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Search and Destroy!

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Summary: YAHS: Buffy wears a different costume on Halloween.

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Anime > HellsingArthurHansenFR18620,0781812335,50530 Oct 063 Mar 07No

Learning and Deception

Search and Destroy! Two!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hellsing are not owned by myself. I am just borrowing them for fun and free use.


Buffy had a bad few days, thinking that the Hellmouth had finally driven her insane. Integra had been hard pressed, but had decided to only 'talk' to Buffy when the situation had warranted it. Such as trying to comfort her after the Billy "Ford" Fordham adventure, where Buffy had learned that her old friend had been willing to give her over to vampires for a chance at damnation and immortality. Between her and Giles though, they had tried to cheer her up.

Several days later as the Slayer was walking home from school, Integra finally spoke up again, 'Buffy?'

"Yes?" Buffy replied finally. She was finally to the point of only being slightly wigged out with the voice in her head. She could just barely accept that it was because of magic and not her personal demons of psychosis.

'Have you thought about better tools for your vampire slaying?' Integra said carefully.

Buffy frowned in thought. "Not sure what you mean, Brit-lady," she finally replied.

'My name is Sir Integra Wingate Farbrook Hellsing! Not Brit-lady!' she snapped back.

"How do you rate a 'Sir'? I thought those were always guys?" Buffy asked curiously.

'You are not the first person to ask that. Suffice it to say, it has to do with family honor and duty to my queen.' The Slayer could feel as Integra was thinking, but not her actual thoughts. Was that both ways? Integra's voice interrupted her with, 'Be that as it may, my duty has not changed. Vampires and abominations must be destroyed. The best way to do that is for you to have proper tools, training and mentality.'

"This girl is not giving up dating!" Buffy argued, while keeping an eye out for anyone within listening range.

'I did not mention giving up dating,' the inhabiting spirit said with exasperation. 'But without the proper training, you will be unprepared to do what you must.' Integra's voice changed to a very soft, emotion laden and hurt tone. 'Have your prepared yourself if Willow, Xander or Giles is turned?'

"Not going to happen!" Buffy snapped. She again felt Integra thinking, but again only in the most general manner.

'So, just like your friend Ford's body, you would just hope that you have the will to deal with it then? To release their bodies from the demon that inhabits and contaminates them?' Her tone turned softer as she continued, 'You are not the only one that has had to deal with friends and colleagues that have been turned into vampires and ghouls. It is horrible having to think of it, but not planning for the future means that you will be blind-sided by the unpleasant things that will happen. But that is merely training. I was bringing up tools.'

"Tools? I've got Mr. Pointy!" she argued back.

'And if the vampire is wearing a metal breastplate? Or has a magical ability to cloud your mind in melee?' Integra fired back.

"Crossbow!" Buffy replied smugly. She was pretty happy about her accuracy with the weapon.

'Antiquated, slow fire rate and I've seen vampires catch crossbow bolts.'

Buffy scowled. "Guns are pretty useless though."

"The bullets I used worked fine on your vampires,' she replied smugly.

The Slayer blinked at that. "Say what? How?"

'Blessed, silver bullets bathed in holy water. You are not Catholic, are you?' she asked.

"Not really religious. Huh." Buffy was thinking very hard. "Guns are really loud though."

'Yes, they are. And without official government contacts, you would be questioned. Possibly detained. To be quite truthful, I do not expect you to use a gun regularly or often. You have super-human strength and speed. Guns, holy water, swords, stakes and such will always be there to be used when needed. Having the right tools ready ahead of time will allow you greater flexibility and make it harder for enemies to ambush you.' She could feel a mental frown from Integra. 'We need to find a way to push you to your superhuman limits. Have you ever tried to just rip a vampire apart with your hands?'

"I can do that?" she asked in surprise.

'I believe so. I have seen vampires destroyed by a supernatural creature stabbing them with his hand.' Integra's mental smirk was easily felt. 'You may wish to read up on how humans build up their finger strength to do the knife-hand martial maneuver.'

"That would be cool! I couldn't be disarmed!" Buffy was already thinking it through.

'So we need to talk to a priest.'

"Do we have to?"

'I believe so.'


Father Murdoch was writing his sermon for next Sunday's lesson when he heard the door creak open. "Mr. Henderson? Is that you?" he called out as he stepped out from his little office.

"Um, no, Father," a strange young woman's voice replied.

"I'm terribly sorry! I was expecting someone else," the slightly chubby priest explained with a smile as he came around the corner.

Buffy let the door close behind her, shutting out the afternoon sunshine. "Hello! I'm needing help. And you are supposed to be the person that can help my need!"

"I'm always here!" Murdoch said with a smile.

"Father? Do you know vampires are in Sunnydale?" the blonde haired girl asked intently. She seemed to be a teenager, outfitted very fashionably.

Father Murdoch's smile fell. Like most residents of Sunndydale, he did know but tried to avoid thinking about the vampires and demons that haunted the town. "Yes, I do. But they only come out at night. Stay to the light. Early to bed, early to rise. All that good stuff and you should be fine."

Buffy smiled wistfully. "I don't have that choice, Father. I was chosen to fight the darkness."

"Nonsense! You are just a young girl! You should be worried about the latest teen idol, school and dating!" the plump padre expounded with a grin.

"Slayer, comma, The, is me. As in The Vampire Slayer." She was watching him closely.

