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Body Jewelry

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Summary: Xander gets a piercing

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralDarkDesignFR131710021,61329 Oct 0629 Oct 06Yes
Body Jewelry 01

By Dark Design
Rating: G

Person: Xander

Body Part: ear

Improv: bored, studs, earrings, silver
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I’m not making any money. I don't
own Afterthought, though I use to work there. And you should see all the good
looking guys (and gals) that come in to get their ears pierced. Wow!
Xander followed Buffy and Willow into Afterthoughts. He had been roped into
going shopping with them because he hadn’t been quick enough with an excuse
to get out of it. Giles lucked out. There was a new apocalypse that needed to
be researched.

Xander winced as Willow squealed over a necklace she saw. He had been shopping
with them for over three hours and nobody had thought to mention food even though
they had past the food court six times. He sat down in the ear-piercing chair
to wait for the girls to finish. Xander was bored.

Xander closed his eyes and prayed for patience. He missed Willow and Buffy
whispering to one another and giggling. They walked over to him and waited for
his eyes to open.

“Hey Xander, you should get your ear pierced,” Buffy tried to sound
innocent but it didn’t quite work.

“That’s a good idea.” Willow grinned at Xander’s horrified

“NO! No way. Not going there.” Xander hopped out of the chair and
headed for the exit.

Willow smiled, “Hey Buffy, we’ve only walked the entire length
of the mall three times. I think we need to hit all the stores again at least
once if not twice.”

“Oh yeah, good idea, Wills,” Buffy agreed. “I mean, if Xander
can’t indulge us in this one teeny tiny thing, then we will just have
to shop more.”

Xander stopped in his tracks, slowly turned, and stared at the two girls, “That’s
blackmail! Out and out blackmail!”

“Yep,” giggled Willow.

Buffy picked up the selection of studs, “Hey Wills, what earring should
Xander get?”

“No!” Xander walked over and plucked the selections out of Buffy’s
hand, “If I’m getting an earring, then I get to pick out the stud
and we leave the mall as soon as this is over. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” Buffy and Willow said together. They smirked at each
other as Xander walked over to the sales associate.

“Please initial each line and sign at the bottom. Have you decided on
which earring you would like?” The sales associate asked Xander as she
handed him the permission form to fill out.

“Um, a small silver ball.” Xander replied as he initials and signed
the form.

“Which ear would you like the piercing to be in? Right or left?”


Xander gripped the chair handles as the sales associate pull the earring out
of the cabinet and set the packaging on the counter. She sanitized her hands
and pulled on her gloves. She loaded the earring cartilage into the piercing
gun. She wiped Xander’s ear with an alcohol wipe and then placed a purple
dot onto his ear lobe.

“Do you like the placement of the dot?”


“Okay. On the count of three, I’m going to squeeze the gun. Ready.
One. Two. Three.” The sales associate shot the earring on three.

Xander flinched, even though it didn’t hurt. The sales associate handed
him a small mirror. Xander smiled at is reflection as the sales associate rang
up his purchase. After paying the sales associate, Xander to the two giggling
girls, “Wills, Buff, Let’s go!”

“Yeah, Xander,” Buffy agreed. “Let’s go show Giles,
Tara, and Dawn.”

Giles looked up as the trio crashed through the door of the Magic Shop. The
girls were drowned in shopping bags, but Xander was empty-handed. He kept playing
with his right ear lobe.

“How was shopping?” Giles asked as Dawn and Tara met the girls,
taking some of the bags from them.

The girls giggled and looked at Xander. Xander looked up at Giles, his face
turning red.

“Xander got his ear pierced,” They sang together.

Xander looked down at the floor, as Giles approached him. Giles gently raised
his head to look at Xander’s new acquisition.

“Your right ear, huh?” Giles asked quietly, so none of the ladies
in the shop could hear him.


“You know what that means, right?”


“Is there something you been meaning to tell us?”



The End

You have reached the end of "Body Jewelry". This story is complete.

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