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Chaos and Capes

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Summary: Running from the Knights of Byzantium, Dawn is rescued by a man with secrets of his own. The only question is, whose secrets are more deadly for the pair? DawnConnorHawke BtVSDC Comics

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DC Universe > Green ArrowwillowbeeFR1876,1512158,00530 Oct 0614 Nov 06No

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Mia Dearden stood in front of her school, waiting impatiently. Connor should have been there half an hour earlier. Leaning against the wall, she decided to give him another ten minutes before calling Ollie.

He couldn’t have gotten into that much trouble…

Oh, wait, he could have. Connor was both the son of the original Green Arrow and Super Hero (without powers) as well. With that in mind, Mia pulled out her cell phone. Perhaps it would be best to call Ollie now. She couldn’t remember that last time Connor was willingly late.


Connor sat up slowly. What had happened? There had been a flash of light and then… then he was on the ground. A woman-the one he’d pulled out of the way of those horsemen was draped across his lap.

Pulling her off him gently, Connor began to check her vitals. Satisfied that she was just unconscious and that her wound had been cauterized-probably during whatever brought them here-he stood up.


Connor had a feeling it was going to be one of those days.


Dawn snuggled into the warmth. The arms under her knees and around her upper body tightened. For a moment Dawn wondered why her bed smelled like sandalwood.

“Play possum,” whispered a male voice.

Hearing the sound of boots marching and connecting the male voice with that of her would be savior, Dawn lay still. After what felt like ages, but was probably more like five minutes, the came to a halt. She heard a door close and lock.

Another minute passed before the man spoke again. “I think it’s safe… er. Do you think you can stand, or do you need help?”

Opening her eyes, Dawn said, “I think I can stand. Can you let me down?”

Keeping a tight hold on her waist, the man slowly lowered his other arm. Once her feet were on the ground, he let go of her waist.

“Oh, uh, thanks for the save earlier. Any idea where we are?”

“A prison.”

Dawn felt the blood drain from her face. Without thinking of the consequences, she said, “Don’t let them take my prints!”

For a moment there was dead silence. Dawn glanced up at the man and then covered her bright red face with her hands.

“Stupid. Stupid. How could I say that in front of a stranger? Might as well have shouted ‘Arrest me, I’m a criminal’.”

“Yeah, pretty much,” said the man.

And what a handsome man at that. He had blonde hair and green eyes. Two inches or so taller than her with muscles that looked like they came from use, not body building. His skin was a shade or two darker than Carlos’s. There was a shape to his eyes that suggested he had an Asian ancestor or two.

“I hate Tuesdays.”

“What are you wanted for?”

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I have done my time or been acquitted for everything I’ve done in the States,” growled Dawn. “And I’m not wanted in any countries that have extradition treaties with the US, Italy, or the UK.”

“Why those three countries?”

Dawn shrugged. “American citizen, I just finished college in England, my employer is based out of London, and my sister lives in Rome. And I have no idea who you are.”

“Sorry. Connor Hawke. And you?”

“Dawn Summers.” She bit her lip. “Any idea on how to get out?”

“Give me a couple minutes.”


As Connor examined their cell, he watched Dawn out of the corner of his eyes. She was calm, too calm for a civilian. Combined with the being chased by a knight thing, Connor doubted that she was normal.

She was a little shorter than him with dark brown hair done up in a complicated style. Her flowing knee length skirt and loose, belted blouse only served to make her appear more delicate.

“I think the air vents would be the best way out,” said Connor. “They look big enough for me.”

As he examined the screws holding the grate in place, Dawn handed him a hair pin wordlessly.

“So, what did you go to college for?”

“I have a degree in linguistics. Currently, I work for an international organization as a linguist. I graduated a couple weeks ago. Still trying to find a place to do grad school. I don’t want to go back to Rome or London.”

“Why not?”

“Too close to family. I had an entrance interview at Star City University earlier today. But I think I’ll go to Gotham University instead.”

Connor handed back the pin. Motioning her out of the way, he pulled off the grate.

“I’ll go first. Make sure there aren’t any traps,” said Connor.


Watching Connor climb out of the vent, Dawn came to the conclusion that he had a very nice ass. And probably a girlfriend as well. Before she could object, Connor lifted her out of the vent and to the ground, a hand on either side of her waist.

“We should leave before they notice we’re missing.”
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