He paled significantly. "How- Are you sure? You didn't read that in some silly book, did you?"

She laughed harshly. "No, I was Miss Clueless."

"And you are afraid of dying," the priest said sagely with compassion.

Buffy looked away, avoiding the question. Murdoch waited patiently for her to speak.

"Father, would you help me? Vampires don't like crosses and holy water. And I think I need more of those for some weapons against the demons here on the Hellmouth. My watcher provides me with most stuff, but I need more." She looked so earnest in her entreaty.

Father Murdoch swallowed. "I'll see what I can do." A watcher too?


Two vampires were stalking a foolish girl at the edge of their favorite graveyard since they arose just a few weeks ago. One of them jumped in front of her, game face out and the other was ready to take her when she ran away screaming.

First thing that that didn't happen was the screaming. The vampire in front heard a metalic shclackt sound and then felt a lot of pain as the blonde started attacking him with some sort of baton that she'd had hidden on herself. Within three seconds, he'd been rendered unconscious and the blonde turned to face his friend that realized something had gone wrong.

"Hi!" the girl said cheerfully.

Nope, not scared at all of his game face. "That's an interesting toy, girly. I'll be sure to keep it after I kill you!"

She just smirked and shook her head. With a roar, the vampire charged her, only for her to slip to the side, rabbit punch him with her free hand and then smash him into dreamland.

"I sure hope this is worth it, Sir Hellsing. Knocking out vampires for their cash and then staking them is a lot of work," Buffy complained as she removed the money from their wallets and then replaced them. Two stakes later and their ashes were drifting in the wind.

'You need the funds for weapons that the Watchers will not provide. Mr. Giles' response to your request for something more modern was very distressing.'

"Yeah, not sure about why he wigged out on that."

'We will have to investigate. I do suggest that you continue to ask for more information about previous Slayers.'


"So she's been fine in school?" Giles asked Xander intently, even as he continued to read.

Xander finished swallowing his donught. "Yup. Maybe a little more attentive. Willow and her are making me look even worse!"

The Watcher sighed. "I was just worried. She's been asking questions about the previous Slayers."

"That's good, right?" the young man asked, cocking his head slightly as he considered it.

"Oh, of course. It is just so different. And she's even been reading some of the lore on demons and vampires on her own," he answered as casually as possible. It was her questions on magic that were worrying. The Watchers Council had very strict prohibitions on Slayers learning magic. There had only been limited exceptions for saving the world. And even then, the Slayer had been watched like a hawk.

Not to mention that it was incredibly dangerous!

Buffy let the door close loudly. "I'm hoooome!" she called out as she walked to the back of the library. She hated it when Sir Hellsing was right. Damn bitch.

'I heard that," Integra snapped back.

"Patrol was fine?" Giles asked, happy to see his Slayer back.

"Yeah. Just a couple of young vamps. It was cool." Buffy slumped into a seat and flipped open a book to the silk bookmark, starting to read intently.

Xander was starting to wig out. Buffy, sitting and studying without complaint? "Yo!? B? You feeling okay?"

The Slayer glared at him across. "What do you mean?"

"You and studying? I thought it was your nemesis?" he asked oh so ever over-innocently.

"More I know, the better Slayer I am, right? Besides, what happens if the vampires kidnapped Giles?" she asked, nodding over at the Watcher.

The two males blinked in shocked. Giles recovered quickly. "A remarkably improved attitude, Buffy. What caused you to decide that?"

"Maybe I'm just growing up?" she said while going back to her book. "Hey, Giles? What is this ritual that Liothal used to try and open a hellmouth in 1792? It mentions a dagger, but not a lot other than that. And this picture of the dagger sucks."

"I believe I have that in another reference books. Elzmerkian Diatribes," he replied. "I believe I actually have a copy," he then said after a moment, seemingly in surprise. He stood up and went to his private stash of books of rituals. "Yes, here it is. Not the prettiest of daggers, I have to say." He laid out the book so that Buffy and Xander could see the picture.

"Ewww-yuck!" Xander said, looking at the monsters carved into its hilt.

Buffy started scribbling notes about its looks and what stones were embedded into it. "Should be distinctive enough," she murmurred to herself.

The door slammed open with a babbling Willow following on it. "Hello! Oh? Is there another big bad coming along that we need to research on?" she said quickly as she sat down.

"No, it seems fairly quiet right now," the librarian said with a small smile.

"Just keeping an eye for hellmouthy opening artifacts," Buffy said as she closed the book in front of her and slid it back Giles. She yawned suddenly. "I'm going to head home and sneak in before Mom checks in on me at midnight. I'll see you both in the morning!" she said to Xander and Willow.

She was calm and coolily collected until the library door closed, then she took off at a full run towards her house. "Giles is going to be so pissed off when he finds out I skipped out with his book."

'We need more information than he is willing to provide. We'll just have to assuage him with learning how to counter or disrupt all the dark magics in there. Just don't even joke about attempting any of these spells to him. I think the Watchers like their Slayer as enforcers that don't think too hard about the big picture,' Integra said mentally.

"Giles isn't like that!" the Slayer argued.

'He has conflicting loyalties. The Watcher's Council, the Slayers and then you and your friends. Let's not push him to choose between them. Or to have him replaced by his bosses in London,' the Master of Monsters warned. 'It would be your luck to get someone even worse.'
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