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Summary: YAHF. A single encounter changes one Halloween beyond imagination. With it will come a Loss of Innocence and the beginning of Sorrow.

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Snow Kiss

Chapter 03: *SNOW*

A cold wind blows threw Sunnydale. The long Halloween is over and now those who can, repress there memories. They want to live in a normal world without vampires, demons, or the supernatural. For most of Sunnydale, people will remember a night of gang violence and tragic accidents.

A few people have been forever changed and will remember the truth. They will know that happy children became vicious monsters and attacked there loved ones. They will remember real monsters emerging from the shadows and joining in the chaos and destruction. They will remember the cold truth.


Principal Snyder didn't manage to catch the computer teacher Jenny Calender. Instead he was caught by several zombie children and devoured. When the morning came, they found the hated man's corpse floating in a ditch.

The police would report that the man's larynx, lungs, liver, jugular vein, and heart had been torn out by wild dogs, not small clawed hands. That broken spine and collar bone, and the crushed kidneys were caused by a car running over the body, not the Frankenstein's Monster's metal feet. They reported that the driver threw the body into the ditch, not that the Zombie Snyder had managed to walk there before the spell ended. Snyder would leave bitter memories, so nobody would care either way.


Janna of the Kalderash Clan came to Sunnydale to watch Angel. Long ago, her people cursed the vicious vampire Angelus with a soul for slaying there precious one. She was sent to prevent the curse from breaking , so the vampire would continue to suffur. She clad herself in the form of Computer science teacher Jenny Calender managed to hide in plain sight. She managed to become friends with Sunnydale's protectors and became close to a technophobe librarian/Watcher Rupert Giles.

This Halloween the gypsy is clad herself in another form. She became Helena Bertinelli, a costumed heroine known as the Huntress. For a single cold night, she was a trained fighter whose crossbow drove bolts into the hearts of a demon and two vampires.

Now, the woman known as Jenny and Janna sits in the computer room, her mind filled with the memories of Helena Rosa Bertinelli. She remember the life as the child of a prominent Mafia family. The kidnapping and rape. Sent to a boarding school with a body guard and hiding her fear and shame for over a decade. The murder of her entire family at a wedding and a vow to make the crime families pay.

She also remembers fighting alone against organized crime of dark city of Gotham. She remembers fighting with others against bizarre criminals with abilities and powers far beyond mortal cops. She remembers fighting with her friends against forces of evil that walked the Earth like living gods.

Jenny makes her stand. She has always been divided between doing what's right to help her friends and doing what honor dictates by her clan. Helena's memories shift the balance and she chooses to help her friends

She smirks as she looks at her new form. The cold Halloween night took part of her magic and gave her the young athletic form of the Huntress. She's still 5-foot-6, but now she has strength and power. She moves her new body threw a short, but complex kata, then looks at her new curves.

She looks towards the Library.


Joyce Summers, art gallery owner and loving mother of Buffy and Dawn Summers, sits at her kitchen table. Last night, she dressed in a costume for a Halloween party at her museum.

Last night her 38-year-old form was clad in the costume of a comic book heroine. She thought it was a silly costume, but it was one of the last costumes her size. She was amazed that she could filled the padded spandex and was glad Buffy's friend Xander hadn't scene her in it.

She had been talking to an artist dressed as a gorilla when the man had fallen to his knuckles and started to grunt. She then fell and awoke as Barbara Gordon.

Barbara didn't understand what had happened. She had been talking to her fiancee Dick Grayson, when she awoke standing with working legs. She hadn't worn the costume in years since the psychotic Joker's bullet shattered her spine and taken the use of her legs. She adopted the code name Oracle. She acted as an information broker, gathering and disseminating intelligence to law enforcement organizations and members of the superhero community.

After rendering the rampaging Grodd-lookalike unconscious, she helped fight off the other violent transformed and help protect the cowering artists and socialites.

When the spell ended, many memories remaining and not only the superheroine's life. Barbara possessed many abilities which included genius-level intellect, superb hacking skills; detective skills, martial arts training, and eidetic memory. Barbara's perfect memory became Joyce's and it opened her eyes to the truth. A cold cleansing truth.

Joyce remembers Buffy telling her that she's the Slayer and placing her in a mental ward. She remembers the blood stains and strange skills. She remembers the vampires at Parent's Night and the supernatural events that her conscious mind never registered. The shell of sunnydale denial has shattered into a million painful shards and the fog that had clouded her mind has finally dispersed

She can't repress the truth with the evidence in front of her. When she removed the bat girl mask, she found a youthful face framed by long red hair


Jonathan Levinson. A small - 5-foot-2- teenager with long history of being bullied and ridiculed bought a costume to boost his self-esteem. For one night, he could pretend to be someone.

