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Chaos and Capes

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Summary: Running from the Knights of Byzantium, Dawn is rescued by a man with secrets of his own. The only question is, whose secrets are more deadly for the pair? DawnConnorHawke BtVSDC Comics

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DC Universe > Green ArrowwillowbeeFR1876,1512158,00530 Oct 0614 Nov 06No


disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Green Arrow
pairing: Dawn/Connor Hawke
spoilers: S7 Buffy, No mentions of Infinite Crisis or OYL


She let out a growl of annoyance. This was so fucking typical. Goddamn Summers luck! If Hank Summers had not been her father, Dawn would have seriously injured him for this. Then again, Dawn was pretty sure Buffy had no such hesitance. Perhaps a call to her sister was in order.

The nineteen year old had been invited to visit her father for the summer. Being the idiot that she was, Dawn had agreed. She should have known better. Should have asked why her father had suddenly invited her to visit him in Star City after six years of silence.

She could have been working. She could have been hanging out with her friends. But no, she wasn’t doing anything that productive; she was running for her life instead.

How could those stupid monks not have known that Hanks Summers was a member of the Knights of Byzantium? It’s not like it was well hidden. Her grandmother, Peri Summers had been from Turkey originally. Sure, she’d married an American man, but how could the monks have missed that little bit of information?

Dawn vaulted over a car with ease. A quick glance behind was all Dawn needed to encourage her to run faster. Where the hell had he gotten a horse?

While Dawn was no where near the category of a Slayer, she had inherited some of the powers from Buffy. Not much, mind. But enough. Thrice as much stamina as a normal human woman. Reflexes that rivaled those of a Slayer. No additional strength or prophetic dreams. But she did heal as fast as a Slayer and have the ability to tell whether or not somebody was actually human.

And of course, there were her abilities as the Key. But perhaps it was best not to mention that. After all, her father and his friends were riding her down on horseback because of the whole Key thing.

Where was a Slayer when you needed one? Oh, wait, there were no Slayers stationed in Star City because the Council cough-Giles-cough felt that a city with a Super Hero needed no Slayer. Where was a Super Hero when you needed one?

Dawn ignored the pain in her shoulder. Her eyes widened as she saw a bloody arrow land several feet in front of her. She had been hit. Dawn tried to ignore the feel of energy pulsing around her. A portal would soon open, taking her to another world. But that wouldn’t matter if she stopped running and let herself be killed.

Feeling somebody grab her around the waist, Dawn let out an ear-piercing shriek. A large hand covered her mouth as she was pulled deeper into the shadows.

“Be quiet,” hissed a male voice.

“No! You have to let me go! Please…”

Dawn collapsed against the man, in a dead faint. Before he could do anything, the Key activated.
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