not good and he got sinking feeling these two weren’t wearing masks. "Ain’t it a little late for Halloween?"

But they ignored him to argue with each other. "Let’s start with this guy. Whatever he is on it has to be good," proposed the redhead.

The blonde was unsure, "I don’t know Sunshine, last time I drank from a druggie I was staring at my own hand for hours. Almost missed the sunrise."

Okay, so these two had fangs, afraid of the sun and talked about drinking from people. Coupled with the faces Casey was pretty sure he was facing two honest to God vampires here. ‘Just great’, he thought to himself. ‘First it’s giant, talking turtles and ninjas, now I’m fighting vampires. Aren’t there any regular, human muggers in this city left?’

A sound broke up the confrontation and brought the attention of the three people back to the jogger who was trying to get away. Casey, seeing the two vampires distracted, took the opening and attacked. A slice to Sunshine’s knee brought her down and he caught the blonde with the back swing. But she shrugged the blow to the face off without pause.

She growled and launched herself at him. Casey wasn’t stupid and sidestepped her, letting her gut meet his stick instead. A hard blow to the back of her head sent her sprawling but left Casey with a predicament. He had no idea what it took to stop these things. A stake, decapitation or maybe stuff their mouths full of garlic bread? Casey just didn’t know and he realized to late he had forgotten about Sunshine.

Two slim hands took a painful hold on his body before he was launched into the air, only coming to a stop after meeting a tree. He got up as both of the vampires were approaching him. He had lost his stick during his brief flight so he took his baseball bat from his bag instead. "Batter up," he said. He had a sinking feeling he had bitten of more then he could chew but he wasn’t going down without a fight.

His swing was accurate, fast and Sunshine stopped with just one hand. She did grimace so she must have felt the impact but that didn’t do Casey any good as she wrenched it out of hands and contemptuously threw it away. Again she threw him away, this time he landed close to the other one. Apparently she wanted to share her meal.

His attention was completely focused on the blonde and his struggle to get his body back under control so he could stand up. The blonde vampire wasn’t paying any attention to anything but him either so the first clue for either of them that a new player had entered the ring was the sound of Sunshine turning to dust.

The blonde uselessly cried the other vampire’s name, which managed to get a grin from the brunette that had killed her. "Her name was Sunshine? Ha, almost as funny as a vampire called Sunny!"

"There is nothing wrong with my name!" the remaining vampire declared indignantly.

The woman gave her a level look. "It’s the whole sun allergy thing. Makes sun-related names ironic. And that concludes today’s English lesson, next class is History. Guess who the subject is."

"You," the vampire snarled. She rushed the girl, moving inhumanly fast. But the other one was faster and kicked her in the stomach. The vampire doubled over and got a stake planted in her back. As she turned to dust the brunette declared, "Afraid you’re going to fail this class Sunny." Then the brunette turned her attention to Casey, giving him a once over. "And who are you supposed to be, Jason’s good twin?"

"Something less insane." Casey said as he slowly got up while keeping a weary eye on the girl that was obviously more than human.

She snorted. "Yeah, cause the hockey mask screams sanity."

Casey couldn’t keep his curiosity in check so he blurted out, "What are you?"

This seemed to insult the girl. "And you’re welcome. Saving your life really wasn’t a problem, I’m sure you would’ve done the same. Oh stop, you’re making me blush." She had said it with a high voice, but used her regular one to deliver her next line. "If you’re bent on running around like that at least carry something sharp, for fuck’s sake. Were you planning on beating a vampire till it staked itself?"

"I wasn’t…" But he was interrupted by a cellphone going off. It was hers, she took a quick look at the display before answering the phone. She didn’t give the caller time to speak before she asked, "what’s wrong?"

She listened to the other’s side explanation, which apparently was pretty lengthy. Her reply wasn’t, "just call her parents first to let them know Petra’s sleeping at our place tonight then head back to the batcave. Wait, better let Petra do that but tell her to be vague. Don’t want to worry them too much." The conversation was pretty much over after that and the woman returned her attention to Casey.

"Gotta motorvate, was nice meeting you. But do yourself a favor and get out of the demon hunting business." And with that she was gone.

"But I wasn’t…" He left the rest unsaid, no sense in speaking to empty air. "I am going back to looking for the Foot, that’s a lot safer."

Near the Stone’s home
"Are you sure they are still in the city Raph?" Keno asks. "Because they weren’t this hard to find last time."

They were walking back after checking out yet another possible location where the Foot could be holding up. Keno hadn’t heard a thing so far and he was starting to think that that Shredder guy had learned his lesson. Or maybe his body fell into the water and he didn’t really survive.

"Trust me, kid. They are out there. Shredder kinda has an obsession about killing us, he ain’t gonna stop just cause we beat him every time. Nah, the reason we haven’t found them is because they’re ninjas. You won’t find us if we don’t want to be found."

"Oh, right. So you wanted me to step on your toe?"

Raphael narrowed his eyes, remembering how they first met. "Very funny kid." Then he sighed. "Alright, you got a point. So we can be found, sometimes. But my point is, you had a clue about where we were. And right now, we got zilch."