Jonathan once found a Strange Adventures # 9 at a yard sale. A comic from 1951 worth three to six thousand dollars to some collectors and he found one for 2 bucks. A rare moment of luck in his life and saw perfection in the character Adam Blake, also known as the Superhero Captain Comet.

A 6-foot-2 evolved man with the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, electrokinesis, genius intelligence, superhuman strength and endurance, and invulnerability.

Jonathan bought a generic superhero costume and remade it into a Captain Comet uniform and his wish came true. For one night, he was no longer loser Jonathan Levinson, he was a genius superhero.

Then the magic ended and Adam Blake became Jonathan Levinson. Captain Comet had been flying over Sunnydale when the jet-powered flight belt became plastic and Jonathen's frail form continue to fly until it hit the comic book shop on the far side of Sunnydale.

The police found what remained of his crushed, mutilated form the next day and the owner complained it would cost three to six thousand dollars to fix the damage to his store.


Daniel "Oz" Osbourne was a uncommunicative, guitar-playing teen who playing at the local night club The Bronze. The night before Halloween, he was told by the manager to wear a costume for a party.
Oz being 5-foot-4 decided on combed dyed black hair, a red sweater with gold cuffs and collars, and a pair of blue jeans. The gig was cancelled but he ended up wearing the "costume".

When the magic struck, he became Billy Batson, the alter-ego of the DC Superhero Captain Marvel. When the young boy found himself in a strange town sorrounded by demons and monsters, he did what came natural to him. He yelled the word SHAZAM!

A bolt of silver lightning descended from the dark heavens and struck him. A bolt of magical force that forever changed the young musician's future.

In Billy Batson's world, a fated meeting with the wizard Shazam gave the young man the power to transform into a legendary hero. The powers cames from the six names whose initials make up the old wizard's name. S for the wisdom of Solomon, H for the strength of Hercules, A for the stamina of Atlas, Z for the power of Zeus, A for the courage of Achilles, and M for the speed of Mercury.

The Halloween spell. A mixture of power of Janus - Roman god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, endings, and Duality- and Hecate - goddess of the wilderness, childbirth, and sorcery also known as the 'Queen of Ghosts' combined with the mystical powers of the Hellmouth and the power of Halloween, when spirits can make contact with the physical world and when magic is most potent.

The wisdom of Solomon crashed into Oz's mind vast amount of scholarly knowledge. including those of demons, spirits, and animals. The knowledge of all languages and sciences, ancient and modern. He's given the knowledge of this world's Solomon.and the truth of world around him. For a person as reserved as Oz, the infusion was a shock.

The strength of Hercules followed granting him super strength. The power of an ancient half god, far greater than the strength of a Slayer, but less than the strength of the Hell Goddess Glory

The power of titan Atlas resisted the change. Oz gained the ability to withstand and survive most types of enviroments, but still needed to eat, sleep, and breathe

Zeus, the highest ranking god among the Olympian gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky and thunder had the most effect. He once cursed the Lycaon, mythical first king of Arcadia, with the curse of the werewolf for serving human flesh. Zeus' lightning didn't boost Oz's powers, instead it burnt away the offending lycanthropy and grants him resistance to magic.

The courage of Achilles is primarily psychological, and gives Oz superhuman amounts of inner strength. It's something he already possessed, something people of Hellmouth need to survive.

The divine power of Mercury, the cunning Herald of the Gods, also resisted. Oz only gained slayer speed, not the flight and Superman speeds.

Billy Batson's mind left Oz's body when the Lightning hit. It left the changed Oz on the road, protected from the vampires and demons by an aura of divine energy.

Oz now stands outside the Bronze. He now stands a muscular 6- foot-2 with silver-white hair and darkened skin. On his chest a huge scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Suddenly, a couple of vampires enter the alley with there game faces on.. One is a small thin man with a buck-toorthed rat-like face and the other is tall and must have been a steroid-pumping bodybuilder in life.

"Hey Big Man, how's the weather up there?"

Oz is silent.

The small one, enraged by a human ignoring him, leaps at Oz's throat. The transformed musiciab moves with unatural speed grabbing the vampire's thoat and with a twist of the wrist he snapped the spine. The other vampire picks up a piece of wood from rubble in the alley and trys to hit Oz from behind, but the living marvel leaps back and elbows the steroid vampire in the chest. The sound of breaking bone fills the alley as the corpse's sternum shatters. As the big vamp falls to ground, Oz catches the piece of wood the demon was holding and breaks it in two.

The dull piece is rammed into the chest of the bodybuilder. It's either the wood or the grinding bone fragments that pierce the heart, either way the vamp collapses into a cloud of dust.

The sharper is rammed into the back of the paralyzed vampire, directly into the heart.

"It's going to Snow."

End of Chapter 3
Chapter 04: *KISS*

Amy Madison to the rest of the world was normal teenage cheerleader. The truth is she is only a teenager. She was never truly a cheerleader as her mother, a dark witch wanting to reliving her glory days, stole her body. It was only with the help of the Buffy, Giles, Willow,and Xander that she regained her body. With her mother's banishment to parts unknown, she began to study magic on her own. Amy decided that if her mother could be powerful, so could she. A method to protect herself and to gain her desires.

She had been caught by Principal Snyder and was forced to volunteer to take care of half a dozen candy-obsessed costumed brats for Halloween. She walked into Ethan's costume shop and bought the tightest, most daring costume she could find. Amy still doesn't know if it was her teen rebellion breaking free, a moment of insanity, or a geas cased by the chaos mage owner.

She arrived at the school, her 5-foot-7 form clad in skin tight black PVC body suit with several plastic daggers and a long red wig. A red hour glass belt buckle finished her new identity.

When the chaos magic hit, Amy Madison vanished into the shadows and Natalia Alianovna Romanova melded from the darkness. She became the beautiful and deadly super spy known as Black Widow. Natalia helped many people that night, but unlike the Scoobies was not noticed. She hide in the shadows, the alleys, and the dark roof tops. The Black Widow killed with thrown daggers and silenced bullets. Many demons died not knowing what was killing them and those that did, didn't live to talk.

When the spell ended, Amy was left forever changed. The chaos devoured her magic completely to insure a complete transformation. She would never become a powerful witch or become corrupted like her mother, instead she was given the body with peak athletic conditioning, enhanced immune system, and slowed aging. Many spells contained within Amy's mind were rendered worthless and extensive military and espionage training replaced there importance.

Amy sits her room surrounded by her mother's books and a set of daggers that remained steel instead of painted plastic. She had spent several hours trying to call the magic, but she feels no more than a normal person. She actually feels less magic than an average Sunnydale inhabitant. She slowly picks up each book and places them in her backpack.

"I guess Giles can use Mom's books."

She picks up one the daggers, balancing the thin blade between her fingers. Her eyes move from the shimmering blade to a picture of her mother, she hadn't bothered to remove from the wall.



Warren Meers was a pathetic lonely man with genius level intellect and skills in Robotics. He spent his time as an outsider, a nerd with big dreams and a growing hatred of women who rejected him. He had already begun a special project, an android girl friend and sex toy. A project he hoped he would finish within a few years.

Warren was caught by Snyder and forced to take care of trick-or-treaters, something he has always hated. At Ethan's costume shop, he decided on something cheap because he wasn't going to spend a lot of money on bunch of brats. A pair of green-rimmed red goggles, a shaggy curly brown wig, and a fake tongue extension combined with some old clothing was enough.

That night the children laughed at his costume, said he should be dressed like a fool. He was tempted to leave the kids alone and hope Sunnydale's night life would get them. The problem was he couldn't think of an alibi.

When the magic hit 5-foot-8 California nerd Warren Meers became Mortimer Toynbee, an amphibian-like British mutant known as Toad. Toad after being exposed to many strange situations, even from birth, decided to spend the night on the roof tops.

When the spell ended, Warren retained Toad's mutant powers. Superhuman strength, agility and leaping, pores secrete a mucus resin that adheres to and paralyzes the nervous systems of whatever it touches, expel air from his lungs as compressed gusts of wind, a lashing tongue that excretes pheromones that bends the will of others to his own, and potential to grow.

Warren spent hours recovering from the memories and the pain of his body's mutation, but quickly realized he could use these new powers for his own gains.

Unfortunately, while testing his powers, he miscalculated a leap and hit a sign. He fell several feet on to high voltage power lines and was fried in seconds. The mortician would comment it looked like the long-tongued freak's skin had been burnt off.


Harmony Kendall is running.