"Yeah, but where the hell are we going to find one. It’s not like a Foot ninja is just going to drop out of the sky in front of us." They were just walking under a tree at that point in the conversation when someone dropped out of it. He kicked out and planted his foot into Keno’s face, propelling the pizza courier backwards. The attacker made a backflip and landed on his feet, looking at Raphael.

"Keno!" he uselessly cried out before returning his attention to Keno’s attacker. He was wearing dark green, almost black, outfit and a red headband. In the back of Raphael’s head caution was warning him that a Foot would never attack on his own just for the fun of it. But right now he was just too angry to stop and think what this guy’s plan was. He was just going to beat it out of him.

The ninja must have read his intentions because he turned around and began to run away. "Hey, come back here you!" Raphael shouted at him as he began to pursue. From a glance he had seen Keno stir so he knew he would get up soon.

Whoever the guy was, he could sure run. Raphael had already lost his hat in the chase and was thinking of getting rid of the coat too so he could pour on a little more speed. But he didn’t want to slow down for as he was loosing ground already so for now the coat stayed on. The ninja tried to shake Raphael by ducking into alleys and side streets.

Raph noticed that the ninja had taken off his mask and he was wondering why he had done that when he took yet another corner and vanished out of sight again. "When I get my hands on you." He threatened him right before taking the corner himself. He saw too late that he was about to collide with someone but that other person reacted fast. A kick to his stomach didn’t just stop him dead but actually drove him back a couple of feet.


Petra was berating herself for being so stupid. She had convinced Alice and Frankie that she could walk the last two blocks to her home alone. She had barely walked a block though when a man had come barreling around the corner. He had told her a monster was after him and to run after which he had done so himself. ‘But not me,’ she thought. ‘Nope, I was too busy deciding if I wanted to be a hero. After all, I’ve killed vampires. A whopping 5 of them, like that makes me an expert.’

So now she was facing some green demon in a trench coat with a Brooklyn accent. That was actually the weirdest part; that the thing sounded like a person. "Did anybody get the license plate of that truck that hit me?" It asked.

It still got up fairly gracefully although it did take a double take when it saw her. "Oh, I did not just get kicked on my ass by a little girl."

"Hey," Petra retorted, "I am sixteen. Not a little girl." She also launched an attack, since she didn’t know how good a fighter this one was. If she could take out the demon by surprise, so much the better. But the demon blocked her punches and planted a foot in her stomach in return.

It did shake its arms though so he must have felt the impact and its own kick had been more of a shove so Petra was still good to go. Encouraged by this opening skirmish Petra launched another attack, being careful this time to keep her own defenses up and to use some kicks too. Unfortunately, the demon seemed to have learned too because it was deflecting her attacks rather than outright blocking them.

And it still managed to get a punch through her defenses but she rolled with it like Mister Vishe had thaught her and her own counter-attack drove the thing back. "What the hell are you on, kid? A spinach diet?" The demon asked this as it shed the coat revealing it wore no clothes underneath it. It was still decent though because something that looked like a shell encased its torso.

The unpleasant surprise was that it was carrying weapons. Faith had told her that most demons didn’t and that you had to be careful about the ones that did. It usually mean they were slightly less incompetent then your average demon. The weapons in question looked like a cross between a dagger and a trident but Petra didn’t have time for a good look because this time the demon attacked.

It twirled its daggers until it had the handle poking out between its two fingers while the shaft rested against its lower arm. It managed to sneak in a blow against her left ribcage followed by a similar blow against the side of her head that made her see stars for a second. She was on the ground now but she didn’t let that stop her.

She kicked it with all her strength in the stomach and sent the demon flying into the wall, actually cracking the stones. The demon managed to land in a crouch but a pain filled groan told Petra she had managed to hurt the thing. On the other hand, breathing didn’t feel very comfortable for her right now.

That was when the silence was broken by a cry, not too far off. "Raph, where are you?!"

Petra was surprised when the creature answered the call. "I’m here Keno!" She could hear someone running towards them now and she considered the situation in a flash. There was one demon here who already managed to hurt her and who didn’t look like he was down for the count. And another demon, possibly just as good as this one, was on the way.

She sprang up and began to sprint back the way she had come. She prayed the other two Slayers wouldn’t be too far away as she fished out her cellphone and dialed Frankie’s number.

Foot headquarters
Shredder watched the fight between the young Slayer and the Turtle in utter silence. There were two others in attendance; one was Tatsu, who observed the confrontation with interest. The other was a nondescript Foot ninja doing his best not to be noticed. Shredder turned it off after the Slayer had run away, the rest was of no interest to him.

"So they both survived." His voice carried his disappointment at that. "And these Slayers don’t seem to be that good either." He turned his attention to the Foot ninja. "You have done well, you may feed now." And with that the minion was dismissed. Shredder wasn’t finished however and turned to Tatsu. "We will stop our operations for a few days starting tonight. Tell everyone to stay inside except the teams covering the Slayers and the friends of the freaks. Notify me immediately when they find each other," he ordered.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayers in a Half Shell" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 May 07.

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