She had never been the brightest student at Sunnydale High, she was a member of Cordelia Chase's clique, the "Cordettes". She would admit her pettiness, susceptibility to stronger-willed people, and an affection for unicorn figurines. She spent her time talking about beauty, fashion, and what was popular, while Xander and the outsiders were in the Library. She couldn't understand why Cordelia would go to the Geeks for help

She was going to a major Halloween party and was forced to buy at Ethan's instead of Partytown. She had meet a cute guy named Nicholas at the shop, who picked out an outfit after a few quick questions. She had to admit she liked the idea of wearing her own clothing instead of store trash. She only had to buy an odd blonde wig and blue gloves to go with a yellow track outfit, blue boots, and blue jacket.

She was on her way to the party with her date, when her date became red-skinned demon. He tried to rip her head off, but she slid out of the way and rose as Sally Blevins, a young mutant known as Skids. She spent most of the night avoiding demons, vampires, and transformed trick-or-treaters, while trying to figure out where she was and what the hell was happening. Skid's mutant power, a personal force field that provides nearly total protection from all attacks, was used all night. It prevented her from being grabbed by dozens of bizarre attackers.

When the spell ended, Harmony ran home or should that be skated home on her frictionless force field. She grabbed all her clothing, money, and "important things" and then took off. She left behind a note saying she was going to live in LA with relatives and that her parents should get out of Sunnydale.


Andrew Wells has never been anyone important. He's always been the nerdy little brother to his brig brother Tucker. Tucker was developing skills in demon summoning, while Andrew learned to play the flute. Both brothers are outsiders, neither popular in school or the rest of Sunnydale.

The only person to notice him was Principal Snyder, when he caught him for the volunteer safety program. Andrew went to Ethan's shop and after a comment from another customer, picked a character from Marvel comics. If anything, the odd shaped helmet would hide his face.

When the spell hit, Andrew would testify he heard the pipes of pan. Andrew's conscious mind faded and Dominic Szilard Janos Petros awoke. The young Cretan (as from the island of Crete) mutant stood for several minutes trying to figure out how be had gotten to where ever he was from Philadelphia. When a bunch of little monsters attack him, he showed them why his code name is Avalanche by knocking them down with his geokinetic powers.

Avalanche spent the night fending off little demons with the powerful waves of vibrations from his hands. His strangest opponent has black armored medieval knight. When Dominic reduced the armor to dust, he found a comatose teenager inside.

When the spell ended, Andrew found what little magical ability he had stripped away, but was given the body of a muscular athlete. He also found himself with the memories of a terrorist. He remembers Petros' life from discovering his mutant power on Crete to life as an immigrant to joining the Brotherhood.

Andrew is walking down the street trying to decide what to do with his powers, when he hears a scream. He turns to see two vampires, two that had the sense not to go out during the chaos, attacking a young blonde with glasses.

"H.. Hey!"

"What do you want, pest?" says the vampire with the goatee.

"Can't you see where about to eat?" says the other vampire with a mullet.

"Maybe you want to the main course." says the Goatee as he runs towards Andrew.

Andrew raises his hands in defense and powerful vibrational waves explode forth. The vibrations and rippling earth sent Goatee flying back into Mullet, who lets go the girl. The two vamps climb to there feet, with fear on there game faces. They go to grab the girl as a hostage, when two waves of force pass her and smash into them.

Andrew, his heart racing with fear, continues to hit the vampires over and over. The road shakes, ripples like water, and shatters as wave after wave of vibration explode from Andrew at the two vampires. The two 80s vampires crash into the front windows of a condemned store.

The two vampires look up as the store begins to collapse.

Andrew turns back to the girl and ask "Are you alright?". He expects her to run away or worse call him a monster as Dominic was. What he doesn't expect is for her to run up to him and kiss him!

As the girl pulls away, the Nerd-turned-mutant-supervillian-turned-hero has a shocked look, which quickly becomes a goofy grin.


Larry Blaisdell, 6 foot Sunnydale Football Player and major bully dressed as a Pirate for Halloween.
The filthy Pirate found a red-haired girl dressed red and yellow outfit with a long cloak. He thought she would be good in the sack and attacked when she was in an alley.

"Hello, little girl. Want a Kiss?" he said holding his rusty Cutlass.

"Little girl?" said the redhead her voice very angry, "FIREBALL!"

Larry survived the attack of the Bandit-Killer with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He's also lucky the blast in the tight alley knocked the young sorceress out until the spell ended or she would have nuked Sunnydale to clean out the monster infestation.


The End?

You have reached the end of "X. GRAY MAN" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Nov 06.

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